Have We Been Deceived?

I do not question the authenticity of the word of God... I question the authenticity of the INTERPRETATION of the word of God. The New Testament was written by men who did not know that man and God were One. (one and the same) They were written by ‘men’ who functioned AS men... not by men who functioned AS GOD. They were written by men who functioned in duality. They believed themselves to be SEPARATE AND APART from God!

For something like three years ‘Jesus’ walked the Earth AS God. He knew that he was God embodied and he functioned in that consciousness (in God consciousness). He realized that his disciples did not grasp the significance of who he was. They thought they were talking to a ‘man’ called Jesus. He spoke to them knowing that he and God were One. ‘Jesus’ was just his ‘outer identity’... God (the I within) was his real identity... his true identity. This is why he said... ‘’I’ and the Father are One’. His disciples could not grasp what he was telling them. Just show us the father and we will be satisfied... they said. His reply was proof that they hadn’t understood what he had been telling them. ‘He who hath seen me hath seen the father... how then can you still say show us the father?’ ‘I and the father are ‘One’’ He said. The FATHER AND THE SON... are one and the same. One is the Vine... the other is the branch. One is the ocean the other is the wave. His purpose was to show ‘man’ how ‘man’ was meant to live... ‘He that believeth On me... the works that I do shall he do also’. Might he have said, he that ‘believith AS me’... ?

In the 19th chapter of the book of Mathew... when asked ‘who then can be saved?’ (who can enter the Kingdom of God) Jesus’ replied... ‘With men it is impossible, but... with God, all things are possible. Might he have said... ‘AS’ man (as men) it is impossible... but... ‘AS’ God, all things are possible?

When He said... ‘I am the resurrection and the life’... might he have said... he who believeth AS me... (though he were dead), yet shall he live... or... he who liveth and believeth AS me... shall never die? How could the authors of the New Testament have believed he said ‘AS’ God... or ‘AS’ me (if this is what he said) when they had no idea that man and God were one and the same? Only those who realize that man and God are One, can see that it is quite possible that the word ‘as’ has been replaced by the words ‘with’, ‘in’ or ‘on’. The Bible says that Enoch walked ‘with’ God... that Noah walked ‘with’ God and that Jesus walked ‘with’ God... but more than that... we know that Jesus walked AS God. Therein lies the key to a ‘consciousness of oneness’ (the kingdom of God). How could ‘men’ who believed that they were nothing more than ‘mere men’ have understood him as he ‘might have said’ AS God... or AS me?

When He proclaimed His oneness with God they accused Him of blasphemy. Not one of his disciples wanted anyone to know of their association with Him on the night of His crucifixion. They were afraid of being ‘tarred with the same brush’. Had they realized that they too were individual manifestations of God... they would have vigorously denounced those who sought to crucify Him. In essence... when they crucified ‘Jesus’... they crucified God. They were literally rejecting the very source of their own being. ‘Jesus’ and God were one and the same. You and God are also one and the same... only you ‘think’ that you are the ‘person’ that your parents named you... so you function as a man.

Furthermore... what makes us think that a book produced by a number of different authors might not have been infiltrated by ‘human’ opinions? Those who chose the particular books that go to make up the Bible, were no doubt affiliated with some particular religious sect of ‘like mind’... a ‘committee’ as it were.

Have you ever seen a committee where there was complete accord? Don’t forget... they were no different from ‘men’ of today. They were not aware of the fact that they too were God embodied. They thought AS men, spoke AS men, and acted AS men. They interpreted the ‘word of God’... in the belief that they were mere men. If after three years of close fellowship with ‘Jesus’, the disciples could not understand the fact that he was no different than them... how then could those who translated the Bible be expected to understand what he was saying?

We have been admonished to rebuke ‘Satan’... but... just who is Satan? If God is your true identity... who is the ‘person’ you see yourself as being? What keeps you from being ‘Christ’ like... is it not your belief that you are the person you see yourself as being? Satan is your outer self... your ‘persona’. God is your inner self... THE REAL YOU!

By whose authority was the warning contained in the last chapter of the book of Revelations written. What a powerful warning to those who question the interpretation of the scriptures. It is certainly sufficient to cause even the most skeptical to leave the existing interpretation to the status quo. Might ‘Satan’ (men) have played a role in writing that warning? At any rate... through fear of incurring the wrath of God... it has certainly succeeded in keeping ‘thinking men’ from thinking.

What about the ‘spiritual rebirth’? The concept of the ‘spiritual rebirth’ as taught by the Churches today, certainly allows men the freedom to do as they please. Are they not basically free to go on living as ‘men’ to their hearts content... hiding in the ‘assurance’ that they have been cleansed of their sins by someone else... by God himself (the father and the son are one and the same remember). Before they crucified Him... He had told them who he was, yet they still crucified Him. They rejected Him (God) as the source of their very own being... as their reality. Is it any different today?

‘Man’ has never discovered the alternative to death. IT LIES IN THE REALIZEATION THAT MAN AND GOD ARE ONE! That is the ‘CONSCIOUSNESS’ that the ‘spiritual rebirth’ was meant to lead to. GOD IS THE SOURCE AND ‘MAN’ IS THE SOURCE MANIFESTING! Whoever chooses to die to self... to their outer identity, and live as Sons of God were meant to live... need never die. HOW CAN THAT WHICH IS ETERNAL EVER DIE? Only as we function AS the eternal... can we experience ‘eternal reality’.

God made man in his image and likeness. How? By ‘becoming’... by ‘being’ what a ‘man’ is. ‘I am the vine... ye are the branches. We are all ONE. ONE AND THE SAME. ‘God’ is indeed the omnipresence... the ONLY PRESENCE.

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