The Curse of Racism

Never before have we seen such racial animosity throughout the world. Those who know the solution to the removal of racism, are filled with a sense of futility, for the cause lies in man's ignorance of his Spiritual reality…a very touchy subject…an area in which even angels fear to tread. The problems and the solutions lie within each of us. All are to blame. (All have sinned and come short of the glory of God). All must change. There is a verse in the book of Matthew (6:25) that defines the problem very clearly, "If the light that be in them be darkness … how great is that darkness". But… no organized religion in the world is ready to acknowledge the fact that their teachings might have fallen short of the mark. Our religious organizations have let us down .We have never discovered our real relationship to our fellow man. Plus…we have also failed to realize what manner of being a "human" being really is.

. Consciousness is creative, and every condition in the world we are witness to, is the result of mans conscious beliefs. Cause… is always in consciousness! Every "thing" is a manifestation of consciousness. Every condition, is the result of a State of Mind. If we hope to remove the issues that divide us, we must first remove the cause, for both the cause and the cure lies within the consciousness of humanity. We must strive to find the key that will enable us to love our neighbours as ourselves.

The majority of literate humanity recognizes the Bible as a book of religious instruction…a book that provides man with Spiritual enlightenment…that we might live as we were meant to live. It directs us to seek the mind of God… the Christ Mind. (Seek ye first the kingdom of God). Every "man" that I have personally known, has functioned as a "man". Two thousand years ago, a particular man known as “Jesus”, functioned AS “God,” yet…he inferred that what he did others could do also. He made no secret of who he was or of what he was." I and my Father are one," he said and "He who has seen me has seen the Father," And… He functioned in that consciousness. But…his followers failed to grasp the significance of what he was saying. They saw him only as the "man" they knew as Jesus. Because of His amazing ability, they thought that only one who could "perform" such miraculous feats could do so only if he were "of God". And so they began to worship him as though He (Jesus) was the "only" Son of God, even though he made no claim of being different than other men. The "Christ," is not a specific individual…the "Christ" is the Divine Mind personified…God personified. "Man" was created to be the Christ! Was "man" not made in the image and likeness of God? ( If we were not created to be the Christ, why would we have been admonished to seek the Mind of Christ?)

What then is the key to this "mind"…to the consciousness in which this man functioned? He was tempted as other men…yet he chose to walk as God! Here is the key. At our birth we are given a name to identify us with our parents, family, friends, nationality, country, etc. However, our names do not constitute what manner of being we are, nor does our name constitute WHO we are. Our name is only our "physical" identity. So then… what manner of being are we so called "human" beings?

None of us…NONE OF US, has any being as the person our parents created when they named us at our birth. OUR NAMES ARE JUST OUR NAMES! The only thing that has being is LIFE! LIFE is the Source of All being , The reality of every living 'thing". Only LIFE has being, and LIFE…did not give being to the person you believe yourself to be. It was your parents that gave being to the person you believe yourself to be when they named you at your birth! LIFE gives being ONLY to "Itself". Every living thing is LIFE manifesting AS that thing. ONLY LIFE LIVES, and each of us is that Life embodied! LIFE, is What we are, It is also Who we are, and its identity is "I". LIFE… is that which is GOD! . IT, is that which is the reality of every "man" on Earth…. IT, is the I AM within you. IT, is the I AM that I AM!

It is not you (the person you believe yourself to be) who thinks when you think, or who speaks when you speak. It is LIFE that thinks and speaks. Only LIFE can think and speak . “I am He that doth speak, behold it is I.” Isaiah 52 : 6 We are LIFE manifesting, only we function as the person we believe ourselves to be, and so we create as we perceive ourselves to be. Is it any wonder we are a world so divided?

Remember …consciousness is creative, and man… is a creative being! Our name is only who we THINK we are. The person we believe our selves to be is but the illusion in which we live. To know that the I AM within us is the "Father" (God) and to function in that consciousness, is to function in the Christ Mind. The concept of the Spiritual Rebirth as taught by the Church, can NEVER lead us into that consciousness. Only when we realize that the I AM within us is the Father, can we attain a consciousness of Oneness. It was this that " Jesus" knew when he said," that they may be One even as we are One". This is what the religions of the world have failed to see…ALL of them. None of us of ourselves have any being! WE ARE ALL ONE! That which is "God"…is the reality of every "man" on Earth. To promote the wonders of multiculturalism is to promote the beliefs that divide us.

In the "Kingdom of God" (in God consciousness), there are no English men, French men, Irish men, Indians, Arabs, Jews, Americans, etc. etc. These are only States of Mind. Every "man" on earth is God (the Universal I AM), manifesting As a a "human" being. There is no one besides "HIM"! There is not "man" And God…there is only God. I am the First and I am the Last and besides me there is none else! That… is the Christ Mind, and only in this consciousness, can we eliminate the beliefs that divide us. Man…. is the only organism on Earth in which and through which the Source, can function in the world of form As the Source, As God. Only in this consciousness, can peace on Earth become a reality. There is only the Source!

Only when the “Christ Mind” becomes the governing consciousness throughout the World... will peace on Earth become a reality.

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