An Easter message... the Resurrection

If every man/woman on earth were to ‘instantly’ realize their relationship to God ... to their source ... that realization would be the Resurrection! THE LONG-AWAITED RESURRECTION. It was not intended that we should simply celebrate ‘His’ resurrection ... but that ‘He’ would be resurrected through ‘our’ recognition of ‘Him’ as our reality the reality of all humanity!

There is no one on the planet who has any being, or any reality, apart from God ... apart from Life ... apart from the source. That which God is ... is the reality of every ‘human’ being that has ever been created. There is no one besides the creator ... besides God! The creator is the reality of the creation! The cause is the reality of the effect! These are ‘absolute’ Truths ... ‘absolute’ Laws. There is no circumventing these Laws!

Unfortunately, humanity has failed to realize the significance of these great truths. The source does not give being to any ‘thing’ apart from itself. It gives being ONLY TO ITSELF. ‘It’ is what you are ... IT is what I am... and ‘ITS identity is ‘I’. We share a common identity! If the entire ‘human’ race spoke ‘English’ ... some six billion of us would proclaim this identity as our personal identity every time we introduced ourselves ... every time we said hello ... I am ... . In ignorance of who we were and of what we were at our birth, we were given another identity (our ‘outer’ identity) ... identifying us with our parents, with a family, with a country, a nationality, a religion, a culture, etc. . This identity robs us of the awareness of who and what we really are, leaving us totally unaware of our relationship to our source ... to our creator. It causes us to live our life in an ILLUSION ... believing we are separate and apart from each other, causing us to believe we are different. The Truth is ... we are all One. Each of us is the ‘’I am’ (the Father) individualized.

The ‘Christ’ is not a specific individual ... the ‘Christ’ is the ‘I’ ... the ‘Father’ ... The Divine Personality personified! If this were to be realized by all of humanity instantaneously ... the whole world would be witness to the resurrection of the ‘Christ’! That is what ‘man’ was created to be. There is only the ‘Father’... ‘man’ is the ‘Father’ individualized! Only ‘I’ am ... ‘’I’ am the Life ... ‘I’ am the Resurrection ... ‘I’ am who you are. Can you grasp this?

When you realize this you will have passed from death unto Life! You will realize that you are Him who is eternal ... that you are that which is eternal. NOW ! How can that which is eternal ever die? You will know that ‘you’ do not have Life ... Eternal Life is WHAT you are! ‘Jesus’ proved that there was Life after death, but ... YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DIE PHYSICALLY TO EXPERIENCE THE RESURRECTION! Just WAKE UP! The ‘I’ within you is God (the Father). When you speak ... you are God speaking! Have you ever realized that? There is not the cause AND the effect. The ‘effect’ is the cause manifesting. There is not God AND you ... GOD IS YOU! When you know this ... you will know that you are an ‘Eternal Being’ ... experiencing the resurrection! NOW! What a revelation ... what an awakening!

It is offered to everyone ... ‘whosoever will may come’. But ... you cannot experience this as a ‘man’. Before this can become a reality ... you must first experience the ‘spiritual rebirth’ ... ‘YE MUST BE BORN AGAIN’ ... born into the realization that you and the Father (God) are One! I have already given you all that you need to know in order for you to partake of God’s gift of Eternal Life. ‘God’ did not give ‘us’ eternal life ... He gave us the ‘Gift of God’ ... the gift of ‘BEING’ God! ETERNAL LIFE GOES WITH IT! Our recognition and acceptance of this leads to the Resurrection of ‘Christ’ in us ... restoring ‘God’ to His rightful place in our lives ... in the lives of humanity!

When we KNOW that God is ALL and in ALL. When we KNOW ‘who’ we are, ‘what’ we are, and ‘where’ we are... when we have died to self, then... in a consciousness of Oneness, we can say as ‘He’ said some 2000 years ago. “I am the resurrection and the Life, he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live, and whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die.”

To leave no room for misunderstanding... let me state it once more. If we are determined to live as ‘man’... in our John Doe identity (our ‘outer’ identity) we will surely die! Should we choose to live as ‘Jesus’ lived... in our TRUE identity... in the I AM THAT I AM identity... we need never die... LITERALY!

Only through the resurrection of God, the Father, the ' I ' within man, can the ‘Christ’ be resurrected, for the ‘Christ’ is but the ‘Father’ individualized, the Divine Personality Personified!

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