The LAW of cause and effect:

Man is the greatest, most interesting and most necessary study in the world. Once we begin to understand ourselves, our gross desires will cease to crave expression.

Every ‘thing’ ... be it organic or inorganic, exists because of ‘cause’. If it were not for cause ... there would be no ‘things’ ... there would be no effects. Cause and effect are not two things. An ‘effect’ is the cause manifesting! Cause always takes place in consciousness. Consciousness is the birthplace of ideas. Every idea that has ever been conceived, has been conceived in the consciousness. An idea has preceded every ‘thing’ that has been made by man, or ‘God’. As it is with man ... so, too, is it with God ... for man was made in the image and likeness of God.

Every living thing that exists in the world of form first existed in the Divine mind ... the Universal Mind. No living ‘thing’ ever played any role in its coming into being. Life ... gave being to every living ‘thing’; to every ‘effect’. Life does not give being to any ‘thing’ apart from itself. Every living thing is Life manifesting AS THAT THING. ‘God’ creates every ‘thing ... by becoming every ‘thing’.

Man ... is one of the effects ... one of the living ‘things’ I refer to. Life (God) ... gave being to ‘man’ ... by becoming man. Only an omniscient intelligence could create a creative being such as itself. The Divine mind (God) ... is cause ... man is the effect. They are one and the same.

Every living ‘thing’ had its beginning as a single cell ... pollinated or fertilized by another living cell. At the moment of conception, the newly fertilized ‘egg’ becomes a ‘living effect’. The cause has now become an effect!

At birth, we fail to see the ‘child’ as being an ‘effect’. We have failed to realize that we are actually witness to the birth of the ‘cause’! Every ‘human’ child ever born ... regardless of color or race, is the cause (God), in the infant stage of development. Divine mind ... Universal Life ... Spirit ... God ... are all one and the same thing. They are inseparable. Because Life (God) ... is the reality of every living ‘thing’ ... every living ‘thing’ has a common identity. For this reason, everyone on the planet (if they could speak the English language) proclaims the infinite identity every time they introduce themselves ... every time they say hello ... ‘I’ am. ‘I’ ... is the identity of the Universal ... of God (the cause). It is also the identity of the individual (every individual) ... because the Universal is the reality of the individual! They are one and the same. As a wave is related to the ocean ... as a branch is related to the vine ... an effect is related to the cause!


Of ourselves ... we have no being ... we have no reality. Only the ‘ocean’ has being ... only the vine has being ... only the source ... the cause, has being. It did not give being to you, the John Doe. It gives being only to itself. It was your parents that gave being to you as John Doe. They were not aware of who you were or of what you were at your birth. They took that which Life (God) created in His image and likeness ... gave you an identity, associating you with them; and then proceeded to create you (the John Doe) ... in their image and likeness. They taught you what they believed to be true about themselves. So there are some six billion individual creative human organisms on earth, perpetuating the belief that each is different from the other, when in fact, apart from our outer appearance ... we are all alike ... we are simply ‘creative mind embodied’. We are all One!

Everyone would probably agree that each of us is ‘plugged’ into Divine Life. In reality none of us are plugged into Divine Life. WE ARE ITS OUTLETS! Outlets through which the Divine Mind seeks to express itself ... (that God’s will might be done on earth as it is in Heaven!) Unfortunately, it is unable to do so. ‘It’ cannot get access to the temple because of the ‘outer identity’. ‘It’ truly believes that it is the John Doe its parents programmed it to believe. Our parents programmed us according to their perception of who and what we were. It is for this reason that we need a Spiritual rebirth. Not the ‘Spiritual’ rebirth as taught by the evangelical world, for such a concept can never lead you into a consciousness of Oneness. ‘Except a man be born again he cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.’ The Kingdom of Heaven is a state of mind ... a state of KNOWING that ‘I’ and the Father ... are One ... that we are all One! To be truly ‘born again’ is to realize that you and the ‘Father’ (God) are One ... One and the same! When you realize this to be the truth ... you begin to walk in that consciousness (God consciousness). That consciousness is the ‘Christ mind’! Only then can the Kingdom of God be made manifest on Earth ... for the Kingdom of God and the consciousness of God are synonymous.

When we comprehend that we and God are ONE ... as the Vine and the branch are ONE ... or as the Ocean and the wave are ONE, we have a choice to make. We can go on living in our 'outer' identity ... our John Doe identity, or we can choose to live in our I am that I am identity. Should we choose to live in our John Doe identity we will surely die. Should we choose to live in our I am that I am identity ... we will never die ... "The gift of God is eternal life."

(The gift of God ... is the gift ... of BEING God!)

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