The word "Universe" - means “One verse”.

That One verse, is "I am that I am." The only 'thing' in the Universe that has any reality... any being, is the " I ". ONLY " I " AM. If every living 'thing' in the Universe could speak the English language... no 'thing' could express itself or introduce itself without first proclaiming its relationship to the 'Whole'... (to its Source,) as it said "I AM." To KNOW this, and to function in this awareness, is to be 'filled' with the Holy Spirit (the Whole I Spirit). Thus the reason for the statement in the book of Isaiah, "I am the first and I am the last and beside me there is no God... there is no saviour... there is none else."

God (Life) did not give 'being' to 'Jesus'. God gave being to 'Himself' AS Jesus and... an “Angel of the Lord” named the unborn child “Jesus,” meaning, I God or I Am (God ‘with’ us). This is also what we were born to be, only our parents, not knowing this, gave being to the person we each believe ourself to be... when they named us at our birth. “God” did not give being to the person you believe yourself to be. God (Life) gives being only to 'Himself'.

That which 'God' is ... is the reality of every 'human' being that has ever been born.

If we continue to eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil ( if we continue to believe in the reality of good and evil)... we shall surely die. But... if we live and function in an awareness of the Allness of God (in the Whole I Spirit)... we need never die.

'I' ... am the 'I am' within everyone!

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