A message to all of humanity

I wonder if there is any man on Earth today who realizes that there is no ‘man’ (no John/Jayne Doe) on Earth who has any reality … any being. Yet … this is the truth. I believe without a doubt that this is the most difficult concept in the world to grasp, but grasp it we must. This realization is the cornerstone for the salvation of mankind. We are not ‘who’ we think we are … nor are we ‘what’ we think we are. Man … is God (the creator) embodied. God is the Vine … man is the branch. They are one and the same. Without this realization, we cannot enter the ‘Kingdom of God’ … (we cannot attain a consciousness of oneness). Life (that which is God) is the reality of every living ‘thing’ and Life does not give being to any ‘thing’ apart from or other than itself. Every living ‘thing’ is Life manifesting as that ‘thing’, no matter what that ‘thing’ might be. Life gives being only to itself. Life … is what I am … Life is what you are. LIFE is the reality of every human organism on the planet. Life did not give being to the person you believe yourself to be. Your parents gave being to the person you believe yourself to be when they named you at your birth. It would not have made any difference what name they gave you. The person they created when they named you, would in reality never have any being. The only thing that will ever have being is LIFE. ‘You’ (the John Doe you believe yourself to be) … are but an illusion.

When you ‘think’ … it is not you (the person you believe yourself to be) who is thinking. You could think no matter what your name might be. You could think quite nicely with no name at all. So who then, does the thinking when you think? The only thinker is LIFE (the Spirit of God). And because God is Life (or Life is God) ‘His’ thoughts are creative. It is for this reason that man is a creative being, but … because he has been made to believe he is the person his parents created when they named him at his birth, he thinks as he believes himself to be … so he creates as he perceives himself to be. Whether you believe yourself to be an Arab or a Jew, an Englishman or a Frenchman, a Christian or a Muslim, makes no difference. ‘You’ … still have no being. These are only States of Mind. The only thing that lives is LIFE. Only LIFE has being. Life …is the source of every living thing. How could the human race have failed to see the significance of this? God made man … in His image and likeness so that man (this so-called human organism) could function in the world of form as god … as God himself. God is a God of love. Every religion on earth believes this. Each of us is a branch of the vine. God is a generous God … He shares His being with each of His manifestations, yet we are not willing to share with each other. Why not? Because we believe ourselves to be separate and apart from our source. We believe ourselves to have being separate and apart from each other. When in reality none of us has any being whatsoever. We … are all One. Each of us is the presence of the ‘Vine’… the Source. Every child that has ever been born or will ever be born is born to be the Christ, regardless of color, language, religion, or culture. The ‘Christ’… is not a specific person. The Christ… is the Divine Mind personified and the ‘Satan’ we have been warned to avoid is but the Self (the person you believe yourself to be). If you think this sounds ridiculous, ask yourself this question. What keeps you from being Christ-like? Is it not the belief that you are the person you believe yourself to be?

Religions have always been based on the belief that man has being separate and apart from God… from his source. An erroneous belief … for a ‘branch’ has no being apart from the Vine. More than once throughout history (and by the way … the history of man is but the history of the fallen sons of God) an individual has realized his true relationship to his Source … that he and his Source were one and the same. One such human organism was known as Enoch. Another was his son Methuselah. We read in the Book of Jasher that they ruled the world through 500 years of peace. They walked with God (As God). But … men once again, found it more exciting to function as men … in their ‘outer’ identity. Another who knew this was known as Moses. He tried to tell those around him that God was the sole I Am. I Am hath sent me to free you. I Am that I Am, he told them. Again they failed to grasp the significance of the one presence. The last one who knew this was known as Jesus (the Vine). His prayer for humanity was, ‘that they may be one even as we are one’. But … instead of choosing to walk as He walked … they chose instead to worship Him. They failed to grasp the significance of what He was saying, ‘He who has seen me has seen the Father’ (I and my Father are One). They saw Him only as a son of man while He functioned as the son of God … as the I Am (as all men were meant to function). Again they missed God’s message, but … He left us the ‘road map’ that could once again lead us back into the kingdom of God … into a consciousness of Oneness.

We have been led to believe that the Kingdom of God was a place … a virtual eternal home in the sky as it were, that we could only enter after our death, providing we proved worthy of being allowed to enter. We were never told that it was a State of Mind … a state of knowing that God was the realty of each of us… a state of mind which we cannot attain so long as we continue to believe ourselves to be the person our parents created when they named us. Nor were we ever told that the entire Universe was the Kingdom of God and that planet Earth was the Garden of Eden, and that there was only one way by which a man could ‘enter’ … by which a man could attain this realization. YE MUST BE BORN AGAIN … born into the realization that you and God are one and the same … that the I Am within you is the Universal I Am individualized. “Except a man be born again, he cannot enter the Kingdom of God.” (he cannot attain God consciousness) God consciousness is Synonymous with the Kingdom of God. Through the concept of the Spiritual Rebirth as taught by the religions of the world, it is impossible to enter that ‘Kingdom’ … to attain that ‘state of mind’ … the Christ Mind.

The Spirit of God is the sole reality of every living thing in the Universe and ‘His’ name is I Am. To every thing He becomes … He gives His identity. It is for this reason, that if every human organism on Earth could speak the English language, everyone would proclaim to be the presence of the Universal (the Source) every time they said, ‘I am’. Life (God) … did not give being to any ‘man’. Life gives being to man (the creature) by becoming ‘man’. Man is synonymous with God. God made us in His image and likeness, but our parents not realizing what manner of being a ‘human’ child is, gave being to the person we would become by giving us another identity at our birth. We all require an identity in order to function in the world of form, but … we should have been made aware of the fact that our names were only that … our physical identities. The I am within us is our true identity. God created us to be as Himself, but failing to realize this … our parents named us to identify us with them and then immediately began to program us in ‘their’ image and likeness … trying to make us even better ‘men’ than themselves.

There is nothing besides God. I am the first and I am the last and besides me there is no God … there is no savior … there is no thing. Only I am. God … is the I Am within us. Only when we realize this … only when we choose to die to self … only when we realize that ‘our’ bodies are His bodies … His temples … only when we choose to surrender these temples to Him, can we enter His Kingdom … can we attain ‘His mind’ (the Christ Mind). We must ask forgiveness for what we have asked him to create for us in our ignorance … for what we have done as fallen sons of God. We have His assurance that He is able to forgive us for any sin … for any sin except the rejection of His Holy Spirit (the Truth … that God Himself is man’s reality). We must choose to die to self in order to walk as God. “As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness … even so must the son of man be lifted up.” (That we might realize that not only are we a son of man but so too are we a son of God). And whosoever should choose to live as sons of God, “would not perish but would have eternal Life”. For God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten son …Himself ( I and the Father are One) … that whosoever believeth in Him (as Him) should not perish but would have eternal Life (Jn, 3:16). For God sent not ‘His son’ into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved. God and His ‘son’ are one and the same. When we see that the I am within us … is the immortal I am individualized, we will see that we have never been anywhere but in the Kingdom of God. It is then that we will know that we have truly been ‘born again’. Through the concept of the Spiritual Rebirth as taught by the Evangelical churches of the world, it is impossible to attain this realization. In time we will fully realize, as did ‘Moses’, that the Universal I Am, is the I am that I am. Then will we realize that we are indeed All One.

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