The Crucifixion of "Jesus" (the man)

His disciples and those around Him saw Him as being Jesus', a Son of Man, but ... He spoke to them as God ... the Father (I and my Father are One). The Crucifixion was an actual demonstration that the outer 'Self' (the John Doe you believe yourself to be) must be crucified before the 'I' (the Father within) can be resurrected ('I'... am the resurrection). This was the great significance of the crucifixion. The resurrection of the 'I' (the real you) ... can never take place without the death of the outer self.

You, nor I, have to face death on the cross as He did in order to experience the resurrection of our real selves. We have but to recognize 'Him' as our reality ... and make a conscious choice to walk in that consciousness ... in our 'I am that I am' identity. (Whosoever liveth and believeth in me, shall never die) Should we refuse to live in our 'I am that I am' identity, we are free to do so, but ... there is a price to pay. We shall pay with our lives (whosoever will save his life shall lose it ... but whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the gospels ... the same shall save it). Should we choose to live and walk in our 'I am that I am identity ... we need never die ... LITERALLY. With the crucifixion of the self, (the outer self), NOTHING can prevent the resurrection of the I. Not even the tomb ... not even the temple of flesh.

As we walk in God consciousness ... that consciousness will transform the substance of the body ... into the substance of light. Then that which was created to be AS God (you) ... will have proven, that he who believeth in me (as me) shall never die.

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