The sign of the prophet Jonah (Jonas)

Does Matthew 12:39 mean that "this" present generation is filled with a multitude of "evil" spirits… "Even so shall it be also unto this wicked generation?" At any rate… only through repentance, will God grant "man" the right to continue to "be"… as He did for him who was known as Jonah, and as He did for the 60 thousand Ninevites and their flocks. Only as we ask for forgiveness for our sinful acts and sinful thoughts, can we hope to experience God's eternal reality. It would appear to me… (if I am right in my interpretation of the book of Jonah,) God, in his infinite mercy, extends His grace to man even beyond the grave, for an additional three days! Could it be that God, who has unlimited grace towards man, has granted us an additional three days, as He did for Jonas, that we too might have one more opportunity to repent for not "living", as we were created to live? Could it be, that when we depart from our physical body, that the Lord has provided us an additional opportunity to repent, that "we" might be resurrected? Was He conveying a hidden message to us when He said, "Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up? Let us not forget that "our" bodies are His living temples … they are not "ours"!… I AM THE RESURRECTION! It is not "you" the John Doe who will be resurrected… it is Him, the real you, the I AM, that will be resurrected. (As He is glorified so too will we be glorified) "He who believeth in me, (as) me, shall never die". He… is the rightful owner of every "human" temple on Earth! Might those in authority have instituted laws prohibiting man from discovering this by establishing rules and regulations making it mandatory for morticians to embalm or remove vital organs from the bodies of the newly departed? Might these regulations be the continuation of a long forgotten conspiracy?

There may or there may not be a three day period of grace, but… there may be, and, if there is, would it not be in our best interest to know of it? And what if there is not… would it make any difference? There is no "money" required… only sincere repentance. If after three days in the belly of a whale, " Jonah" was "resurrected" because he sincerely repented, and… because Jesus (the Father) said…, "there shall be no sign given this evil and adulterous generation but the sign of the prophet Jonah", might we not conclude that such a privilege would also extend to us, for is it not written that He is no respecter of persons?

What about those who do not believe in God… what about those who believe in nothing? There is apparently no salvation for those who refuse to repent of their sins! When such as these leave their body, they "walk through dry places seeking rest and findeth none" (Matthew 12 :43). Such as these would not be apt to call upon the Lord as did "Jonas", for such as these would know nothing of Gods infinite mercy. Rather, they would seek out other Spirits of like mind, making their state worse than before (verse 44). Obviously, the Spirit must return to its temple within three days (perhaps even longer as in the case of "Lazarus").

But… what of those "Spirits" who do believe… what of those "Spirits" who do repent? What if they should find upon returning to their temple that their temple was not "empty, swept and garnished", but mutilated? It would have to be a traumatic experience for such a Spirit to find its recently departed temple embalmed… or to discover that someone had removed the bodies vital organs. How much thought has gone into studying this aspect of "man"? If these apparent truths were made known (if indeed they are Spiritual truths), what might the "clergy" have to say in order to defend their established beliefs? Would they do as the "chief priests" of the scriptures and call for a cover-up?

Three days in the belly of a whale must certainly be the equivalent of being three days in the bowels of the Earth. If my interpretation of these scriptures is correct, it would appear then that God must grant yet another opportunity for ALL to repent even after our Spirit leaves the body. Without a doubt, God mercifully gave "Jonah" another chance to repent, and, as I have previously stated, our Heavenly Father is no respecter of persons. Might He do for us, what he did for Jonah?

Let us, for a few moments, dare to examine the resurrection of Jesus' body from the tomb. In the book of St. John 2:19, we read where Jesus said "Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up ". And… in St. John 14:12 He also said "He that believeth in me… the works that I do shall he do also". Knowing that He was the I AM… let us think for a moment how this might have been achieved. Following the account of His crucifixion in St. John 19:38, we read where Joseph of Arimathea 'took the body of Jesus and wound it in linen and dressed it with spices as was the manner of the Jews'. He then laid the body in a previously unused sepulcher. Three days later He (Jesus) rose from the tomb.

In 1st. Corinthians 13:12 we read "For now we see through a glass darkly, but then face to face. Now I know in part, but then shall I know as I am known". Now… when ever Jesus told His disciples to go and heal the sick, He also instructed them to remove the evil Spirits. If disembodied evil Spirits have the ability to take possession of a living persons body… might not a disembodied Spirit that is fully enlightened be able to re-enter the body it left a day or two previously (through the experience known as death)? Perhaps it might be that an individual cannot attain a high enough degree of awareness of being "One with the Father" while still in the flesh in order to attain the transfiguration. So… when our Spirit is free from the body, it is free from all the distractions that keep us from attaining total enlightenment. It would be then that we would "know as we are known"… it is then that we would KNOW that we are One with the Father! Now there would be no more doubt! Would there be any reason then, why such a Spirit could not re enter the temple from which it recently departed? Such an enlightened Spirit would certainly possess sufficient awareness to bring about that greatest of all transformations known as the transfiguration! The "body" would then be raised into the frequency of Light as the Pure Spirit of God indwelt it, for the body is not separate from the consciousness. As the consciousness goes… so goes the substance (the body) Then the body would transcend as well as the Spirit!

You might say "why would the Spirit bother… why would it need a body in the spiritual realm"? Well… it would certainly prove to the World that there was Life AFTER death, and… would it not verify everything that I have said? Would hundreds of millions have followed Him had He not transcended? Certainly He of all people did not need to die physically in order to have attained that transformation know as the transfiguration. I have said previously, that He suffered the agony of the cross to demonstrate to the world that the "outer self" must be crucified before the I AM could be resurrected. The transfiguration… is the end result of His resurrection! I…am the resurrection! HE is the I AM within every one. Will anyone believe me if I should fail to attain such a transformation? Few… perhaps none! They would probably think it was just a hoax. At any rate… it would revolutionize religious thought throughout the World, for there will never be Peace on Earth until we realize that God is the reality of all of mankind!

A couple of days after I thought I had completed this chapter, I received an e-mail in which there was a quote by Paramahansa Yogananda (founder of the Self Realization Fellowship), which said this, and I quote…"as the life of a battery depends upon chemicals and distilled water supplied from outside… it also requires the vibrating current from the generator to charge it, enabling it to produce energy from the chemical. A dead automobile battery cannot be recharged simply by filling it with fresh chemicals… it needs an electrical charge to revive it (to reactivate it ). Similarly… a dead body cannot be revived simply by filling its stomach with food and by filling its lungs with air". Is the Spirit of God not associated with electricity? This seemed to me to be more than a coincidence, for it pertained to the very subject that I was writing about . The same e-mail directed me to go to second Kings to check out the faith of Elisha. As I was not familiar with the book of second Kings I read on into the fourth chapter and was amazed to find where this man of God brought a young boy who had died back to life by "stretching himself upon the child, and the flesh of the child waxed warm". I would suggest that any one reading this, should read that chapter. I have come to believe that everything happens for a reason, and I believe there is a special significance in my receiving these two bits of information pertaining to this issue. There is a close relationship between Life and electricity. Life is but electricity in a higher form (All energy comes from the ONE source!) Where there is Life… there is electricity!. The Spirit of Jesus (the Holy Spirit) was all that it took to revive the temple "it" had recently vacated, and it was that same Spirit that revived the body of the young boy.

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