God... is the I am within you.
(The Pearl of Great Price)

Division exists throughout the world because the religions of the world have failed to discover man's real relationship to his fellow man. Here is what they have failed to grasp. In the beginning, there was nothing but God…THERE IS STILL NOTHING BUT GOD! Only God (the 'I' am) has being… only 'I' am. That which is God… (Life, Consciousness, Intelligence, Energy, Love, Truth, etc.) is the reality of every living 'thing' in the Universe. The Creator, is the Source and the 'substance' of every 'thing'. The Source, (GOD … LIFE, ETC.), DOES NOT GIVE BEING TO ANY 'THING' APART FROM OR OTHER THAN ITSELF. It gives being to every 'thing' by becoming every 'thing'. No 'thing' has any being of itself. The only 'thing' that has being is God (the Source). ONLY THE SOURCE HAS BEING. God is the cause … He is also the 'effect' (you). The cause is the reality of the effect. No matter what you are looking at… you are looking at the Source manifesting AS THAT THING, and that includes the organism known as 'man'.

'Man' … is the only organism on Earth in which and through which the Source (God) can function AS the Source in the world of form. Man, was created to be as God (the Christ). Man … embodies ALL of the attributes of God with NO limitations. Every living 'thing' is the Source manifesting AS THAT THING... including man. Keep this in mind. NO 'MAN'… HAS ANY BEING. He/she is but the Source manifesting AS A MAN. Every 'human' child … is God in the infant stage of development. However … 'MAN', CAN ONLY EXPERIENCE GOD'S ETERNAL REALITY AS HE FUNCTIONS AS GOD. If we should choose to live and function as 'men' … we shall surely die. Should we choose to live and function AS God (as the Source) we need never die. How might you ask, is that possible … for 'man' … is not God. I … am not God. (This is the opinion held by almost every man on Earth.) Here is the answer. God … is an Eternal being. Man … is this Eternal being, manifesting AS man.

The person you believe yourself to be is not who you are … it's only who you 'think' you are! God … is who you are … God is what you are. God … is the real you. HE DID NOT GIVE BEING TO THE PERSON YOU BELIEVE YOURSELF TO BE. He gave being to you, by becoming you … by 'being' you (He made 'man' in his image and likeness). IT WAS YOUR PARENTS WHO CREATED THE PERSON YOU BELIEVE YOURSELF TO BE WHEN THEY NAMED YOU AT YOUR BIRTH! They gave you a name and then proceeded to mold you in 'their' image and likeness, totally oblivious of who you really were … or of what you were created to be. GOD … IS THE 'I AM' WITHIN YOU! God … is the reality of every living thing. 'Jesus Christ' … was God (the Father) embodied. So too are you. He came to show us how we should live. Come, and follow 'me', he said … come and walk as I walk (the things you see me do … you can do also). How can I be as Him, you might ask? He gave us the key but the church has missed it. They have focused on worshiping the messenger instead of on his message. HE … IS THE 'I AM' WITHIN YOU!

His advice to humanity was … 'seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and that which you desire shall be added unto you'. But, there is One stipulation. YE MUST BE BORN AGAIN… born into the realization that the 'I' within you … is the 'Father' (The Spiritual Rebirth). 'Except a man be born again, he cannot 'enter' the Kingdom of God' (Jn 3:3). By no other means can you 'enter' … by no other means can you attain the 'Christ Mind'. HE IS THE I AM WITHIN YOU (I and my Father are one … he who has seen me … has seen the Father) He … is the 'I' … that I am … the 'me' that is me (no one cometh unto the Father but by me). There is no one but Him. The world would have us believe that there are many paths to the Kingdom of God. But … by no other means can we 'enter'. There is only One way. 'I' … AM THE WAY he said. Only AS God... ONLY THROUGH THE SPIRITUAL REBIRTH CAN WE ENTER. But… not through the concept of the Spiritual Rebirth as taught by the Church. WE MUST DIE TO SELF! Through their concept … you can still be 'you' (the person your parents created when they named you at your birth). Through their concept, you can never experience that transformation know as the transfiguration (be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind). Only AS God can we enter the Kingdom of God. Humanity has failed to realize that the entire Universe is the Kingdom of God, including Planet Earth. 'Man' … being totally unaware of his relationship to God, believes that the Kingdom of God is somewhere in the 'heavens'. THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS SYNONYMOUS WITH GOD CONSCIOUSNESS. IT IS A STATE OF MIND … a state of Knowing that the 'I' within you is the 'Father'. How can we hope to bring the Kingdom of God on Earth when we believe we must die to get there?

No 'man' is 'plugged' into the Source. 'We' are but 'outlets' through which the Source can function AS the Source (if we only knew it). We are the Source (God) manifesting. But … the 'Spirit of God' cannot get access to the 'temple', because 'we' believe ourselves to be the person our parents created when they named us. "Male and female created he them, and he called their name Adam" (Gen. 5:2). Might the word 'Adam' mean 'a dam' … an obstruction, for what keeps us from being Christ like … is it not the belief that we are indeed the person our parents created when they named us? TO FUNCTION IN OUR JOHN/JANE DOE IDENTITY IS TO FUNCTION IN AN ILLUSION! When we realize that the Source is our reality (the real you … the real me) only then can we function AS the Source… only then can we function as God meant for us to function. That which God is … is who we are … He is also what we are. The person we believe ourselves to be … IS ONLY WHO WE 'THINK' WE ARE! 'In as much as ye have done it unto the least of these … ye have done it unto Me' (Mat. 25:40).

When you 'think' … it is not you (the John/Jane Doe) who is thinking. IT IS THE I WITHIN YOU THAT THINKS. Only the 'I' can 'think'. When you 'think' … you are the Source thinking ... God thinking. It is for this reason that 'man' is a creative being. You could think no matter what name you might have been given. Your thoughts are creative because you are the Source thinking, only you 'create' as you perceive yourself to be … (as the person your parents named you at your birth). There are now some six billion 'human' organisms on the planet … totally unaware of what manner of being a 'man' is … everyone thinking and creating as they individually perceive themselves to be. Is it any wonder there is so much racism? WE ARE ALL ONE … there is only God! We (the whole human race) … are to God, what branches are to a Vine … what waves are to the Ocean. There is only the Vine … there is only the Ocean … there is only God!

As God is the reality of each of us … to each of us he gives his identity (I AM). Thus … if every 'man' on the planet were to speak the English language … no one could introduce himself/herself without saying, I AM. If every 'thing' could speak, every 'thing' would proclaim itself to be the I AM also. There is nothing besides the Source … besides God. 'I am the first and 'I' am the last … and besides me there is no thing'. 'I AM THAT I AM.' This realization is the real Spiritual Rebirth.

When you grasp this … you have a choice to make. You have free will to choose how you shall live. If you should choose to continue to live as the John/Jane Doe you believe yourself to be you are free to do so but … you shall surely die. If you should choose to live AS God … as you were meant to live … you shall never die. It is a way of life that can only be lived by Faith, when we realize that the 'I' within us is the Father. When we realize our relationship to our Source (that we are extensions of the Vine) we begin to take upon ourselves the likeness of the Vine … the likeness of God. That likeness … is known as the 'Christ' (the Divine Mind personified). In that consciousness lies our salvation. Our salvation lies not in 'worshiping' Jesus Christ, but in LIVING as Jesus Christ. Therein lies the salvation of humanity. It is much less demanding to "worship" Christ, than it is to walk as Christ. So before you make such a commitment you had best count the cost, for to walk AS God (in the Christ Mind) is the most demanding of all vocations. ('Go and sell that thou hast and give to the poor … and come and follow me', He said.) It requires the death … the absolute crucifixion of the 'outer self'! 'Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with ALL thy heart … with ALL thy soul … will ALL thy mind and thy neighbor as thy self.' Math. 22:37 & 39. However … it also has the greatest of all rewards. It makes possible the transfiguration and the transcention ... the means whereby we need never die.

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