The Most Necessary of All Insights!

To those who are sincerely striving to attain a consciousness of oneness (the Christ Mind) one ‘specific’ realization is an absolute prerequisite. Without this understanding, this insight, a consciousness of Oneness is impossible.

You must realize the absolute nothingness of the “outer self”. This is best illustrated by the analogy of a wave to the ocean, of a branch to the vine. Waves have no being apart from the ocean, waves are but the ocean in motion. Branches are but extensions of the vine. A branch is but the vine manifesting! ‘Man’ (every man and every woman), is Life manifesting, God manifesting. God is not simply an omniscient, omnipotent, single being (he is ‘that’ as well), but is the sum total of every living thing in the universe, the only presence in the universe, the omnipresence! ‘God’, is creative mind. Individual ‘man’ has no reality, individual ‘man’ has no being! It only appears as though a ‘man’ has being separate and apart from his source. God is as the ocean. Man, is as a wave. ‘Humanity’, is the waves! God is the vine .A ‘man’, is the vine manifesting.

‘God’ does not give being to any ‘man’, to any ‘thing’. God gives being only to ‘Himself’, As every living ‘thing’, and that includes every ‘man’! Man, is God embodied, but mankind is totally oblivious to this astounding fact! We think we are separate and apart from our source. The ‘source’ is the reality of the manifestation. But for the ‘source’ there would be no manifestation! The ‘source’ is the ‘cause’, it is also the ‘effect’! IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP!

There are no ‘English’ men, ‘French’ men, ‘Native’ men, ‘Chinese’ or ‘Japanese’ men. These are only States of Mind. Man is creative mind manifesting. There is only One mind! Each ‘man’ is but the One mind manifesting, and the Law as it pertains to man is ‘As a man thinketh, so is he’!

‘You’ in your John Doe identity ... your ‘outer identity’, are but an illusion! That which is God, that which God is, is what a man is ... is what you are. The ‘ocean’ is the reality of every wave.

Man was not born to die. ‘Man’ was meant to be an Eternal Being! But here’s the catch. So long as he persists in living in his John Doe identity he will surely die, for in that identity he is but an illusion. Through our ignorance ... as we believe in the existence of good and evil ... we destroy the temple! How could ‘man’ die, when he is Eternal Life embodied! He must, however, LIVE AND FUNCTION IN THAT CONSCIOUSNESS. To live and function in that consciousness is to function in the Christ Mind. The Christ Mind is the Divine Mind personified. In that consciousness He has eternal life. In that consciousness lies man’s salvation.

How perfect and exacting did the infinite protect the way of the ‘Tree of Life’! ‘If ye would be perfect ... sell that ye have and give to the poor and come and follow me’ (COME AND LIVE AS ME ... FOR ‘I’ ... AM WHO YOU ARE.) That is the prerequisite to the attainment of the ‘Christ Mind’ ... to a ‘Consciousness of Oneness’. To attain that realization is the ‘Spiritual Rebirth’. You cannot attain the ‘Christ Mind’ if you have not experienced the spiritual rebirth. ‘Except a Man be Born Again He Cannot See the Kingdom of God’. YE MUST BE BORN AGAIN! Born into the realization that you and God are one and the same. That which God is ... is what a ‘man’ is. The Spiritual Rebirth is like an ‘awakening’ ... like coming out of darkness into light. Now you see the Truth ... ‘I’ and the ‘Father’ are One.

Remember the words of the ‘Christ ‘ ... it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God (to attain ‘God consciousness’). As a ‘man’ ... you cannot! It is attainable only when you realize that you and God are actually One and the Same.

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