God (the Universal) ... is 'Jesus Christ' (the Individual)

They are Synonymous

God is the Universal and 'man' is the universal individualized. Once the significance of this is seen it will revolutionize religious thought throughout the world.

'Jesus Christ' ... is 'man' living AS 'man' is meant to live! 'Jesus Christ' is 'man' functioning As 'man' is created to function. To function in the 'Christ Mind' is to function as 'Jesus Christ'.

Two thousand years ago it was not 'Jesus Christ' who walked As God ... it was God who walked as Jesus Christ. 'He' ... was God, living as all men were meant to live.

Instead of 'worshiping' 'Jesus Christ' ... we were meant to WALK as 'Jesus Christ'. Each of us is an individual embodiment of God ... of the 'Source of All being'. An individualized embodiment of the Divine Mind. But ... in ignorance of this ... in ignorance of what we are ... we function As 'men'. Thus the necessity of that most significant of all commandments "YE MUST BE BORN AGAIN". Born into the realization that you are much more than the person that you now believe yourself to be. Each of us is the Source individualized ... God individualized! This is what the world's religious leaders have failed to discover. This is why humanity has become so divided. WE ARE ALL ONE! This is the Truth that the world has failed to see.

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