Living by Faith

Only through Faith, can we walk in the Christ Mind (in God consciousness). The I am within us can only be resurrected through the belief that the I am within each of us is the ‘Father’. The Resurrection of the ‘Father’ leads, to the transfiguration, which in turn leads to one’s ‘translation’.

To transcend (to bypass physical death), is the goal of the avid believer. It is a goal that can only be attained by living in ABSOLUTE FAITH, that, as we walk in God consciousness (as God) the transfiguration will take place … that God consciousness will, in itself, create that physical transformation. Even then … we cannot know for a certainty that is will take place until it does take place. However … for a certainty it will not take place so long as we choose to function as men … as the John/Jane Doe we believe ourselves to be. It is not a goal for the skeptics, but only for those who harbor a deep inner belief, that, if we are to believe the teachings of Jesus Christ (that we need never die), it is the only thing that actually makes sense. Otherwise … the interpretation of the scriptures and the teachings of Jesus Christ as taught by the world’s religious leaders amounts to nothing more than un-provable rhetoric.

“If ye believe in me ... ye shall never die”, he said. If Enoch of Old was translated, and, if He alone were the only one to have ever attained it … it has to be attainable by whoever should discover the ‘formula’, and the only clue that the scriptures give us pertaining to that formula, is that ‘He walked with God’ … He pleased God. Not only did He walk ‘with’ God … HE WALKED AS GOD!

God made us in His image and likeness. If we should deny His omnipresence by believing in Good AND Evil … we shall surely die. If we should function AS Him (as He said we could) we need never die. (As God … all things are possible.) He … is the I am within us. If ye believe AS me … ye shall never die. Therein lies the key to the transfiguration … to man’s salvation. How can that which is the Eternal and KNOWS that it is the Eternal ever die … for ‘God consciousness’ is actually the substance of every living thing … the reality of every visible ‘thing’ in the Universe, and ‘man’ is the only organism on Earth that embodies the capacity to realize it. It is this realization that sets in motion the creative activity culminating in the transfiguration.

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