I... am the Ressurection

Until we realize that the ‘I Am’ within us is who we really are … how can the real you … the real me attain recognition? It is for this reason that the illusion … the outer self, must be crucified, in order for the ‘I Am’ to be the ‘head’ of the temple. How else can the ‘I Am’ be resurrected? Keep this in mind … it is not the ‘illusion’ (the John/Jane Doe you believe yourself to be) that will be resurrected … it is the ‘I Am; that is resurrected. It was not ‘Lazarus’ who was raised from the dead. “Lazuarus”... was but the illusion. Those who knew him... knew him as “Lazarus”. They did not grasp the fact that there was (and is), only the I AM. It was the Eternal “I Am’ that was resurrected. At Calvary … it was not ‘Jesus’ who was resurrected, it was the ‘Father’ who was resurrected. ‘I … am the resurrection’ … ‘I and my Father are One’ … ‘He who hath seem me hath seen the ‘Father’. The ‘Father’ is the Christ! The ‘Christ’ … is but the ‘Father’ personified … the Divine Mind personified. ‘Jesus’ endured the cross to visibly demonstrate to those around Him that only with ‘one’s death’ (the death of the self) could the resurrection take place. He of all people did not have to die in order to attain the resurrection. THROUGHOUT HIS ENTIRE MINISTRY HE FUNCTIONED AS THE FATHER. It was because they saw Him only as being the carpenter’s son … they failed to realize that He and God were One (that man and God are one and the same). But … neither you nor I have to suffer the agony of the cross (the crucifixion) as He did. ‘We’ … have but to make a commitment to follow Him. TO WALK AS GOD, for HE … is the ‘I Am’ within us … the reality of each of us. We must choose to walk as Him … to die to self, for by no other means can the ‘I Am’ (the Christ) be resurrected. We must recognize ‘Him’ as our reality. So long as we choose to continue to live in our John/Jane Doe identity … so long as we choose to live for ‘self gratification’ … we are as guilty of the crucifixion of the ‘Christ’, as were those who called for His crucifixion some two thousand years ago!

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