Our Highest Goal

I was asked to read a book entitled 'Understanding the Male Temperament'. The author claimed that all men could be characterized by four particular stereotypes, which he described in considerable detail ... the good traits and the bad. In every case he described ... the acceptance of Christ into the life of each individual had a positive effect in making that individual a 'better person'.

Regardless of what category one fits into ... that one could only become a 'better person' through accepting Christ as their Lord and Savior. According to the author this step alone was the only means whereby human beings could become 'better' human beings. It was then that I realized another area where the Church had missed the mark pertaining to the teachings of Jesus. It is true that those who have accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior have, in almost every case, become 'better' people. Better citizens, better family members, better fathers, better mothers, better sons, etc., etc. All for the better and quite commendable but ... they have missed the mark.

By becoming 'better men' ... we have in fact gotten further away from being what we were created to be. We were not meant to be mere 'men' ... we were made in the image and likeness of God ... our 'Father'. We were created to be as God ... as the Source. By striving to become 'better men' ... our sense of separation from God (our Source) becomes greater. What we need is to become aware of our relationship to our Source ... to God. Then we will realize what manner of being we really are. 'Man' is the only organism on Earth in which and through which God (the Divine Mind) can manifest as God in the world of form. By striving to become 'better men' ... we become less and less conscious of our relationship to our Source.

'Man', is only the word that describes the Source (God) as 'It' manifests as God (as man) in the world of form. A 'man' is the source manifesting as a man! This is what the church has failed to see. We can never attain the Christ Mind so long as we continue to see ourselves as being 'mere men'. The only way we can become more like the Source, is by realizing that each of us is the Source embodied. There is no one besides the Source. I AM THAT I AM. Divine reasoning is required. Man and God are one and the same. One is the Universal, the other is the Universal individualized. One is the ocean, the other is the wave. One is the Vine, the other is the branch.

The name we go by is only our outer identity, our Earthly identity. The 'I' within us is our true identity. That 'I', is God, the 'Father'. That, is the real you, the real me. Thus did He say 'I and my father are one'. His disciples saw him as a man called 'Jesus' but he knew that He and God were One and the same. He also knew that 'God' was the reality of everyone on Earth. To become aware of our relationship to God, our Source, should be our goal. To strive to become 'better men', is to perpetuate the illusion. Of ourselves we have no being, no reality. Each of us is a wave in the Ocean of Life. a branch of the Vine. There is not the Ocean AND the wave the Vine AND the branch. There is only the Ocean, there is only the Vine. These illustrations describe man's relationship to God. When we realize that we are the Source individualized we begin to take upon ourselves the likeness of our Source, the likeness of God! That likeness is called the 'Christ', the Divine Mind personified.

So long as we continue to function As 'men'... we shall surely die. When we realize that we are individual manifestation of Him who is God, of Him who is Perfect, of Him who is Eternal, and choose to live in that consciousness, (as Sons of God,) we shall never die!

Therein lies our salvation and the salvation of humanity. How can that which is eternal ever die? If you would be perfect give up trying to become a 'better man'... 'go... sell that thou hast and give to the poor and come and follow me' (come and walk as me). Only AS God can we enter the 'Kingdom' of God for it is a State of Mind. A state of KNOWING that the Universal " I "... is the " I ".. that I am... the " I " that is each of us.

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