Table of Contents

My Spiritual Background
To Live in the Christ Mind
We are all One
God is a Universal Organism
An Addendum
The Most Necessary Insight
It is the Self that must die
The divisive effect of a consciousness of Duality
Have we been deceived
As God… all things are possible
The Law of Cause and Effect
Ignorance divides Us
Our outer Identity
Our highest Goal
To do with Healing
Divine Healing
A Healing Treatment
The Whole Thing in a Nut Shell
The Transfiguration
The Creative Principle
Ye Must Be Born Again
The Last Supper
An Easter Message
In the Beginning
The Meaning of the Name “Jesus”
The way it Really Is
A condensed version of The Christ Mind
A message for all Humanity
I am that I am and there is none else
What is Man
The Significance of the Crucifixion
Living by Faith
Who is Satan?
Only the Source has Being
The Logical Sequence
The Curse of Racism
God is the I AM within you
It's all a matter of realization.
The Crucifixion of "Jesus" (the man)
God (the Universal) ... is 'Jesus Christ' (the Individual)
The word "Universe" - means “One verse”.
I AM the Ressurection
The last word
The Sign of the Prophet Jonas
The Resurrection of Lazarus
Excerpts from the Book of Jasher
The Key to our Ascension

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