The Transfiguration ... the alternative to DEATH!

The ‘I’ within each of us, is the ‘Father’ ... the consciousness, the director, the activator of the Creative Principle. Every time we ‘think’ ... we activate the creative principle. The ‘intelligence’ is the Mother aspect of the creative principle and it is the purpose of the mother aspect, to give being to whatever the consciousness ( the Father aspect) decrees as being.

The ‘seed’, that gives being to ‘a thing’ (what ever that thing might be) embodies the image ... the consciousness, of the ‘thing’ that produced it ... no matter what that ‘thing’ might be.

The image of the butterfly exists within the ‘seed’ that first develops into the chrysalis, which in due course becomes a beautiful butterfly. This transformation is not brought about by the consciousness of the ‘worm’. The ‘worm’ plays no role in becoming a butterfly. The ‘worm does not have free will. It does not have the capacity to interfere with or to hinder the natural metamorphic process.

We were not born to die. We were born to be Gods ... eternal beings! We were born to walk as ‘Jesus’ walked, fully aware of being God! With the transfiguration being the end result of that consciousness. Passing from this plane, not by death, but by a spiritual transfiguration.

This is the ultimate reward for a life lived in a consciousness of Oneness.

The ‘image’ of ‘God’, exists within the embryo that develops as a ‘human’ being, but it cannot mature into a ‘transcendent’ being because the consciousness is under the control of the individual who sees himself/herself as being a mere man/woman. The consciousness must see itself as God in order for the metamorphic process to take place ... in order for the temple to experience a complete transformation. The belief that we are mere men, keeps the individual in the ‘worm’ stage, preventing the complete development of the ‘God’ man.

Because we have free will to think and create as we choose - we interfere with the metamorphic process. What would normally be a natural process is side tracked by our belief that we are merely men, hindering the transfiguration of the temple. Preventing what would be a normal natural transformation, from a ‘physical’ being into a purely spiritual being. The consciousness of being a ‘man’ is the culprit that prevents the transformation. The ‘image’ of the Christ exists within the embryo that develops into a ‘human’ child, and cannot as it matures, accomplish the transformation, because it is programmed to believe it is nothing but a mere ‘man’.

Every child ever born embodies everything necessary to enable Life to transform the ‘human’ temple of flesh into a temple of light. Every child of God is born into the world having free will and as it develops it is free to ‘think’ as it chooses and ‘thinks’ according to its perception of itself. Parents who are unaware of what their child is or of who it really is, program it to believe it is a mere man. This belief interferes with the metamorphosis. It cannot experience the transformation because the consciousness prohibits the metamorphic process. The consciousness within the chrysalis does not have free will and thus cannot interfere with the metamorphic process that results in the transformation of the chrysalis into the butterfly. The consciousness of being a ‘human’ being … is what prevents the transformation. If it were not for our belief that we are but mere men and our reluctance to commit our bodies to God, we would all attain this divine transformation. This glorious transformation is the ultimate attainment!

This is not known by the church and therefore is not taught. Nor is the means of accomplishing it known to men. Their concept of the spiritual rebirth does not allow this metamorphic process to take place. They are not even aware that such a transformation can take place. When you realize that you and the Father are One ... you clear the way, as it were, for the creative process to complete the transformation. Through the metamorphic process, man will be transformed physically as was Enoch of Old. Only as you walk As God is it possible. So long as you see yourself as being a ‘man’ it is impossible. When man ‘sees’ this and chooses to live in this consciousness, (as a son of God) he removes the barrier that prohibits this metamorphic transformation. This is the alternative to death! The blind have been leading the blind.

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