The Christ Mind

What we have failed to see is this. No “man” (no John or Jane Doe) has ever been “born.” Every John or Jane Doe that ever existed on Planet Earth, has been “created”... BUT NOT BY GOD! God made us in His image and likeness. HE DID NOT CREATE THE PERSON WE BELIEVE OURSELVES TO BE. Our parents created the person we believe ourselves to be when they named us at our birth. Every “human” child that has ever been born, is God in the infant stage of development. In ignorance of this, our parents named us and then proceeded to mold us in “their” image and likeness. Thus the necessity of the Spiritual Rebirth.

“I and my Father are One”... is The Pearl of Great Price... the key, (the idea), that will lead us into the ‘Kingdom of God’... into a consciousness of Oneness (the ‘Christ Mind’!) This seemingly egotistical idea is the ‘seed’ that sets in motion the real Spiritual Rebirth. By no other means can we ‘enter’ the Kingdom of God. By no other means can we attain the Christ Mind.

A selection of essays on Oneness that embodies everything you need to know to take you from your present state of mind into the Christ Mind... through a ‘branch’... known as
“Robert. A. Clark”

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