The whole thing in a 'Nutshell'

The law of ‘cause and effect’ is Absolute. Without a Source, there would be no cause. Without a Cause, there would be no effect. Every living ‘thing’ we see, is an ‘effect’. ‘Man’, belongs to this ‘world of effects’. Every ‘man’, is an effect. The ‘world’ we see, is but the world of effects.

The ‘Invisible’ world, is the Real world, the ‘Source’ of the ‘visible’ world. The Invisible world is the world of Mind, the world of Cause. All creation takes place in this ‘Invisible world of Mind’. This creative activity gives being to the world of effects. Not only is Mind the ‘cause’ of all manifestation, it is also the ‘Substance’ of all manifestation, the ‘Source’ of all manifestation! The World of effects has no ‘being’, no reality. The only ‘thing’ that has ‘being’ is the Source. Every ‘thing’, is the Divine Mind (the Source), manifesting AS THAT THING. All is Mind the ‘Divine Mind’ manifesting.

Only the ‘Source’ has an identity. Its identity is ‘I’. The ‘Source’, is the reality of every manifestation (of every ‘thing’). It gives its identity to every ‘thing’ it becomes. There is nothing besides the Source, other than the Source. Don’t feel embarrassed by calling it ‘God’, for it alone exists. But for the Source, there would be no cause, there would be no effect, there would be no ‘you’. Here is the paradox, No one has ever seen ‘God’, yet no one has ever seen anything other than God. Not only is the ‘human’ race ALL ONE, we are ONE with every thing in the universe.

A rose, is the ‘Invisible’ (God) manifesting AS a rose. A canary, is the ‘Invisible’ manifesting As a canary. A dolphin, is the ‘Invisible’ manifesting As a dolphin. A man, is ‘God’ manifesting As a man. No living ‘thing’ has any ‘being’ of itself. No matter what you are looking at, you are looking at the Source. (‘God’), manifesting as that ‘thing’.

No ‘man’ has ever been ‘born’. Every ‘man’ that has ever existed, has been created, BUT NOT BY GOD! ‘Man’, is only the ‘word’ that describes the only form on Earth in which and through which the Source (God) can function AS the “Source”, in the Visible world of form. Every ‘child’ that has ever been born, is ‘God’ in the process of becoming a man/woman. In ignorance of what a ‘human’ child can become, its parents give it a name, identifying ‘it’ with them, and then ‘they’ proceed to mold the child in ‘their’ image and likeness. This has happened to every child that has ever been born. Thus the necessity of the Spiritual Rebirth, but not the Spiritual Rebirth as taught by the Church. Such a concept can never create a consciousness of Oneness.

There is nothing besides the Source, besides that which is God. The ‘person’ we believe ourselves to be is but an illusion. When you ‘think’, you think it is you (the John Doe) who is thinking. Not so. You could think quite nicely without a name, without an ‘outer’ identity. It is the ‘I’ within you that thinks when you think. Only the ‘I’ can think. Because of ‘Who’ you are, because of ‘What’ you are, your thoughts are creative, and so you create as you perceive yourself to be. Thus, ‘as a man thinketh, so is he’. No matter what color our skin, our features, or other physical characteristics, no one has any being! The only ONE who has being is ‘God’ the Source! We are all One!

No ‘effect’ owes any other ‘effect’ for the privilege of being here, for no ‘effect’ ever played any role in his/her ‘becoming’. No One was here first! There has never ever been anyone here besides the Source. To believe otherwise is part of the illusion. The world of ‘effects’ is the world of illusions! It’s not that the things we see are illusions, it’s just that we fail to see ‘things’ for what they really are. The Divine Mind (the Invisible world), is the reality of every manifest ‘thing’. No part of this planet belongs to anyone.

All of ‘humanity’ functions in the belief that they are who they ‘think’ they are. Everyone has been programmed to believe that he/she is really the ‘person’ their parents (in ignorance) created. So, the entire ‘human race’ is functioning in an illusion. Every person on the planet is the Divine Mind manifesting, God manifesting, and humanity is totally oblivious of this amazing Truth. This is the message ‘Jesus’ was trying to convey to humanity. ‘He who has seen me has seen the Father’, (the Source), ‘‘I’ and the ‘Father’ are one’. The ‘I’ within each of us is the Father, the Source! The ‘I’ within each of us is the creator. When we realize our relationship to our Source is as the relationship of a wave to the ocean, we take upon ourselves the likeness of the ‘ocean’, (of our Source). That likeness is the Christ! Our salvation lies not in ‘worshipping’ Christ, but in living the ‘Christ Life’, in living AS the ‘Source’!

To function in ‘this consciousness’, is to function in ‘God’ consciousness. This ‘consciousness’ will transform the ‘substance’ of the body into a higher frequency, into the frequency of Light (‘I’ am the Light). The creative action resulting from the ‘Christ Mind’, is the ‘cause’. The 'transfiguration' is the ‘effect’. Herein lies the secret of the transfiguration (‘be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind’). In Spiritual healing, the ‘Truth’ does the healing. The ‘Truth’ being the ‘cause’ the ‘healing’ being the ‘effect’. A ‘healing’ is actually a ‘minor’ bodily transformation. Functioning AS God (in God consciousness) will have an equivalent effect, causing a ‘major’ bodily transformation … the TRANSFIGURATION!

To function in the belief that we are ‘English’ men’, ‘French’ men, Russians, Serbians, Greeks, Jews, Natives, etc. etc. is to function in an illusion, in an erroneous State of Mind. We all require an ‘outer identity’, but we also need to realize our relationship to each other, lest we in our arrogance destroy not only this civilization but also the magnificent world of forms.

‘I’ … was known in the past as Jesus, as Budha, as Krishna, as Mohammed, as Laotse. As Napoleon, as Shakespeare, as Churchill, as Stalin, as Roosevelt. ‘I’ am known today as Clinton, Milosevic, Yeltsin, Gorbachev, Blair, Chretein. As Robert, Henry, Helen, Jane, Joseph, etc. etc. etc. There has never ever been, nor will there ever be anyone besides ‘me’, besides the Source. “ I “... am the Source.

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