To do with Healing

When doing a healing treatment or, in other words, a prayer that will lead to healing, speak knowing that you are Spirit speaking. Speak knowing that you are God speaking. Speak with that authority, for, in fact you are that. That is exactly who you are. When you speak with that authority the intelligence will, of a certainty, rush into action to bring into manifestation that which you have decreed as being. Pay no attention to any manifestation or expression of imperfection. Know that there is no presence apart from the presence of Spirit which knows no imperfection and has no imperfection. The attributes of God make up the substance of spirit and that perfect substance is the substance of all form. Speak with assurance, knowing that there is no imperfection in the Divine attributes. There is no substance other than this Divine substance. It is the substance of all form. Know this, and proclaim its perfection, and know that the person whom you are treating must therefore be perfect. “Ye shall decree a thing and it shall be established unto you”, for he, or she, is in fact already perfect.

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