An avid Catholic friend of mine who has studied the major Religions of the World, kept telling me that what I was expounding was much the same as the Hindu Religion, so she gave me a book to read entitled “The Upanishads”. An ancient Sanskrit treatise of the Vedas, which deals with the nature of man and the Universe. To my surprise I discovered that there was indeed a great deal of similarity to what I had written. The Upanishads expound in great detail the Allness of God, whom they refer to as the Self {The Universal Self }To them the Universal Self is the reality of every one and every “thing”. I too believe in the Allness Of God and the absolute nothingness of any other “thing”. But… my belief as to how to attain this realization differs drastically from theirs. They teach that it can not be attained without the assistance of a personal “Guru”, and that it can only be attained through virtually years of repeating affirmations and through meditating upon the sacred word “OHM”. They also believe that only those who have attained this realization can transcend the experience of “Death”. They believe that those who have achieved this awareness, will simply leave their physical bodies and enter Heaven or “Nirvana”, and those who do not achieve this awareness must be “born again” into another human form, perhaps a thousand times, or until they attain an awareness of being One with the Universal Self. They believe that “physical” death is not death at all… that it’s merely a transition. Apparently to them, the Spiritual Rebirth means “Reincarnation”.

I do not believe in Reincarnation! If God be All and in All… if there is only the Universal Self, who then do the followers of Hinduism, believe will be Reincarnated? If there is only the Universal Self… Who, do “they” think “they” are? They too have failed to discover the significance of the Spiritual Rebirth, as have the other Evangelical Religions of the World!

We can only attain a consciousness of Oneness when we realize that the Universal Self is the reality of each of us… that “IT” always has been the reality of every living thing and always will be! The I AM within each of us is this Universal Self (God) individualized, and the person we believe ourselves to be is but the illusion in which we have been functioning . We have failed to realize our relationship to each other. No amount of repeating affirmations or chanting will enable us to attain a consciousness of Oneness, or will enable us to “enter” the Kingdom of God, for the Kingdom of God is but a state of KNOWING that the I AM within each of us is the “Father” (the SELF). The I AM within each of us is this Universal Self! “I and my Father are One” is the key to this “kingdom.”… to this state of mind! The statement, “I and my Father are One”, enables us to realize that God is indeed our reality. In this realization we need never die, for… of ourselves we have no being! The Eternal I AM is who we are and IT is also what we are. So… how can that which is Eternal ever die? Herein lies the key to attaining Eternal Life. We are not the “person” we believe ourselves to be. WE… ARE THAT WHICH IS THE ETERNAL…THAT WHICH IS THE IMMORTAL, MANIFESTING AS MAN. Man…is an Eternal, Immortal being! In this realization lies our Eternal reality.

The “Upanishads” make no mention of the necessity of the Spiritual Rebirth. Hindus believe that those who have attained an awareness of Oneness with God, or in other words the Self, at their death will attain immortality, whereas those who do not achieve this realization are subject to the wheel of rebirth... perhaps a thousand times if necessary, or until they succeed in achieving God consciousness. Without the Spiritual Rebirth… it is impossible to attain that realization! When an individual attains God consciousness… they need never die, but… without the Spiritual Rebirth, they can never attain that realization! The Individual self (the illusion), must be crucified before the Universal I AM, the REAL you (the Father) can be resurrected! Therein lies the significance of the crucifixion.

The Outer self must be crucified before the Resurrection of the I AM can take place. Only then can we walk in a consciousness of Oneness. It is only in that consciousness that that most amazing of all transformations, (the transfiguration,) can take place! It is “God consciousness” that causes the transfiguration… it is the end result of Knowing that the I Am within us is the Father! As consciousness and intelligence are the “substance” of our bodies… a change in the consciousness cannot take place without a change in the intelligence. (It is the purpose of the intelligence to give being to whatever the consciousness believes or sees itself as being!) With the transformation of the consciousness comes a transformation of the “intelligence”… (the Substance of our body)! Yes… even the body will be transformed! Not only is the consciousness immortal, and eternal… so too is the substance… the intelligence! No longer will the substance of our bodies be manifesting as “ flesh”, the “substance of our bodies” will be manifesting as “Light”. You cannot separate the consciousness from the intelligence, as the consciousness “goes” so goes the intelligence! The transfiguration, is the end result of the resurrection of the I AM consciousness, (God consciousness), within the individual, and this cannot take place without the Spiritual Rebirth… without realizing that the I AM within us is the “Father”.

In the Hindu faith they believe the awareness of oneness can only be attained through meditation. In deep meditation one can reach a point in the stillness and the “silence”, where one might, for a split second, experience a momentary state of oneness… a momentary state of bliss, (perhaps the result of the metabolism of the organism coming to a virtual stop, creating much the same experience one might have with a “near death” experience). So… they continue to meditate, in the hope of experiencing that momentary state of bliss again. But… they still see themselves as having being separate and apart from their Source… from “God”, and continue to function as the person they have always believed themselves to be! They have not died to Self ! Only when they realize that the I AM within them is the Father, the Real Self, can they begin to function AS the Universal Self, for there is not the ”personal” self and the Universal Self… there is only the “Universal Self” and NOTHING ELSE! Might it be such as these whom He referred to in that parable about one who had not on a wedding garment ? Did He not say “Unless a man be born again, he cannot enter the Kingdom of God”?

A disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda states, (with regards to attaining God consciousness), “our attitude must be that God, is the doer, and states that, if we could realize that, we would have no more difficulty. Meditation is the way, he claims, through ‘Raja Yoga’. He claims that we must ‘first’ attain the presence of God… and ‘then’… fully surrender to God. ”I maintain that the reverse is true. We must ‘first’ ‘surrender’ to God, (we must first ‘be born again’.) Except a man be born again… he cannot enter the Kingdom of God… (he cannot attain God consciousness). We must ‘first’ realize that the I AM within us is God… (our Father) and that the person we have believed ourselves to be, is but the illusion in which we have been walking, and then … we must concentrate on meditation! Then… in our search to realize this Truth, meditation becomes a valuable tool, in our attaining God consciousness (the Christ mind). In acknowledging God as the I AM within us, and making a commitment to walk (with His help) in our new found identity, we can indeed grow in an awareness of oneness with Him… (without the services of a Guru)! God becomes our guru as we realize that He is the ‘I AM THAT I AM’. WE must first make a sincere commitment to die to self, and that can only take place when we realize that the I AM within us is God (the Father). Then meditation by whatever means is definitely beneficial. Remember what He said to Thomas… “because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen and yet have believed.”

I too spend much time in meditation, but… I do not simply meditate upon a word... a “mantra”. I meditate upon my relationship to God, and upon what I know to be the truth pertaining to that relationship according to scripture. (and on what I have written). To me it is a precious time… a time of realignment… a time of getting my priorities in order. A time to look within. In Psalms chapter 1 we read, “Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful. But his delight is in the law of the Lord; and in His law doth he meditate day and night” If I were asked what my “mantra” might be, I would have to say it would be this… “I AM THAT I AM, and ONLY I AM .”

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