Ye Must Be Born Again

The “Spiritual” rebirth as taught by the church is intended to establish the belief, in the consciousness of the individual, that he or she has been “born again.” That according to their interpretation of the scriptures, God sent His only begotten son, “Jesus Christ,” into the world to take upon Himself the sins of the world. That He gave His life on the cross, and died for our sins that we could be saved; and whosoever believes this in their heart and acknowledges it by their public acceptance of it, asking God to forgive their sins as they repent of their sins, and by asking God to dwell in their hearts as they make a commitment to live for Him, shall be “saved”. This is the means as taught by the church whereby the individual seeking salvation can “rest-assured”that he or she has been “born again”; thereby fulfilling His (God’s) decree, that “Ye must be born again.”

In no way does this “conception” of the spiritual rebirth bring about the Spiritual rebirth. The concept of the Spiritual rebirth as taught by the church can never lead you into the Kingdom of God; into the “consciousness of God”; into a “realization of oneness.” It does not result in the spiritual seeker being “born again!”

Without question the majority of individuals who take this stand do, however, experience a turnaround in their lives. Many do go on to a life of service; into the ministry, as missionaries, etc., yet they have never truly experienced the spiritual rebirth; of being “born again.” It is an “astounding” revelation.

In Matthew 19 when Jesus was asked, “What must I do to have eternal Life?”, he replied, “Keep the commandments”; honor thy father and thy mother and love thy neighbor as thyself.

The Spiritual rebirth as taught by the church does little more than persuade the seeker to incorporate the ten commandments into his or her life; “John Doe” simply becomes a “practicing” Christian; a “John Doe” trying to be “Christ-like”. In doing so they have the assurance of eternal life, but... this does not provide them with the means of entering the “Kingdom of God”! “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom”; he said, and His disciples asked, “Who then can be saved?” “With men it is impossible”, he said. You cannot enter the Kingdom of God as a man! Why? Because it is a state of mind! A state of knowing that you and God are One and the same! A state of knowing that “you” are God manifesting; that “God” is your reality; your true identity. It is a state of knowing that the “I” within you is the Father. For this reason He said “I” and the Father are One! Have “I” been with you all this while and you haven’t seen the Father? In other words, the “Father” is who “I” am. That same “I” within “you,” is “the Father”. It is God’s identity; it is also your identity. “God” is the source of your being. The “source” does not give being to anything besides itself! The source is the “cause” and the “effect” is the cause manifesting; God manifesting! KNOW THIS!

This is why He said, “Ye must be born again”! Born into the realization that you are not who you think you are; that this “person” that you now believe yourself to be is not who you really are. In reality, “you” are God manifesting! God made you in His image and likeness by becoming what you are; by being what you are. Your parents, being unaware of what you were at your birth, gave you a name identifying you with them and then proceeded to mould you in their image and likeness, making “you” believe that you were the person that “they ” believed you were.

“Color”, language or culture has nothing to do with this. These only make it “appear” as though we are different.

Every living “thing”; every living individual, is Life (God) manifesting, “As” every “thing”; “As” every “one”. There is no other thing; there is no other one. The “white” man is Life manifesting as a white man; the “black” man is Life manifesting as a black man. The only thing that lives is “Life” and Life is God. “I” am the Life.

“You” are God embodied! “You” are a manifestation of everything God is! “You” are a manifestation of everything necessary to be the “Christ”! This is what every child ever born on earth was meant to be! “God” is the Universal; “you” are the Universal individualized. “Christ” is not a “specific individual”. “Christ” is the expression of the Divine Mind. “Christ” is the “mind” of God manifesting. “Let this mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus.” The knowledge that “I” and the Father are One is like a seed. It can’t help but grow if it be your desire to walk in that consciousness. “God” is the reality of every individual being. There is absolutely no other presence apart from His presence. He is the All in All and besides Him there is no other! This is why He said, “Ye must be born again”. Unless we have been “born again” we cannot enter the Kingdom of God! “Men” cannot enter that Kingdom! Only as “God” can you “walk” in that Kingdom. It is a state of knowing that “I” and the Father are One. “God consciousness” and the “Kingdom of God” are synonymous. You can only attain God consciousness after being “born again”, and when you have been “born again”, you will realize that you are already in that Kingdom; you will realize that you have always been in that Kingdom. You were born into it! There is no other place! Only you have been made to believe it is somewhere outside of you. You were made to believe you were John Doe the “English” man, or “Pierre Larouge” the “French” man, or “Elijah” the “Indian”. “Believing” yourself to be a “French” man, an “English” man, an “Indian”, etc., is to be “living” in a particular state of mind. An illusion! “God” is your true identity. The real you! There is no one besides Him.

He is the vine and every “human” unit is a “branch”; a manifestation of Him. Not something He manifested, but is “God” manifesting! That is why he said, “Ye must be born again.”

How else could we hope to have the mind of “Christ”? “God” is Universal Life and each of us is that Universal Life individualized! We Are All One! “God is also Universal “Mind”, and the Universal Mind individualized is the Christ Mind! It is impossible for a “man” to attain the Mind of “Christ”. Only when the individual has been “born again”, (born into the realization that he is not the “person” that his parents created, but in reality He is God embodied; God manifesting;) can he attain the “Christ” mind. As “John Doe” you cannot attain it! You must be “born again” in order to attain it. Need I make it any clearer! Then we will no longer look upon our neighbour as being a “French” man, an “English” man, an “Indian”, a “Greek”, a “Jew”, a “German”, “Japanese”, “Chinese”, “Arab”, etc. Then we will know that everyone is a manifestation of God, and there is no one besides Him! WE ARE ALL ONE. And... if we truly realized this we would choose to live as brothers. It would be easier for us to love our neighbour as ourselves if we realized our neighbour was “God” embodied also. Who can say that he loves God if he should hate his neighbour?

Trillions of snowflakes can fall. No two have ever been found to be identical. We are not different because we “look” different. Each of us is God manifesting! Each of us is a manifestation of the same “thing”. Every manifest “thing”, including “you”, is an “effect”. The “effect” is the “cause” manifesting. “You” are “God” manifesting. Now... do you see why he said, “Ye must be born again”?

Realize who you are, what you are, and where you are; for how can we hope to bring the Kingdom of God on earth when we believe we must die to get there? It is at hand. There is not you And God. There is only God. Realize it!

The church cannot set this aside as the ranting of a heretic. It is the duty of the ministerial, no matter what the religion, to examine this. The state of the world, even the state of the church, is indicative of the failure in the teachings of the church to bring about world peace. World peace can never become a reality without this knowledge and without the conscious application of this knowledge in our lives.

The church has failed to realize the significance of what “man” was created to be. When God made “man”, he made man God, but man was unaware of what or who he was. The concept of the Spiritual rebirth as taught by the church amounts to little more than receiving a “blessing” or a “license” as it were, for you to go on being the person your parents “created”. It allows you to go on being the “person” your parents programmed you to believe yourself to be, only now you have made a public commitment, as it were, “to live for God”, when in reality, you are still living for “self”. In believing that “Christ” died for your sins, you are basically free to go on being the “Person” you now believe yourself to be, to your heart’s content, so long as “you” (in your “John Doe” identity) do “your” best to be more like “Christ”. You were led to believe that “Christ” was an individual apart from yourself. You were never made aware of the fact that you, too, were created to be the Christ, a (‘Son’). So we go on crucifying the “Christ” daily through our rejection of 'God' as our reality!

When “Jesus” spoke, it was the “Father” who was speaking. He was “God” speaking! “John Doe” cannot think or speak. The capacity to think, to speak, to be, belongs to the Spirit; to God. It was “God” then, who said, “Ye must be born again”. The concept of the Spiritual rebirth as taught by the Church is “man’s” understanding of what God meant when He said, “Ye must born again”. The disciples were not aware of the fact that they were talking to “God”! They thought they were talking to a “man” called “Jesus” whom they believed had a special anointing by “God”, but He who was called “Jesus” was fully aware of who and what he was.

He knew that “He” (“God”), was the reality of every other “man”. The New Testament is full of instruction given by His disciples that we should live as sons of God, but ... the means of living up to it has gone unknown. Being “born again” is the only means whereby you can truly live it. Then... it is simply a matter of “being” what you were created to be! “Now” are ye the Sons of God!

His disciples had no idea of what He meant when He said, “Ye must be ‘born again’”! they saw Him as being a “man”; the “carpenter’s” son. Even though He told them that He and the Father were One, they did not comprehend what He was saying. “Have I been with you all this time and you haven’t seen the Father?” After His crucifixion they saw Him as being “the only” Son of God. It never dawned on them that they too, were “Sons” of God; “manifestations” of God, even as He was. And so they wrote from the consciousness of being “men”. They were able to repeat and tell their followers what He said and how they were “supposed” to live, but, because they failed to realize their true relationship to God, they were unable to tell us how we could live it; how we could make His teachings a way of Life! They taught how “Sons of God” were to live, but “men” couldn’t live it without being “born again”! Without being born into the realization that they, too, were “God” embodied; that they too were “Sons of God”! Manifestations of God!

It is impossible for “men” to live “as” God! “With men it is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” In essence He was saying, “As men” it is impossible, but “As God ‘All things are possible’.” Can you see it! Now can you realize why He said, “Except a man be born again he cannot ‘enter’ the ‘Kingdom of God’”? You cannot walk in “God” consciousness so long as you believe yourself to be a mere man! You cannot think and walk as God so long as you think and walk as John Doe!

Physical birth is painful, so too is the Spiritual rebirth painful. It means giving up all your earthly ambitions; all your material possessions. “If you would be perfect; Go and sell that thou hast and give to the poor and come and follow me.”

Perhaps the most important statement made by God to man 2000 years ago was “Ye must be born again”. IT IS THE NECESSARY PREREQUISITE TO ENABLE YOU TO WALK “AS” GOD; IN YOUR “TRUE” IDENTITY. Otherwise you cannot enter the “Kingdom of God”. IT IS THE ONLY MEANS WHEREBY YOU CAN ATTAIN A CONSCIOUSNESS OF ONENESS. Before you can walk in the “Kingdom of God”; or in other words, “God consciousness”, you must realize that you and God are one and the same. In the same manner that a “branch” is a manifestation of the vine; as a “wave” is a manifestation of the ocean, so too are you a manifestation of God. An “awareness” of the significance of this and the acceptance of the reality of it constitutes the Spiritual rebirth; of being “born again” (that you might be perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.) There is not you And God; there is only God! “God” is the Universal and you are the Universal individualized!

Of ourselves we have no being ... no reality. We are individual manifestations of Life ... of that which is God! ‘We’ are not ‘plugged’ into Life ... we are ‘Its’ ‘outlets’ ... and ‘Its’ thoughts are colored by ‘Its’ perception of itself as being John or Jane Doe ... the ‘person’ we see ourselves as being.

God is your reality ... your true identity.
This is why it appears as though the ‘human’ consciousness is creative.

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