Who is Satan?

When you were born ... you parents gave you a name ... indentifing you with them. Then they began to 'program' you into believing that this (your name) was indeed who you were. To function in the belief that this is who you really are ... is to function in an illusion. In reality ... you and your source (you and God) are one and the same ... and your name is but your 'outer identity'. To function ... knowing that you and God are one and the same ... is to function in 'Christ' consciousness. To function in the belief that you are John Doe (the illusion) ... is 'Satan' in action ... (the outer self in action).

In the Book of Genesis, Chapter 3: we read "Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made." What is the serpent? Who is the serpent?... The 'serpent' is your outer self ... your John Dor identity. When you believe that you are 'John', 'Henry', 'Peter', 'Marie' or whoever, you have been made to believe a lie. To believe that you are not the 'person' you believe yourself to be, seemingly defies all logic, reason or common sense. Never the less, the 'person' you see yourself as being is but your 'outer' identity ... your physical identity. The real you, (the ' I ' within you that says ' I ' am) is God. The ' I ' within you, is the same ' I ', that is the reality of every other man or woman on Earth. 'God', is the real you. Any individual who is not aware of this; which includes almost everyone on the planet, is 'enslaved' by the believe that he or she is indeed the 'person' they have been programmed to believe they are. This is the illusion ... the SERPENT! This belief is the 'serpent' that is always tempting us. We find it easier ... less demanding, to live in our outer identity. It is easier to worship Christ ... than to live as Christ!

The 'serpent' of itself has no power! The only power there is... is God! 'He' gave being to us by being us ... by becoming us. In ignorance of this, we use His creative power to satisfy our desires... to satisfy our quest for power, prestige, and wealth. The serpent is 'Us'... functioning in the believe that we have being separate and apart from God... our source.

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