The divisive effects of a consciousness of Duality:

We cannot create a consciousness of oneness while at the same time promoting a consciousness of duality! Surely the churches of the world must have a common purpose. Is it not to enlighten Humanity ... to show us that ‘man’ is much more than just another species ... that ‘man’ is truly the ‘image and likeness’ of God ... that we might live in peace; in a consciousness of Oneness? The main religions have developed from the teachings of Buddha, Mohammed and Jesus, to name the most prominent ones. To the western world, the teachings of Jesus are the most significant. But ... something must have been missed. Something must have been overlooked. Somehow, in some way, the world churches have taken a wrong turn in their search for the ‘Kingdom of God’. Every church teaches that they have the right answers, yet peace on Earth is no more a reality today than it was two thousand years ago. They all teach that if only the whole world thought as ‘we’ think, everything would be as ‘God’ intended it to be ... yet the hearts of men are not moved. The minds of men still harbor thoughts of greed, envy, jealousy, prestige, power, etc. The Christian churches tell us to strive for the mind of Christ, while they go on striving for more of the treasures of this world.

We cannot bring into being a consciousness of Oneness without first realizing that we are already One! It is impossible for us to be ‘All One’, any more than we already are! We only have to be made aware of this astounding fact! We already share a common identity. We already share a common being. We are already All One! What is this common identity that we share? It is the identity of God; the identity of Life; the identity of the Vine!

We have all heard that verse of scripture where the Lord said, “I am the Vine and ye are the branches.” Yet we have failed to grasp the great significance of this simple illustration. The Vine and the branch are one and the same! The Vine does not give being to the ‘branch’ ... the vine only gives being to itself ... AS THE BRANCH! The Vine is the reality of the branch! The ‘branch’ is the Vine manifesting! ‘I’ am God ... ‘I’ am the Life ... ‘I’ am the Vine, and besides me there is no other, besides me there is no God, besides me there is no Savior. Only ‘I’ Am!

If every one of the six billion individuals on Earth spoke the English language they would proclaim that infinite identity every time they introduced themselves ... every time they said ‘I’ am. Yet what have we been made to believe ... that we are ‘English’ men, ‘French’ men, Chinese, Japanese, Germans, Aboriginal, etc. We have been programmed from birth to believe we are separate and apart from each other ... separate and apart from God.

We are like waves in the ocean. We are not separate from the Ocean! No man has being apart from the source of his being! WAKE UP! Each of us is a manifestation of our source! Each of us is a manifestation of Life! Each of us is a manifestation of God! None of us has any reality of ourselves! “Of myself I can do nothing,” Jesus said.

We share a common identity! Each of us is ‘God’ embodied! LITERALLY!

This is what the churches of the world have failed to see! Of ourselves we have no being! Only the ‘Source’ has being! Only the ‘Ocean’ has being! Only the ‘Vine’ has being! Grasp this astounding fact! This must be realized before there will be peace on Earth. This is the ‘Christ’ mind ... that we are ALL ONE!

We could not all be One, (one and the same) if we were not all one to start with! “In Him, we live and move and have our being”... ALL OF US! Know this. Only then can peace become a reality. We have always been One, only we have never been made aware of this fact. We must become conscious of this; for this is the consciousness that will heal the sick, that will restore sight to the blind, that will heal the division in our country! This is the ‘Christ’ mind... “that they all may be One Father, as thou art in me and I in thee.”

The churches have become so steeped in doctrine, dogma and creed that they cannot see the simplicity of the Truth. They cannot see the forest for the trees. Every ‘man’ on Earth... is creative consciousness embodied ... the Divine Mind embodied ... God embodied. We are different only because we believe we are different. But... that is only an illusion.

Have we not learned a thing since our ancestors began to build the ‘Tower of Babel’? At that time there was one language; one speech... and the Lord said, “Behold the people is one and they have all one language... and this they begin to do.”

Language is a means of communication. It does not constitute a source of being. To communicate in ‘French’ does not make you a Frenchman, you are no different from your neighbor who communicates in ‘English’. The belief that there are ‘Frenchmen’, ‘Englishmen’, ‘Aboriginals’, etc., are nothing but ‘states of mind’. None of us has any being apart from the Source of our being. Each of us is the Source manifesting.

If the story of the Tower of Babel has any significance it must surely be this. We cannot enter the Kingdom of God by building elaborate structures; by forming distinct societies or by speaking a specific language. The “Kingdom of God” is a state of mind. A state of knowing that the “ I “ within each of us is the “Father.”

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