What is Man … that the “Lord” should be Mindful of Him?

The whole world has failed to realize what manner of being a so-called ‘human’-being really is. God and man are one and the same. God is the Source and man is the Source embodied. Man… is the only organism on the planet in which and through which the Source can function AS the Source in the world of form. God and Christ … are also one and the same. God is the Universal I Am and Christ is the Universal I am personified. There is an axiom that says, ‘that any two things equal to the same thing are equal to each other’. So … God and man and Christ are one and the same, but this ‘triune’ being known as man … is not aware of this. He thinks he has being separate and apart from his Source, when in reality … there is only the Source.

Man … is the Universal I am manifesting in the world of Form, only he is totally oblivious of this astounding fact. He sees himself as being the person his parents created when they named him at his birth. No ‘man’ … has any being of himself. Thus the necessity for the Spiritual Rebirth. The I Am within each of us is the Universal I Am … the Vine (the Father) individualized. Each of us is Life embodied and each of us regardless of our beliefs, our colour, our language, or our culture is a branch of the Vine. This realization sets in motion the conception that leads to the Spiritual Rebirth. Only then can man see that he and God (the Father) are one. One and the same. As he functions in this awareness he takes upon himself the likeness of the Source and that likeness is the Christ. Every man on Earth was created to be the Christ, for every man embodies the capacity to be the Christ.

God is the Lord and the Lord is the Law. Once again I refer to that old axiom.”Any two things equal to the same thing are equal to each other” Man is a creative being because he is the Creator embodied. He is the Lord (the Law) in action. As he thinks so does he create. The Lord and the Law are synonymous. Each of us is an activator of the creative process. We set the creative process (the Creative Principle) in motion when we think. Thus … as a man thinketh so is he. Not realizing that he is a creative being, and not realizing that he creates as he perceives things to be, man is as it were like a child playing with matches. Man… is not the only organism on earth that has free will. Every living self conscious organism has free will. Free will allows self conscious beings to survive through self preservation but, only man… embodies the capacity to be as the source. Not realizing what matter of being he is… he sees things he is afraid of… he sees good and evil, and because of what he is he does what he thinks will be beneficial. The odds are that he will do the right thing for the most part, but there is also the possibility that he will do the wrong thing, creating a detrimental effect which in turn causes him to create another error, creating another effect and on and on it goes, until he becomes lost in a world of confusion. A world of his own making. Thus we have a world filled with division, confusion, and false beliefs. All the result of ‘man’ failing to realize what matter of being he is.

Our names are like dams as it were. Dams, are obstructions that prevent the free flow of water. Water … is symbolic of truth (whosoever drinketh of this water … shall never thirst). The names our parents gave us at our birth act as dams, keeping the Spirit of God … the truth, from getting access to the world of form. By functioning as the person we believe ourselves to be … we fail to function as the Source … as the Christ. So long as we function as the person our parents created when they named us at our birth we function in an illusion. Our names are but our outer identity, our physical identity. The I am within us is our true identity. The true identity of every man on Earth. We are all one … there is only the Source (the Father). Each of us is the immortal I am embodied. That … is what manner of being a “man” is.

Through the Spiritual Rebirth as taught by the Evangelical religions of the world we can NEVER attain a consciousness of oneness. Why? … because you (the person you believe yourself to be) has not been eliminated, from your consciousness … from the belief you hold in your mind pertaining to yourself. Our names are a necessity … they identify us from each other, but that’s really all our names should mean to us. The real you … the real me … is the I am within us. God … is our reality … our true identity. The person we believe ourselves to be is but the illusion in which we live. Our belief in our so-called ‘lineage’ … our ‘family tree’, simply indicates the extent of the illusion in which the human race is living. Our true lineage dates back to our Source … the .I AM We are today exactly what our ancient for-fathers were, manifestations of the most high (sons of the most high). None of us has any being … any reality. The only thing that has being is the Source. Call it Life, God, Allah, or whatever. The Source (God) alone has being. ‘I and the Father are One’, is the only ‘seed’ (the only idea) that can lead us into a consciousness of oneness … the Kingdom of God, for only AS God, can we enter the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is synonymous with God consciousness. To function AS the Source is to function in the Christ Mind. Only in that consciousness can we hope to establish a lasting peace on Earth.

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