The way it really is!

When you become aware that you and God are One; one and the same, the only thing that changes is your attitude ... your state of mind. The morning sunrise, the sunset, the seasons of the year, the beauty of nature will remain the same, only you will begin to see things from a different perspective. You will begin to realize the nothingness of your self; your ‘outer’ self. You will not suddenly walk on water, or possess the wisdom to heal the sick. This comes as your awareness of your Oneness with God, begins to expand.

The doctor did not gain the knowledge required to practice medicine, the day after he chose to become a doctor. The tradesman did not become a journeyman without years of training; of working at his trade. Nor will you be like the ‘Father’, the moment you ‘see’ that you and God are One. To develop the knowledge required of a doctor requires years of learning. So too does it require years of practicing the presence of God before you become as he who was called the Christ. The only difference is; one way of life is learned from past recorded knowledge until one becomes proficient. To attain a consciousness of Oneness you must be cleansed of all past beliefs; of all past parental, social and cultural programming! You must be born again ... transformed by the renewing of your mind! Not the concept of the Spiritual rebirth as taught by the church. What they teach you in church, will continue to hold you in a consciousness of duality. You must realize that you and God are One! This person that you have been made to believe you are, is really not who you are. The John Doe, you see yourself as being, was created by your parents! God made you in His image and likeness ... in ignorance of who you were; of what you were ... your parents programmed you in ‘their image and likeness’. Our parents believed that we were nothing more than mere human beings.

When you recognize that you and God are One, your attitude towards every ‘thing’ will change. This ‘awareness’ is a progression of consciousness; an expansion of consciousness! You begin to look at those around you in a different light. You won’t treat them differently just because ‘God’ said you must. You will treat them differently because you choose to! Because you know that they too are God! Now you begin to practice the presence of God, and live, not as God would want you to live, but live as God would live; for now you Know that there is not you and God. There is only God!

‘Man’ is not aware that we have absolutely no being apart from our source of being; apart from that which is God. The manifestation ... (man); is the source (God) ... manifesting! Does the wave have any being apart from the ocean ... has the branch any being apart from the vine? That man and God are One, is not simply a concept. It is a fact!

Thus... I am that I am.

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