Divine Healing.

A realization of the presence of God ...
is the most powerful healing agency known to the mind of man.
(E. Holmes)

When it dawned on me some thirty-five years ago that man was ‘God’ embodied, one of the first things I sought to understand was what Jesus knew that made him the greatest spiritual healer of all time. I thought that there must be something written on this subject but I did not know where to look. At this time I was employed as an automobile salesman. Less than a month after I realized that this was indeed the truth; an elderly lady came onto the car lot. Little old ladies don’t often frequent car lots. I don’t remember how we got onto the subject but I found myself telling her about my discovery. She said she had a couple of books at her home that might interest me and the next day brought me two books. “What is mine is thine,” (book 1 and 2) by Murdo McDonald Bayne. I never saw this lady before and I have never seen her since. When I look back on it now, I know that this was more than a mere coincidence. Other books by the author are still available ... these two however, are out of print. They have been a great inspiration to me. They gave me my first insights and understanding into Spiritual Healing.

Since then, I have acquired books on healing from other authors ... Addington, Thomas Troward, Earnest Holmes, H.B. Jefferies, Bailes, Goldsmith, to name a few. The understanding that I acquired through these books, along with my desire to know the secrets of healing led me to put together a ‘healing treatment’. It is a very effective healing treatment. You need no formal introduction to it or any special qualifications. Its effectiveness is not dependent upon ‘your’ holiness, on how religious you are, or how well educated you are.

It matters not what your religious affiliations are, what language you speak, or what culture you follow. It can be translated into any language. Even without fully understanding it, even if you have very little faith in it, you can experience its effectiveness ... even as a novice! All the faith you require is enough faith to put it to the test ... “prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you, the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.” Knowledge will not apply itself. You must put it to the test! You do not require a mountain of faith. “If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed ye shall say unto this mountain, remove hence ... and it shall remove ... and nothing shall be impossible to you.”

In order to strengthen your faith I will give you some insight on how it works. You may find it hard to believe what you have been reading on this ‘page’. However, everything I have written has been written for the express purpose of lifting you out of your present belief; that you are nothing more than a mere man, into an awareness of your real relationship to God ... into a consciousness of Oneness. That state of mind which every saint and holy man that has ever lived, has sought to attain. It is in that state of mind that ‘man’ is meant to live.

At first you will find this hard to comprehend. You are much more than this person that you believe yourself to be. You are an individual manifestation of God! You are to God ... what a wave is to the ocean ... what a branch is to the vine. You are just as much the presence of God, as a wave is the presence of the ocean or as a branch is the presence of the vine. LITERALLY! My entire book is dedicated to the promotion of the Allness of God, the Oneness of God and the nothingness of any other thing!

When ‘Jesus’ spoke ... it was the ‘Father’ who was speaking. When you speak ... it is the ‘Father’ speaking ... though you may be unaware of this stupendous fact. Being unaware of this however does not alter the fact that ‘man’s’ thoughts are creative. When you become ‘aware’ of this your thoughts become more creative. Thoughts are like seeds, some fall on fertile ground, some among thorns, some by the wayside. Don’t reject this as being ridiculous; or as extreme arrogance. Mull it over and it may not be too long before the ‘seed’ ... the idea, takes root in your consciousness and begins to grow.

You are a manifestation of ‘Mind’! God is creative Mind! ‘You’ are creative mind manifesting! Every cell of your body is intelligent ... more than that, every cell of your body is intelligence! The intelligence is the ‘mother’ aspect of the Creative Principle. The ‘father’ aspect is the consciousness. It is the purpose of the intelligence to give being to whatever the consciousness decrees as being; to whatever the consciousness believes! It (the intelligence) asks no questions ... it simply gives being to the beliefs held in the consciousness! The ‘ I ‘ within you that says, I am ‘John Doe’, is the same I that said some 2000 years ago, “I and the Father are One.” The ‘ I ‘ within you ... is the Father. This is who you really are!

Your body, is ‘mind’ manifesting! The intelligence is obedient to the direction given to it by the consciousness, and will manifest according to the direction given to it by the consciousness, and the only requisite is to know it! When you do the treatment for another ... don’t direct the treatment to Henry or Mary or James or Peter. Simply direct your attention; your treatment, to the intelligence! Speak to the intelligence... the ‘substance’. Pay no attention to the appearance of imperfection. You are speaking to God! (There is no one else!) God is perfect ... tell the intelligence that. If you have to read the treatment ... do so.

Read it with as much conviction as possible. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see immediate results. Do the treatment ... then forget it! Don’t wonder if it’s going to be effective. That is like uncovering the seed to see if it has started to sprout. Just believe it and let it go. Then, if necessary, repeat the treatment to your ‘patient’ again the next day ... (and the next if necessary). Don’t concern yourself with trying to remove the affliction or the condition, simply remove the illusion, the belief that we are separate and apart from our source ... from God. Expect a healing, and soon the ‘condition’ will simply disappear.

Not everyone will be healed ... but don’t concern yourself about that. Even ‘Jesus’, who walked in God consciousness, did not heal them all. Read Matthew 13:57, 58. A healer is simply a sower of the truth! The truth does the healing ... “I am the truth” ... he said. Some will be healed with one treatment; some might require four or five or even more. A few will be healed immediately. So ... the rest is up to you.

‘You’... are not the ‘healer’ ... it’s the ‘truth’ that does the healing ... remember that!

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