The Creative Principle:

It has been said by more than one prominent scientist that the Universe is a mental phenomenon. Not only is the word ‘Life’ synonymous with the word ‘God’ but so too is the word ‘Life’ synonymous with the word ‘Spirit’ and with the word ‘Mind’. Where there is ‘Life’, there is ‘God’, there is ‘Spirit’, there is ‘Mind’. They are really all one and the same thing! You can understand then, that where there is Life, there is Intelligence and where there is Intelligence, there is Consciousness and where there is Consciousness there is Energy and where there is Energy there is Life. These divine attributes cannot be separated from one another. In fact, these attributes happen to be the substance of all living forms. Did you grasp what I just said? Every living thing is a manifestation of these divine attributes. They are the ‘material’ that manifests as all matter. Every living thing is a manifestation of these divine attributes and they are made manifest according to an infallible, absolute creative principle and the consciousness within man is the activator of this principle.

The consciousness is the father aspect of the creative principle and the intelligence is the mother aspect. It is the purpose of the mother aspect to give being to whatever the consciousness believes. The ‘I’ within you that says “I am,” is the father aspect and whatever the consciousness believes or decrees as being is brought into being by the intelligence, the mother aspect. You activate the creative principle whenever you think. The ‘I’ within you is the activator of this creative principle. Thus as a man thinkith, so is he. The mother aspect, the intelligence, is omniscient, (all knowing). It asks no questions, It knows that you are God and Its purpose is simply to give being to whatever the consciousness decrees as being. To whatever the consciousness believes, and according to your faith in it, so shall your belief be made manifest unto you. As you realize that in reality, you and God are one, one and the same, all things whatsoever you shall ask for in prayer, believe you have already recieved it, and ye shall have it.

In the Eighth chapter of the Book of Psalms, the psalmist David asks this question of the Lord, “What is man that thou art mindful of him.” We can only grasp the significance of this statement when we realize that the Lord and the Law are synonymous. Because man, is none other than God embodied, his thoughts are creative. When man ‘thinks’, he is actually God thinking, only he is totally unaware of this stupendous fact, but, because of what he is, because of who he is, his thoughts are creative and the Law is that as a man thinketh, so is he. Man is the activator of the creative principle and he sets the creative principle in motion by his thoughts. As he thinks so does he create. That is the Law in action, the Lord in action as it pertains to man. In reality, man is nothing more or less than the creative consciousness of God manifesting. ‘Man’ is a creative organism. An individual activator of the creative principle. This is the answer to the Psalmist’s question.

God is Universal Life. Universal Life is what you are. When an individual comes into this realization, he or she begins to manifest the likeness of their source; that likeness is the Christ. God is the Universal, and God is also the reality of the individual. God is the Universal, and the Universal individualized is the Christ. The universal is the reality of the individual in the same manner that the Vine is the reality of the branch. Then you will no longer be John Doe trying to be like ‘Christ’. You will realize that as you walk in the “I am, that I am” consciousness, you will become more ‘Christ like.’

There is no separation between you and God. God is your reality! There is not you and God, there is only God! You are one and the same. You were made in the image and likeness of God, you were created to be the Christ! In this consciousness lies your salvation. To live as God, is to live in reality. To live in this consciousness is to live in the Kingdom of God. The “Kingdom of God” is the real world. The ‘Kingdom of God’ and the ‘consciousness of God’ are synonymous. The world of Humanity is the world of confusion and illusion; this so called real world filled with hate, greed, selfishness, turmoil and war. It is even erroneous for us to see ourselves as sons and daughters of God. This too creates a sense of separation. More correctly we are manifestations of God … Individual manifestations. Would we call branches sons and daughters of the vine? Would we call waves, sons and daughters of the ocean? No! Branches are manifestations of the vine as waves are manifestations of the ocean. But ... we must live as though we are sons and daughters of God in order for us to grow into the likeness of our creator. As he said, “Except we become as little children,” we can not enter the Kingdom of Heaven, (we cannot attain the mind of Christ)!

Does the church not try to teach you to be like Christ? No matter how earnestly you try, no matter how committed to that end you might be, so long as you believe that to live in your John Doe identity is to live in reality, you can never attain the mind of Christ. You can never be more than a practicing Christian. You can only attain the mind of Christ when you realize that you and the Father are one! In your John Doe identity you actually have no being. As John Doe you have no existence. As John Doe, you are nothing more than an illusion. ‘God’ is your reality. ‘God’ is your true identity.

Christ is not a specific individual, Christ is the Divine personality personified. The Divine mind personified. We have been admonished that above all else, we are to seek the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all our needs will be taken care. How can we hope to find it; the Kingdom of God, when we have been programmed to believe it is a place that we can only enter after we have died, providing we have met certain requirements as laid out by the various religious sects. The Kingdom of God is a state of mind! It is a state of knowing that you and God are one, one and the same! It is a state of knowing that the ‘I’ within you is the Father, that the ‘I’ within you is God.

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