The way of Salvation.

‘Jesus’, did not come to Earth to take upon Himself the sins of the World. His ‘burden’(His calling) was to show Humanity, that man and God, were One! “I am come that ye might have life, and that life more abundantly!” He prayed to His Source, (the Holy Spirit) “that they all may be One, as we are One!” Man… is the Eternal Spirit of God embodied! That… is what a ‘man’ is! In that consciousness, we have but to “believe ye shall receive, and ye shall have it.” In that consciousness, we have but to decree a thing, and it shall be established unto us. In that consciousness, ‘men’, need never die! But… before men can attain that ‘state of mind’, they must first choose to die to self! (the Spiritual Rebirth) They must recognize and acknowledge that the I AM within them, is God… the Father… (their True identity,) become as little children, and begin to walk AS God. This, men find hard to do. Jesus, faced the agony of the cross, to visibly demonstrate that the ‘self’ must be crucified, before men can function in their true identity… before the ‘I am’ within us, can be resurrected.

Going to the cross, was the ultimate demonstration of Gods love for Humanity, for it was not ‘Jesus’ whom they crucified, it was the Father… the Source, whom they crucified! So long, as we refuse to walk AS the I am, we are as guilty of crucifying Him, as were they who called for His crucifixion 2000 years ago! He who was known as ‘Jesus’, was fully aware that He and God, were one and the same. He knew, that God was the reality of all men. This was the message that the World missed! We are all One, and that One, is God! This is what the Christ, the Cross, and the Crucifixion was all about. It has always been God’s purpose, to show man the way of salvation. It is ‘the way of the cross’... dying to ‘self’!. It automatically becomes the main purpose for whoever attains this realization! We are not meant to ‘worship’ the Christ… we are to walk AS THE FATHER, for the Christ… is but the ‘Father’, (the ‘Spirit of God’) personified! Thus, “I” and my Father, are ONE! This, is the message they rejected, and for which they crucified the ‘Christ’ some 2000 years ago! The “I” within each of us, is the Father! No one saw this as His message then. Hopefully they will see it now! We are all One, and that One… is the ‘Spirit of God’, (the “I” within us)! There is nothing else! The Holy Spirit, is the Spirit of God, and the Spirit of God personified, is the Christ! In this realization, lies the salvation of Humanity!

During the life of Enoch and Methuselah, there was roughly a thousand years of peace. The Universal mind, (the Spirit of God), was not yet ‘polluted’ with the thoughts of men. Moses, was not totally convinced that ‘he and God’, were one and the same, and so, he failed to convince God’s children of this, so they spent 40 more years in the wilderness. Isaiah did not succeed, nor did Jesus. (In spite of His efforts, they crucified Him!) Today, we have technology that never existed in their day. We have radio, telephone, television, and the internet. We can communicate today, as Jesus or Isaiah never thought possible. We can virtually communicate with every corner of the Planet on any and every issue on a daily basis. Suppose this message, had the full support of the Worlds most influential men. Might we once again see Peace on Earth as there was in the days of Enoch? Have we the will, or the courage to try? Let us remember the words of Jesus from the book of Matthew, “With God (As God)… all things are possible!” If we fail, I am convinced, that Man’s exploitation of the Earth, will set the Creative Principle in motion, via a cataclysmic event, to once again restore the image of the ‘garden of Eden’, (as held in the Divine Mind), back to what it was, prior to the creation of Man.


Man' has never discovered that there is an alternative to physical death. It lies in the realization that man and God are One! (There is only the Father.) That... is the ‘consciousness' which the 'spiritual rebirth' is meant to lead to. God is the Source and ‘Man’ is the Source manifesting! Whoever chooses to die to self... to their outer identity, and live as Sons of God were meant to live... need never die. Only as we function AS the eternal... can we experience an 'eternal reality'.


When we function in the consciousness in which Jesus functioned, we can be sure we too will experience the ascension. Jesus functioned ‘as’ His ‘Father’, ‘as’ God… ‘as’ the Eternal I am. We can only do so AFTER we have experienced the Spiritual Rebirth, and we can only experience the Spiritual Rebirth when we see and acknowledge that the “I AM” within us IS the Father! When we make the decision to walk in that consciousness, AS the Father, we will without question, become more and more ‘like the Father’. That ‘likeness’, is the Christ. As we continue to walk in that consciousness, it will eventually dawn upon us that this is the highest state of mind in which we can possibly walk. It is then that we can rest assured that we will experience the ascension, for then we will be walking in the Christ Mind… the mind in which Jesus walked. We cannot go beyond that awareness! It is then that we too will know we are Eternal Immortal beings!

It is then that we will realize that we have ‘become’ what God created us to be! We reach that ‘point’ of awareness, when we realize (in silence) that we are the ‘Vine’, or when we know (within our hearts) that “he who hath seen me, hath seen the Father.” It is then that we will KNOW that we found that ‘narrow gate’.


The realization that the “I am” within us, is the Universal I AM individualized, is such a profound realization, that those who see it, will never again be the person they once were. I have been told by many that so and so, realized it, but preferred to explain it through sophisticated theological rhetoric. I don’t believe that such as these have seen it. It is such a profound realization that anyone achieving this understanding cannot resist telling others this great news, and the simpler the explanation the better. It consumed Him who was known as Jesus to the point where He allowed Himself to be crucified for the sake of His fellowman. He did not face the cross in order to take upon Himself the sins of Humanity, He allowed Himself to be crucified in order to demonstrate to those around Him that the ‘outer self’ must be crucified before the I AM within us can be resurrected. And until the I am within us has been ‘resurrected’, we cannot attain the ascension. For Humanity to see this, was so important to Him that He faced the agony of the cross. Those who see this and fail to do their best to enlighten their fellowman, are as guilty of crucifying the ‘Christ’, as were those who called for His crucifixion 2000 years ago, for the ‘Christ’, is not a ‘specific’ individual . The ‘Christ’, is the ‘person’ of God personified, and this cannot be accomplished until we realize that the I am within us, is God… the Father. Could you keep such a profound understanding a secret from your loved ones? Should they refuse to believe you is one thing, but to fail to tell them is another. Those who speak of this in vague terms, are those who have caught a glimpse of this truth but have chosen not to ‘follow’ Him.


The sign of the prophet Jonas.

Jesus was asked by the Pharisees for a sign pertaining to the last days. He replied that there would be no sign given, but the sign of the prophet Jonas. One definition of the word ‘sign’ is, “a perceptible indication of something not immediately apparent.”

Until we see that God, is the reality of every one, humanity, shall continue their evil and adulterous ways, and therefore doomed to die. The people of Nineveh lived in sin, but because they sincerely repented when they heard the word of God from Jonas, God spared them, and yet, the people of Nineveh eventually all died. God spared Jonas, but Jonas, was unable to teach the people of Nineveh the way of Eternal life. He did not know that the “I” within them, was the Eternal I am… their true identity. Is it the ‘dead’ that shall rise up in judgment at the Church hierarchy, for their failure to teach them the way of salvation? Will they rise up in judgement, at the Church, for the Church fathers failing to let them know there was an alternative to death? (St. Matthew 12:41) Think of the Billions of souls who have since ‘perished’ for the same reason. The ‘dead’ can evidently think, but what good does it do to learn of the means of Eternal life ‘after’ our ‘temple’ has been destroyed? The ‘sign’ of the Prophet Jonahs was a ‘message… Repent of your sinful ways, else you will be destroyed!

The Churches have failed to discover the keys to Eternal Life… all of them! Was it not for this purpose that God established His Church? The religious elite, have betrayed humanity. God is the reality of every ‘man’, who has ever come into this world. God, is He who was ‘greater’ than Jonas! Jonas was one of those who failed to inform the people of Nineveh that there was an alternative to death. He persuaded them to repent, but He was unable to teach them the way of Eternal life, for he was not aware that every so called ‘human being’, is an individualized manifestation of the Eternal I am. He was even angry that God spared them. He would rather have watched their destruction. Is that not the way it is, with ‘human’ beings? Men, care more about ‘things’, than they do about the souls of men.


Was “Peter” not the first Pope?

Jesus gave Peter the keys to the ‘Kingdom’, when He asked Peter, “Whom do men say that “I” the son of man am,” Peter replied, ‘Thou art the Christ, the son of the living God’. ‘This was revealed to you Peter” He said, “not by flesh and blood, but by my Father, which is in Heaven,” and upon this Truth, (this rock) I shall build my Church, and the gates of Hell, shall not prevail against it,” “and I will give unto thee the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven, and whatsoever thou shalt bind on Earth shall be bound in Heaven, and whatsoever thou shalt loose on Earth, shall be loosed in Heaven.” Had Peter seen that every ‘son of man’, (including himself) was potentially the Christ, rather than seeing ‘Jesus’ as being the Christ, the Church would have started out on the right track. When Jesus asked the question “Whom do men say, that “I” the son of man am,” He was referring to the “I AM” within Him, and within every other ‘son of man’ on the face of the Earth! This Truth, was the ‘rock’ He referred to when He said to Peter, “upon this rock, I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” If Peter had seen this, he would have set a precedent! Then all succeeding Popes, would have had to qualify as Christs! Then the criteria required to become The Pope, would have been established by their ability to function in Christ consciousness! Is that not what they were supposed to have been? Was this not the purpose for which God established His Church, that we all might function in Christ consciousness? Suppose this had been the criteria by which the Popes had been selected over the past 2000 years. Would this not have changed the course of history? Was humanity deliberately deceived by those who wrote the scriptures, or by those who interpreted them? So, instead of functioning as ‘Christs’ over the past 2000 years, they have instead, played the role of being Jesus’ followers.

There is not a church that I know of, that teaches the way of Eternal Life. I do not mean life after death, I mean life eternal, in our present bodies transformed. Transformed through an awareness of being an individualized manifestation of the Eternal I am. There is not a Church that I know of that teaches humanity how to attain the Christ Mind. There is not a Church that I know of that teaches ‘men’ that God, is the “I AM” within them. If we refuse to acknowledge God as our reality, we shall surely die… we shall be ‘bound’ on Earth as well as in Heaven. But, if we acknowledge Him as our reality, and choose to die to self (the illusion), and live in our I AM identity, we need never die! We shall not only know we are free on Earth, but in Heaven as well, Know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.

When we see that the “I” within us, is the Father, we cannot help but see that we need never die. We then must realize that we are creative beings, not because we may have come from a long line of creative individuals in our family tree, but because we are nothing less, than individual manifestations of the Divine Mind. Only if we should choose to die to ‘self’, and walk in that consciousness, can we expect to partake in God’s Eternal reality. We were all meant to function as the Father, only we have never been shown how this is possible. As we consistently and persistently function AS the Father, we eventually reach a point where we do so automatically. People will still see us, as the person our parents named us, but we will KNOW that “I and my Father are One,” One and the same. In time, this consciousness will produce a change in our physical appearance. Jesus said, If thine eye be single, thine whole body shall be filled with light. ‘His face did shine as the sun’, on the Mount of Transfiguration. This ‘transformation’, will come only as a result of our continuing walk in the ‘Christ Mind’. It is imperative for us to take advantage of every opportunity, to go ‘into our closet’ and meditate upon our relationship to God. Realize that the Father, the Universal “I”am, is the “Iam, that I am.” I am not all that It is, but It, is most certainly all that I am. Meditate upon these lines, and in time this consciousness, will indeed , lift the ‘frequency’ of the substance of our bodies, into the frequency of Light. It is then that we are no longer subject to the laws of gravity. It is then that our ascension is assured.


The Universe is a ‘mental’ phenomenon.

All is Mind. The Universe is One gigantic ‘mind’. Call it the Universal Mind, or call it the Divine Mind. Whatever we choose to call it, it is the Mind of ‘God’. It is the Mind that has given being to every manifest ‘thing’, including this ‘thing’ called ‘Man’. This Mind, is the Whole “I” Spirit (the Holy Spirit). It gives being to nothing apart from itself or to any ‘thing’ other than itself. It is for this reason that if every man/woman on Earth were to speak the English language, no one could identify himself/herself, without first proclaiming their relationship to the Universal Mind when they say Hello, “I” am. So you can see that no one or no ‘thing’ has any being of itself. There is only the Universal Mind… the Universal “I AM”. IT is the “I am that I am” and the “I am” within every other man/woman or ‘thing’ on the face of the Planet. To put this another way, each of us is the Universal I am individualized. IT is who we are, and IT is what we are, and besides IT, there is no ‘thing’! (read the book of Isaiah)

When we ‘think’, we are actually the Universal Mind thinking. (the Spirit of God thinking). Because we think we have being apart from this ‘mind’, we think as we perceive ourselves to be, and thus give reality to the beliefs that divide us. We cannot think thoughts that do not exist in this Universal Mind, because, ‘of ourselves, we have no being’. There is only the Universal mind, and only the Universal Mind can think! It is for this reason that man is a ‘creative’ being. Now you can see that before the creation of ‘man’, there were no thoughts other than the perfect thoughts of God in the Universal Mind. Thoughts of death, hatred, jealousy, nationality, culture, religion etc., did not exist in the Universal Mind prior to the creation of man. These are thoughts that have, since the creation of man, polluted the Universal mind, to the point where we are now some six billion ‘human’ manifestations who think we have being of ourselves. Each perceiving himself/herself to be ‘who’ and ‘what’ we think we are, looking upon our neighbor, not as a Universal brother, or as another son of God, but as someone to beware of. Instead of living together in peace and harmony, doing unto others as we would have them do unto us, we have become a world of people who ‘do unto others ‘before’ they do unto us’. So… how can this world wide state of consciousness be corrected, for unless this state of consciousness is changed, we face the extinction of the human race as we know it.

We read in the book of Philippians to “let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.” Jesus was God embodied, and He knew it, and He functioned in that consciousness. He knew that a ‘man’ is God individualized! This was the message He gave to Humanity, and for which He was crucified. Not even His disciples understood what He was telling them. The night of His crucifixion they all denied knowing Him. Nor has the World to this day grasped the significance of His ministry. His message was simple. “Except ye become as a little child, you cannot enter the Kingdom of God.” Humanity has failed to understand that the ‘Kingdom of God’, is a state of mind. A state of mind in which we can function in harmony, in God consciousness, as Universal beings. A state of Knowing that we are ALL ONE, and that THAT One, is God, the Eternal Universal I AM! This can only be accomplished when we realize that God, is the I AM within us. Only then can we attain the Christ Mind. Only then can death be ‘swallowed up in victory’. But unless this message comes from someone with great influence, such as the heads of the Worlds religions, it will once again fall on deaf ears. Who listens? Not ‘men’ who love their way of Life.

But… if men have polluted the Universal Mind with ‘their’ thoughts, might the Universal Mind be cleansed of the thoughts of men, by those who know that they are ‘sons’ of God? The thoughts of ‘sons’ of God, are far more potent than are the thoughts of men. Are the thoughts of God not Omnipotent… all powerful? Why then can One who knows that he/she, is the Spirit of God embodied (the Spirit of God individualized), not decree, that this Truth, this Light, shall ‘consume’ the darkness in the Universal Mind? We read in the Book of Jasher where Enoch not only taught men the ways of the Lord, he spent much of his time in solitude, in prayer and meditation.

It has been proven that prayer can ‘heal’ someone on the other side of the Planet. Here is a point to ponder. It is not the ‘person’ who experiences a healing, whose mind is changed… it is the Universal Mind that is ‘transformed’! ‘Our‘ mind... is the Universal mind individualized. The Universal Mind… is what we are. It is also the stuff we are made of! Why then can we not, by issuing a decree to that effect, dispel the darkness from the whole of the Universal Mind? After all, the Universal Mind, is ONE mind! It is ‘our’ mind! The I AM THAT I AM! Might this be why Enoch spent so much time in prayer and meditation? Is there any thing to prevent us from issuing such a decree? NO! The I am that we are, is Omnipotent! Did ‘Jesus’not say, “All power is given unto me in Heaven and in Earth.” Those of us who believe as He did, (that God is the I am within us,) have this power! What have we got to lose by exercising it? I have proven on several occasions, that a ‘silent’ treatment is every bit as effective as an audible treatment, which proves that it is the Universal Mind (the Universal substance) that is ‘transformed’, and not because of the ’patients’ beliefs. Every cell in our bodies is intelligent. Let me correct that statement. Every cell in our bodies IS INTELLIGENCE! Intelligence is a substance, and it is acted upon by our consciousness. It is the Mother aspect of the Creative Principle, and our consciousness, is the Father aspect. It is the sole purpose of the intelligence to give being to whatever the consciousness believes or decrees as being, and the only requisite is to Know this!

In Genesis 1:3 God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. In the book of St. John chapter 1 we read that God’s Life, is the Light of men! The Light that ‘lighteth’ every man that has ever been born on Earth, and… it is His light that ‘shines in the darkness, but the darkness (the unenlightened) have failed to comprehend this. Where there is Truth, there can be no error… where there is Light, there can be no darkness. If Humanity polluted the Divine Mind with the thoughts of men, what is to prevent ‘sons of God’ from ‘cleansing the Divine Mind’, with thoughts of Truth (with thoughts of Light)? With a ‘healing’ from a distance, it is not the mind of the ‘individual’ that is changed, it is the Universal Mind that is altered! Keep in mind, that we as an individual have no being! The consciousness of one who experiences a healing, is not necessarily changed with the healing, but the Truth (the treatment) does change the ‘manifestation of the substance’ of the body, because ‘Universal Mind’ comprises the substance of the body! Which means the ‘treatment’ brought about a change in the Universal Mind, (the substance of the body) but not necessarily in the ‘consciousness’ of the individual. We must realize that ‘Universal Mind’, is the substance of all form!

How many are there of us, and what might our decree involve. If our purpose is to dispel the darkness, then we must proclaim this Truth. I am the I am within every man /woman on Earth. I am who you are, and I am what you are, and besides me there is none other! I am the first and I am the last and besides me there is no God… there is no savior… there is none other. This was stated by the writer of Isaiah, but did those who heard it understand? Have men not always concentrated on changing the ‘minds of men’, of those who love darkness rather than light? If there is no ‘individual’ mind… if there is only the Universal mind, then had we better not concentrate on proclaiming the perfection of the Universal Mind, thereby eliminating the darkness existing in the Universal Mind because of the thoughts of men? The ‘darkness, does not exist in the ‘minds of men’, it exists in the Universal Mind, because ‘men’ do not have a ‘mind’ of their own. Men… have no being! This awareness, is not sufficiently ‘paramount’ in the Universal Mind. The thoughts of ‘men’, surely can not extend beyond the Earth’s atmosphere, for such thoughts are sent out under very little power from creatures that function in a very low frequency, whereas thoughts sent out from those who realize that they are the Universal I am individualized, have unlimited power. Such thoughts are Omnipotent, for God thinks in the frequency of Light (I am the Light)!

We have been putting all our efforts into trying to change the effects… the ‘minds of men’! Men… are but effects! We must change the Cause, the ‘beliefs’ in the Divine Mind, in order to change the effects. ‘Man”, is the Divine Mind individualized. ‘Men’… are not aware of this. Humanity is the Divine Mind functioning in the illusion of being mere men, and we have been concentrating on ‘changing the minds of the illusions’, but how can we change that which is an illusion? Only with the Truth. Know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free. We have failed to function as what we are… the Universal I am individualized. An illusion, is just an illusion! We can only change that which has being! ‘Men’ will not listen. Illusions do not listen. We can effect a healing on the other side of the Earth, which means we can effect the Universal Mind. So we must work on ‘enlightening’the Universal Mind, by concentrating on saturating the Universal mind with the Truth, with ‘Light’, for only the Universal Mind has being! Only I AM. If it is possible for us to dispel the darkness from the Universal Mind, then ‘sons of men’ will once again function as ‘sons’ of God, as did Adam. Only as God can we dispel the darkness. Only the Truth can dispel the darkness. Can this possibly be achieved by those of us who believe? How can we know if we don’t make the attempt. AS men it is impossible, but AS God… all things are possible. Man is a ‘programmable’ being, which means that the Universal Mind is programmable as well. As this consciousness becomes established within us, we will constantly be projecting Light into the Universal Mind (the‘substance’ of all form). So let us saturate it with Light… with these Biblical Truths.

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