We Are All One

We are to ‘God’ what a wave is to the ocean... what a branch is to the vine. Each of us is a wave in the Ocean of Life... a branch of the vine. In the Bible we read that God made man in His image and likeness. He made man to be as God, as his source. Few have ever reached maturity. We have never gotten beyond living as ‘men’... as English men... French men... German men... Indians... Aborigines... etc.

We have never realized a profound fact. None of us has any being, any reality apart from Life... apart from our source. Only the source (God) has being. ONLY ‘I’ AM. The ‘I’ that is you... is the ‘I’ that is me. It was the same ‘I’ that said ‘I and the father are One’, some two thousand years ago. Each of us is the Source in action, if we only knew it.

WE ARE BUT ‘OUTLETS’ THROUGH WHICH THE DIVINE MIND CAN BE ‘GOD’ IN THE VISIBLE WORLD OF FORM. However, we cannot create with Divine Authority because, we are unaware of what manner of being we are. We have been made to believe that we are nothing more than mere ‘human’ beings. IF ONLY WE REALIZED WHAT MANNER OF BEING WE ARE ! As ‘men’, we place our faith in ‘our’ ability. When we realize that we are the Divine Mind individualized, we place our faith in the creative ability of the Divine Mind... knowing that we are individual activators of the creative principal. Because we ‘think’ we have reality of ourselves... we function as ‘men’, never realizing that we are the Divine Mind individualized. WE ARE ALL ONE. THERE IS ONLY GOD. To understand this in depth and to function in this awareness, is to function in the ‘Christ Mind’.

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