I Am that I am and Besides Me There is None Else

We are now in the 21st century A.D. If we looked only at the division that exists within the human family we might think it was 2000 B.C. Is the world any less divided today than it was then? The world’s religions have failed totally in their effort to unite the peoples of the earth (if indeed that was part of their agenda). No country or religion is excluded. We are told in the Bible to ‘Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus’. ‘Jesus’ functioned as the Father … as the Vine. ‘They’ … were One and the same. The rest of us function as the person our parent’s created when they named us at our birth. The Christ Mind and the Divine Mind are one and the same. That we are all One is the Christ Mind (‘that they may be One even as we are One’). This consciousness is what’s missing in all the world’s major religions.

Life did not give being to the person you believe yourself to be. Life (or God) gave being to you by becoming you, by being you, to the same degree that a branch is the presence of the vine. One is the Source and the other if the Source manifesting. There is not the Source And the manifestation. There is only the Source. Every man on Earth is the one Source (God) manifesting, only no one is aware of this. It is a paradox. God … did not create ‘men’. ‘Men’ … created men. God gave being to Himself as the organism known as ‘man’. Man and God are one and the same. God … made ‘man’ to be as God … as Himself. Man did not know this. He saw himself as being just another creature that had to strive for survival by whatever means he thought necessary. Man … is the only organism on the planet in which and through which the Source can function As the Source, if only man realized this. No John/Jane Doe has any being. The only thing that has being is the Source. Only God is. Man … is God embodied, only he thinks he is the person his parents created when they named him at his birth.

When you think … you think it is you, the John Doe that you believe yourself to be, who is thinking. It is not ‘you’ who is thinking. You could think no matter what name your parents had given you. You could even think quite nicely without a name. It is the ‘I’ within you that thinks, and that ‘I’ … is the Vine, the Father. Only the I can think and that I is the Creator. There is a ‘Creative Principle’. The Mother aspect of this Creative Principle is forced to create as we believe. The ‘I’ within each of us is the Father aspect … the director. It is the purpose of the Mother aspect to give being to whatever the consciousness (the Father aspect) believes or decrees as being, and the only requisite is to know it. He … is Us. We activate the Creative Principle when we think. That is what manner of being a ‘man’ is. Every man on Earth regardless of color, religion, culture, or so-called nationality is God (the Creator) in action. This is our relationship to God. The person we believe ourselves to be is but the illusion in which we function.

God did not give being to the different nationalities … the different religions, customs or languages. These are ‘human’ states of mind … human creations. God gives being only to Himself. He is the reality of every man on Earth. ‘I am the first and I am the last and besides me there is none else.’ (‘No one’ is the definition of the word none in the standard college dictionary.) We are not aware that we possess the divine creative attributes of God, so in ignorance of this we function as mere men. Until we have been ‘born again’ we can’t even imagine that there is any other way for us to ‘walk’, but once we realize that the ‘I am’ within us is indeed the ‘Father,’ we can realize then that we can, indeed, live as God … as we were created to live. (‘Having dominion over the fowls of the air, the fishes of the sea,’ etc.) He did not give being to us so that we should live as ‘men’. He created us to live as Gods (as God himself).

The ‘I Am’ within us is the God we have been searching for while the person we believe ourselves to be is but the ‘Satan’ we have been trying to avoid. I was known as Enoch, as Noah, as Abraham, as Moses, Isaiah and as Jesus. I was known as Mathew, Mark, Luke and John … as Paul, as Caesar, as Judas. I was known as Napoleon, as Rembrandt, as Mozart. I am your neighbour, your enemy, your Father, your Mother, your son, your daughter. God … is the I that I am … the me that is me, the you that is the real you. To function in this consciousness is to function in the Christ Mind … in the ‘Kingdom of God’, for the ‘Kingdom of God’ is a state of mind. A state of knowing that the ‘I Am’ within us is God the ‘Father’. We are all One … One and the same. This is what the world has failed to see. There is no one besides the Source … besides that which is God. Think of the significance of this the next time you tune in to the tv program ‘Sixty Minutes’. Think of this when you hear the interviewers introduce themselves. I … am Mike Wallace. I … am Steve Croft. I … am Ed Bradley. I am Morley Safer. I am Leslie Stahl. There never has been, nor will there ever be, anyone on the fact of the Earth apart from, or other than the ‘I Am … (other than ‘Me’). The world is controlled by men who function in their John Doe identity. Men form different levels of government to run the world in a manner that suits their best interest. No matter what they call the government its purpose is to profit those who hold and control the power. At this point in time it is obvious that Satan (the ‘self’) is in control.

It is my hope that this essay will leave no room for misunderstanding. There is only One Life … One Creative Spirit … One Source … One Being. A universal organism, if you will, having the capacity to become whatever it sees itself as being, and nothing has being apart from it. IT … is the reality of every living ‘thing’ … the reality of every ‘one’. It is the Universal I Am as well as the I Am that I Am. I have written page after page explaining the Allness of God and the Oneness of God from every conceivable point of view. I make no claim to be any more than anyone else. The ‘Spirit of God’ is the sole presence in the universe. The I Am that I Am. The ‘I am’ within every man on Earth. No man has any being apart from his fellow man. We are all One! Man … is the only organism on the planet that embodies the capacity to recognize and realize his relationship to his Source. I am the Eternal, Immortal I am. Man … is an immortal being because I … am who He is and what He is. The person you believe yourself to be is but the illusion in which you live. The only means whereby we can function AS the Father is through realizing that the I Am within us IS the ‘Father’. You and the Father are One. This realization constitutes the Spiritual Rebirth. Should you choose to continue to live in your John Doe identity you (the person you believe yourself to be) will surely die, but … your consciousness has an eternal reality. However … you will not have entered the ‘Kingdom of God’. Only if you had chosen to die to self and lived in your ‘I am that I am’ identity could you have entered the ‘Kingdom of God’. Only then could you have attained God consciousness. To make the choice to walk As God, in your I am that I am identity, constitutes the Spiritual Rebirth. The Spiritual Rebirth leads to the resurrection. (I am the resurrection). The crucifixion of the self always precedes the resurrection. The resurrection always precedes the transfiguration.

That which God is … is the ‘Light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world’ (I am the Light of the World He said). The Light that shone in the darkness … but the darkness comprehendeth it not. ‘He was in the world and the world was made by Him and the world knew Him not’. But … as many as received Him, to them He gives the power to become the sons of God … even to them who believe on His name which were born, not of blood, not of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of men, but of God. (Those who have truly been ‘born again’.) But … ‘strait is the gate and narrow is the way which leadeth to life and few there be that find it’.

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