The Meaning of the word 'Jesus'

The Universal Mind (the Divine Mind) ... is the reality of every 'thing'. When we realize that each of us is in actual fact an individualized manifestation of this Divine Mind (our Source) ... we begin to take upon ourselves the likeness of our Source. That likeness ... is known as the 'Christ'. 'The Christ Mind' ... is the Divine Mind personified. Every man or woman that has ever been born, was created to be the 'Christ'. The Source of Life, the 'Father' (the cause) ... is the reality of 'man' (the effect). There is nothing besides the 'cause'. To walk in this 'awareness' is to walk in the Christ Mind. The Divine Mind is God (the Father) ... the Divine Mind personified is the 'Son' (the Christ). Not only is the Universal Mind the cause of every 'thing' ... it is also the 'substance' of every thing. 'In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God ... and without the Word was not anything made that was made.' ALL IS MIND.

Words have meaning. Some words not only describe some 'thing' ... they are also words that make suitable names for people. Heather, Rose, Jasmine, Robin, Tiger, etc., are examples of such words. The word 'Jesus' is such a word. Not only is it used to identity a specific 'human' individual ... it describes what a 'human being' is. It means 'God with us'... it means 'God IS us'. It also means... ‘ I ‘ God. “Je” means “I” and “Zeus” means... “God” of Gods.

The word ... 'Jesus' ... is mistakenly used, if we see it only as the “name” of a man. ‘Jesus’ is the word God has given to describe 'what' every 'human' child is, (male or female) that has ever been born. Every newborn child, is (in the Mind of God) ... a 'baby Jesus'. The word 'Jesus' is very significant ... it means God is us! The 'I' within us is God ... the Father. The Source (the cause) ... does not give being to any 'thing' other than to 'itself'. The 'cause' is the reality of the 'effect'.

A 'man' (male or female) is God embodied if we only knew it. The words 'Jesus' and 'Christ' are synonymous. One denotes the name of the son of man ... the other denotes the name of the Son of God. They are one and the same. In the book of Mathew (16:13) Jesus asked his disciples "whom do men say that I the son of man am?" Peter's reply was, "thou art the Christ the son of the living God".

As for the Virgin birth ... the 'birth' of the 'Christ' is always a virgin birth ... a revelation conceived in the consciousness. A 'spiritual birth' ... brought about through an awareness of the Truth ... by the 'Holy Spirit' (the whole 'I' spirit). It amounts to a Spiritual awakening ... an awakening to the fact, that that which 'God' is ... is that which 'man' is. Every 'man' ... is God embodied. The birth of the Christ ... is but a 'Spiritual awakening', brought about by a realization of this truth. The 'Holy Spirit' ... did not impregnate Mary 'physically', that she should bring forth a 'physical' child, but ... the Holy Spirit ... (the Truth) impregnated her consciousness, causing her to realize that 'she', herself, was in fact the presence of God ... as is every other 'man'/'woman' that has ever been born. She knew that the child within her womb was in fact 'God', in the embryonic stage of development. The last place on Earth that one would expect to find the King of Kings ... the Lord of Lords ... is right within one's self. God is the reality of man. This is the significance of the Virgin birth. It is a Divine revelation! Man and God are one. One and the same. In ignorance of this, 'we' function as 'men' ... totally oblivious as to what manner of being a 'man' really is.

When the 'Holy Spirit' came upon the disciples at Pentecost ... they were 'endowed' with power. They experienced this same Spiritual awakening ... this Spiritual Rebirth. They realized for the first time what manner of being they actually were. It was this revelation that endowed them with power. A power they had always possessed but of which they were totally oblivious (know the truth and the truth will set you free).

The word 'Jesus', was not meant to identify her child with his Earthly parents. It was meant to identify him with his Source. As the Source ... As God! The world has failed to realize the significance of the word 'Jesus'. 'Jesus' ... was not Who the baby was ... 'Jesus' was what the baby was! Before 'we' were named, we had that same identity. We too were the I am in the infant stage of development. That was also 'our' true identity ... 'our' real identity. It still is! Thus the absolute necessity for the Spiritual Rebirth. Our name is only our 'outer' identity. Our 'names' do not give us 'being'. Only As God ... do we have being.

In ignorance of who we were or of what we were created to be, at our birth we were given a name ... a new identity (our outer identity), an identity to establish our physical individuality, (and perhaps a second or third name after a favorite relative) to identify us with family and nationality. These names, while giving us a physical identity, robbed us of a realization of our true identity ... our Divine identity ... Our Divine Inheritance! Mary taught her child that he and God were one from the cradle, whereas we have been programmed to believe we are nothing more than 'mere men'. As we function in our 'outer' identity ... our John Doe identity ... we function in an illusion. Our physical identities are a necessity, but ... the clergy ... our religious leaders, have failed to inform us of our real relationship to God ... our Source. They failed to realize what manner of being 'man' is. Not because they did not want us to know this, but because they too had failed to realize it. Through the concept of the Spiritual Rebirth as taught by the Evangelical Churches of the world, we can never attain this realization. God is the reality of every 'man' on Earth!

'Jesus' ... did not bring the message of salvation to humanity! (I and my Father are One) God himself brought the message of salvation to humanity, only humanity failed to realize this. They thought he (God) was but a 'man' they knew as Jesus. (I am the first and I am the last and besides me there is no Savior ... there is no God ... there is none else). It was not 'Jesus whom they crucified ... it was God, the 'Father' that they crucified! In essence ... they crucified the source of their own being. If we refuse to acknowledge Him as our reality ... we are equally as guilty as those who denied Him some 2000 years ago. To worship 'Jesus' is to worship the illusion. There never has been anyone besides God (the I am). The I am within each of us is identical to the I am within 'Him' who was known as Jesus.

Until humanity is made aware of this most amazing of all Truths, we can never put an end to racism. We must realize our relationship to each other. As 'men' ... we are but illusions. That which God is ... is what we are. We are creative because we are the creator embodied! So ... as we perceive ourselves to be ... so do we create. Should it not then behoove us to make every effort possible, to realize our true relationship to our fellow man. Until we do so, there will never be lasting peace on Earth. Of 'ourselves' ... we have no reality ... no being. We are individual manifestations of the Source ... the 'One' Source ... the Only Source! There is no one besides the Source ... besides that which is God.

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