The Resurrection of Lazarus

In the book of St. John, Chapter 11, verse 4, we read “This sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God, that the Son of God might be Glorified.” Jesus, was referring to the calling forth of “Lazarus from the dead, as the act which was meant to glorify the Son of God. Some time later He said, (chpt. 12:23) “the hour is come that the Son of man should be glorified. ”When He said this, He was referring to the crucifixion… the crucifixion of the SELF! The crucifixion of the SELF must take place before the I AM can be resurrected! Prior to his “apparent” death, ‘Lazarus’, must have realized also that the I AM within Him was the Father. (Was he not Jesus’ closest friend?) Jesus would have known that Lazarus no longer functioned as “Lazarus”, but as the Father… as the I Am! Could this be why He said, “Lazarus” is dead? Apparently ANYONE there who knew that the I AM within them was God, could have called forth the ‘Spirit’ of him who was known as Lazarus… back into the “temple from which it had departed! (Does this not indicate that the Spirit must remain close to the body when it departs from the body even in death ?) The raising of Lazarus from the dead, most certainly did glorify Jesus, the son of God, where as the crucifixion of the Self… leads to the glorification of the Father, which in turn leads to the glorification of the Son… for the ‘son of man’ , and the son of God, are ONE and the same!

MAN is God embodied! Whether you believe this or not, is of no consequence it is still the Truth! In this realization is God glorified. You, or any one else who should fully realize that the I AM within, is the Father, must also realize that this amounts to being “raised from the dead”, as was “Lazarus”. The resurrection of Lazarus, was indeed a miracle yet, it was simply the LAW in action! “Jesus” did not need to “thank” God for what was about to happen, for He knew that He and His Father were One. He said it so that those that were there might realize that not only was “He” and God one and the same, but that so too were “they” and God, one and the same! He said it that they might realize that God was the reality of ALL men, and that “whosoever liveth and believeth AS me… (As God) shall Never die! WE don’t have to thank God for being God… we played no conscious role in our coming into being! GOD is LIFE, and this LIFE (His Life) is the LIFE of man, and LIFE… is Eternal and Immortal! Only LIFE can give being to life, and LIFE did not give being to the “person” you believe yourself to be. Your parents gave being to the person you believe yourself to be when they named you at your birth. Man… is the only organism on the Planet that is capable of realizing this, and should we choose to live in this realization… we need Never die! There is not God AND man… there is only God! Jesus did not weep because of His love for Lazarus… why would He have wept for Lazarus, knowing full well that within a short time “Lazarus” would be walking out of the tomb? He wept because of the denseness… the darkness of the consciousness of those around Him!

When He was asked, in the book of Matthew, to give them a sign, He said there would be no sign given but the sign of the prophet Jonas. As Jonas was three days and three nights in the belly of the whale, so too was Lazarus three days and three nights in the heart of the Earth (even four as it says in the scriptures). He also said this concerning Himself (Matthew 12 : 40). Does this not fit in with the preceding chapter on “The sign of the prophet Jonas”? Any One of us can experience the resurrection, if we should choose to walk in our I AM THAT I AM identity! The resurrection of the I AM can only take place AFTER the Spiritual Rebirth, which brings about a change in consciousness (be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind), and this transformation in our consciousness in turn, leads to a physical transformation… the transfiguration! For as the consciousness goes… so goes the body in which it dwells.

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