Ignorance divides us:

The Churches of the world must bear the responsibility for the sense of division that is tearing our country apart. They have failed miserably in their efforts to bring about a consciousness of Oneness. Their attempts to bring about a consciousness of Oneness have been concentrated on promoting the worship of an individual instead of the promotion of that individual’s teachings. They have been promoting the worship of the messenger instead of the messenger’s message. The messages of Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed and Laotse have many similarities. Their teachings have been misconstrued and diluted to where they are hardly recognizable. Their message basically pertains to the Oneness of man and God.

The true understanding of Oneness must go beyond ideology to the awareness of a physical Oneness. That’s right, we are all one physically. God is life, “I am the life,” he said. Life gave you being, it gave me being, it gave being to everyone that has ever been born on this planet. And life does not give being to anything apart from itself. It gives being only to itself. It gives being to every living thing by becoming everything. Every Indian, every Frenchman, every Englishman, every German, etc. is but an illusion. The only thing that lives is life.

It was this that Jesus saw as he said, “I and the father are one.” This is what the church has failed to see. The concept of the spiritual rebirth as taught by the church can never attain this end. This end can only become a reality when we realize that we are all One and the same. This is the realization that leads to the spiritual rebirth. The concept that the church teaches creates a consciousness of duality; a consciousness that can never lead you into an awareness of Oneness.

Suppose you likened God to the ocean and every individual on earth as a wave. The ocean does not give being to any wave, it gives being only to itself As a wave. The ocean is the reality of every wave, as the vine is the reality of every branch. Life, or God, is the reality of every man. Each of us is God embodied … Life embodied! Man is creative consciousness embodied, only we are not aware of this stupendous fact. The churches have made us believe that we are separate and apart from our source … separate and apart from each other, separate and apart from God. It is only an illusion. It is written that, “In Him we live and move and have our being.” In reality it is God who lives and moves and has His being in us, As us. Life or God, did not give being to you as John Doe. It was your parents who gave being to you as John Doe. God made you in his image and likeness. Your parents, being ignorant of what you were at your birth, gave you a name, identifying you with them and began to program you in their image and likeness. They took that which God created to be God and made you believe that you are just this man that you now believe yourself to be. The wave is the ocean manifesting, the branch is the vine manifesting, you are God manifesting, only you are unaware of this astounding fact.

Imagine if you will, that this thing in which we live and move and have our being, or which lives and moves and has its being in us, is a gigantic organism, a universal organism if you will. An invisible, spiritual, thinking, creative, omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent organism capable of becoming whatever it sees itself as being. Because it gives being to every living thing, it is the reality of every living thing, just as the ocean is the reality of every wave. The ‘wave’ is the effect ... the ocean is the cause ... they are one and the same. Every manifest thing, be it a bug, a tree, a bird, an elephant or a man is described scientifically as being an organism.

Every living thing is an effect, as every wave is an effect, as every branch is an effect, and the effect is simply the cause manifesting; the organism manifesting. So, if the effect is an organism, the cause must also be an organism for the cause is the reality of the effect.

We are connected to this invisible world, this universal organism, as surely as a tentacle is connected to the body of an octopus, only the connection is invisible. Our life is our connection to this universal body; to this universal organism (our source). There is only one body with some six billion ‘human’ tentacles connected to it, yet we all think that we are separate and apart from each other. Of ourselves we have no being, only the source has being. It does not give being to us, it gives being only to itself As us. It is who I am, it is who you are and there is no presence other than ‘Its’ presence. Thus, even physically we are all one and of ourselves we have no reality, we have no being.

No living thing ever played any role in its coming into being and that’s because no living thing of itself has any being. Everything is Life, (the organism) manifesting As that thing. ‘ It ‘ alone has being. We are all one. We are individual manifestations of a single organism. Nor are we ever separate or apart from it. It lives and moves and has its being in us. It is the reality of each of us and it is not English, it is not French, it is not Native or Russian or whatever else. It has no nationality. It is not religious. Religions and nationalities are the result of human programming. Every living thing can be programmed because ‘Life’ is programmable. Where there is Life there is intelligence, and where there is intelligence there is consciousness, and the consciousness does the programming. The intelligence, which is all knowing, gives being to whatever the consciousness believes. Your consciousness is an individualized manifestation of the consciousness of God, (the universal organism).

So... when you think, your thoughts are creative, only they are colored by your belief that you are ‘Pierre the Frenchman’, or ‘John Doe the Englishman’, and so you think you are different from your neighbor. That is only an illusion. These beliefs, are only states of mind, they have no reality. The only thing that has reality is the source. Life is our source … God is our source. This is the reality of each of us. ‘We’ are effects! Realize that effects are but manifestations of a cause. They are one and the same! God is the cause ... God is also the effect!

As we realize our oneness with our source, as we realize who and what our source is, we begin to take on the likeness of our source. That likeness is the Christ; God individualized. This is what the church has failed to discover. This is what we must become conscious of being and everyone must make a commitment to begin to live in that consciousness, else we face the same fate that has destroyed Yugoslavia, that is tearing Ireland apart, that is creating the growing division in Canada. Nothing divides humanity more than language, culture or religion. These are only states of mind … they have no reality. The truth is we only ‘think’ we are different. Christ taught Oneness! We all think exactly alike because we are individual manifestation of a single being... be it a Universal being. Peace can never become a reality without the conscious application of this knowledge in our lives. Only through this understanding can we make the Brotherhood of man, and the Fatherhood of God a reality.

If a ‘man’, was nothing more than a mere ‘man’, it would be absolutely impossible for him/her to enter the Kingdom of GOD. Absolutely impossible! However ... a ‘man’ is much more than just a mere ‘human’ being. ‘Man’ is GOD manifesting ... ‘Man’ is GOD embodied ... The ‘Kingdom of God’ is a state of knowing this ... it is a state of mind!

This two legged creature that we call ‘man’, is ‘GOD’ masquerading in the world of form. ‘Mother Theresa’ has been quoted as saying that, “the poorest of the poor is but Christ in his most distressing disguise.”

If I believed for a certainty, that “Robert Clark”, was who I really was, I would say that because of my past, I was not worthy of being in the ‘Kingdom of God’. However... I discovered that ‘Robert Clark’ was only my name; my ‘outer’ identity (an illusion). ‘I’ am the Universal I am. In ignorance of this I was programmed to believe that I was ‘Robert’. You were programmed to believe that you are Henry, Mary, Jane, Pierre, or whatever name you go by. But... Henry, Mary, Jane, Pierre, or whatever... is not who you are. This is only who you ‘think’ you are... who you have been programmed to believe you are. Let me tell you what you are. ‘You’ are the ‘Divine Mind’ individualized. ‘You’ are not plugged into the Divine Mind. ‘You’ are an ‘outlet’ through which the Divine Mind can express Itself. It cannot do so however, because ‘It’ has been programmed to believe it is Henry, Mary, Jane, Pierre, etc. and so it creates according to ‘Its’ (your) perception of itself. Each of us is an outlet through which the Divine Mind (The Mind of God) can create. Because the ‘I’ within each of us is the Creator (God), the creative process is set in motion according to our thoughts (our beliefs).

The ‘I’ within us; the consciousness, creates as it perceives itself to be. So... as it perceives itself to be, through programming (parental, linguistic or cultural)... So does it create. Surely this cannot be too difficult to comprehend.

If ‘We’ had been made aware of our relationship to the Universal Mind, (the Divine Mind), as children, perhaps by the time we reached maturity, we may have become so ‘aware’ of being God, that our thoughts might simply materialize the moment we think them.

The invisible substance of the Universe is the only substance in the Universe... the only substance the Divine Mind has to ‘create’ with. Man is not aware of being an individual manifestation of this Divine Mind. For the most part he is not even aware of being creative. He learns through his human educators that he can ‘learn’ to build things. Having no idea of what he really is he believes that he requires ‘visible substance’ as his building material. He fails to realize that this visible ‘material’ was once invisible substance; brought into manifestation by the Divine Mind... through the Creative Principle. The consciousness within him that says ‘I am’, is the Creator. Only it is not ‘his’ consciousness. It is the Universal Consciousness individualized. There is Only the Universal Consciousness. The wave does not have a mind separate from the mind of the Ocean! Each of us is an individual manifestation (outlet) of the Divine Mind... each of us is ‘God’ embodied. We fail to realize the creative power of our consciousness.

So what have we been taught?... That we are Frenchmen, Englishmen, Icelanders, Iranians, Greeks, Jews, Japanese, Chinese... etc. In reality... there is no ‘thing’ manifesting other than the Universal Mind... the Divine Mind! ‘It’ is who you are, ‘It’ is who your ‘friend’ is, ‘It’ is who your ‘enemy’ is... ‘It’ is what the ‘black’ man is, ‘It’ is what the ‘white’ man is, ‘It’ is what the ‘aboriginal’ is. ‘It’ communicates in every language. ‘It’ practices every culture. There is no one besides ‘It’... there is nothing besides ‘It’. ‘It’ is that which is God!

Each of us is God embodied... only we are totally unaware of this profound truth. Two thousand years ago ‘He’ said to us ‘we are all One’; “What you see me do, you can also do,” “Love thy neighbor.” “Do unto others as you would have them do to you.” “Forgive them Father, they know not what they do.” Can you now understand what prompted him to make these statements?

Because we are but ‘Mind’ manifesting... we function in ‘states of mind’. We can only attain a consciousness of Oneness when we realize that of ourselves, we have no being... when we realize that of ourselves we are but illusions. The ‘Universal Mind’ is what we are. Each of Us! All our beliefs to the contrary are but ‘States of Mind’! Functioning in an awareness of being ‘God’ (the Universal Mind) is to be functioning in God Consciousness...(Christ consciousness) “Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus!”... The Universal Consciousness is God Consciousness. The ‘Christ’ Mind is the Universal Mind individualized.

It was in that consciousness that ‘Jesus’ walked. He knew that he and God were one and the same! Those around him were not aware of, nor could they believe that he was God. They saw him as being ‘Jesus’ the man!... even though he told them that he and God were one, and that they too were Gods. They could not comprehend this. From infancy their programming conditioned them to believe that they were mere men, ‘Jewish’ men, ‘Hebrew’ men, ‘Romans’, ‘Nazarenes’, ‘Greeks’, etc. These were and still are only false states of Mind. Humanity in mass, still lives in these states of mind.

Today there is some six billion ‘human’ outlets on Earth, through which the ‘Universal Mind’ is expressing itself... Six billion manifestations (outlets) of the Creative Divine Mind, each creating as per their individual perception of themselves. Is it any wonder that the world of ‘Humanity’ is in such turmoil... or so divided?

We can not bring the Kningdom of God on Earth so long as we believe we must die to get there. It is a state of Mind, a state of Knowing that the ‘ I ‘ within us is the ‘Father’.

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