A Healing Treatment:

This message is a personal and effective healing treatment. You might want to hear it more than once. The more often you hear it the more beneficial it will be. It matter not what your religious affiliations are, what language you speak or what culture you follow. This message is meant only to remove the illusion, the belief that you are separate and apart from your source from that which is God, from that which is perfect. For herein lies the cause of all our afflictions. Know the truth and the truth will set you free.

Your healing may be a very subtle thing. You may experience a feeling of heat. Your condition may even seem to be intensified for a short time and it may not take place immediately, but don’t despair, just expect a healing and soon you will simply notice that your condition no longer exists. The power to heal lies in the healing vibrations of the spoken word of truth. The truth does the healing. Jesus said, “I am the truth”, and the truth is that only God is. “Only I am”, he said. He also said, “I am the life”, and when he spoke, he spoke as God. For he also said, “I and my father are one.” In reality, we are all one. Each of us is an individual manifestation of God.

Now... just sit back and relax. Close your eyes and relax as best you can. For it is when you are at ease that your divine nature can manifest, when it is no longer hindered by the conscious mind. So..., be still and know that the I within you is the Father, that the “I” within you is God. God is life. Life is that which God is, and you are that life embodied, and it is the nature of life, the nature of God, to manifest perfection, for life is perfect, God is perfect and it is God’s perfection that is your perfection. God is the source of all being. You are the source embodied; the source manifesting.

You were made in the image and likeness of God. You were made perfect. You are much more than this person that you know believe yourself to be. Every time you introduce yourself; every time you say I am; you proclaim God’s identity, your true identity. The name you go by is but your “outer identity... that is the illusion You are divine creative life embodied, perfection embodied. You are a manifestation of that which God is. Your body is His living temple. You are to God what a branch is to the vine, what a wave is to the ocean. You are a manifestation of Him who is perfect. of that which is perfect, of that which is God. You have never been separate or apart from God, from your source. In reality, you and your source are one and the same. God; the universal I am; is all, and in all, the reality of every living thing, the reality of all humanity. There is no other presence, there is no other being. He is the omnipresence, the only presence and his perfection is your perfection. It is written, that in Him we live and move and have our being. In reality, it is he who lives and moves and has his being in us... AS us. God is the real you, your reality, your true identity and you are perfect because he is perfect. So... to Him, who is all and in all, to Him who gave us being, we pray; “Father, there is no presence other than your presence. Let your perfection be made manifest in all who hear these words. You are the I am that I am, and in that consciousness, I have spoken, and I know that it is as I have said... and for that I give thanks, knowing that all is well. And so it is... Amen.

As a “healer” do not concern yourself with trying to remove the condition or the disease. Simply remove the illusion. There is only God. When you know, that in reality there is Only God and therefore there is only perfection, your “patient” will be healed.

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