Our Outer Identity Keeps us in Bondage

As most of my association with religious matters has been involved with Christianity, I have directed my comments for the mostpart to Christians ... to Christians of All denominations. Let it be understood that whatever principles apply to those who see themselves as Christians, applies equally to everyone else on the planet ... be they followers of Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Islam ... or whatever.

Everyone, has been programmed to believe that he/she is but a 'human' being ... totally oblivious of the fact that a 'human' being is God ... the Divine Mind (the Source) manifesting AS a human being. Every 'human' being was created to be as its creator ... as its source. The only organism on the planet that embodies the capacity to be as its source ... is man. Because this 'human' organism has been programmed to believe it is Jane or John Doe ... it functions as a man ... as a 'human' being. We are unaware of the fact that we, are whatever we can imagine God to be. Only when we realize that we are one with our source can we begin to function as the source. Only then can the 'I' (the thinker) begin (through faith) to think AS God.

This realization can only come about as man realizes the absolute nothingness of 'man'. This realization is the beginning of the spiritual rebirth. A 'man' is God (the creator) ... functioning in an illusion ... an illusion set in motion at our birth, when we are given a name, and then programmed to believe that our 'name' constitutes our real identity. When we realize our relationship to our source ... when we realize that we are in fact the source embodied, we begin to function as the source (as God) ... as we were created to function. To function as the source ... is to function in the 'Christ Mind'.

Prior to this awakening, 'God' (the source), cannot get access to the world of form. Our outer identity acts as a 'dam' ... an obstruction ... a barrier, holding back the full creative power of the divine consciousness. So long as we believe we are merely 'human' beings we are unaware of our creative capacity, and so we think as 'men'. We limit our creative capacity through our ignorance of our relationship to our source!

"I and my Father are one."... That is the 'Christ Mind'. By no other means can we function AS God in the world of form. Only by dying to self, can we enter the 'Kingdom' of God ... can we function in God consciousness (God 'consciousness' and the 'kingdom of God' are one and the same). No amount of weeping or wailing or gnashing of teeth... no amount of prayer, supplication, beseeching or pleading... no amount of chanting mantras, counting beads, or swirling prayer wheels, can bypass the prerequisite of 'dying to self'. Nor can any amount of good works open the door to God's 'Kingdom'. Only as we realize that the'I' within each of us is God can we enter the 'Kingdom' of God! The person we see ourselves as being is not who we are. It is only who we ‘think’ we are. Apart from God... we have no reality ... we have no being. God is our reality... the reality of every man/woman on Earth. Only as we choose to live in that consciousness can we enter the 'Kingdom' of God... for it is a State of Mind. In that consciousness lies the salvation of humanity... of All Humanity.

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