A sequel to

The Christ Mind

“I and My Father are One”

© 1993 ~ 2006 R. A. Clark

An introduction to this sequel.

There are only so many ways to explain, that God is the “I AM” within us. In spite of the repetition, there is a thread throughout these chapters, that ties this message together. These chapters do not constitute a ‘story’, They are meant to assist you in attaining a ‘mental transformation’… the Christ Mind. (Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind), enabling you to function AS the ’Father’… as the Universal I AM! These ideas will, like seeds, take root in your consciousness, if you ask God for understanding and enlightenment. I am sure there is much more to this wonderful mystery of Oneness, but there is all you need to know within the covers of this book to start you on the path to God consciousness and Life Everlasting. I also believe that the next generation will produce someone who will do “greater things than these.” I am also certain that only AS God, will it be achieved.


Pertaining to Adam.

For over forty years, I have concentrated on the life of “Jesus Christ”. I have searched and found the keys that led me to the ‘Christ Mind’. The I am within each of us, is the Father. It is in that consciousness, that we have been admonished to walk. Christians say they follow the Bible. The Muslims also know of the Bible. So do Buddhists, and Jews, and I am sure that the majority of other religious organizations do to some degree as well. In the Christian religions, the focus, has been on Christ. In the Muslim faith, the focus is on the prophet Mohammed. In Buddhism, it is on the Buddha. In other religions it is usually on some ‘departed’ guru, who had gathered a huge following while living off the fears and superstitions of their ‘devotees’. Most use the Bible, to some degree, as a book of reference. But, how many have focused on Gods ‘relationship” to “Adam”? At His creation, Adam, was the perfect man. Made in the image and likeness of God!

When Adam and Eve first came into being, they would have had no idea what manner of beings they were. They of course, were Gods (made in the image and likeness of God). Their thoughts would have manifested as quickly as they were thought. They were God in His most perfect disguise. Perhaps, we should have been focusing on the ‘Life’of ‘Adam’, instead of on the life of ‘Christ’, for ‘Christ’… is not a specific ‘person’, and never has been! The Christ, is a ‘personality’… the ‘person’ of God (the Father), personified!

Adam, came into being as an adult… as God! We come 'into being', as a ‘child’. God gave being to Adam, by 'becoming’ Adam... by 'being' Adam. God was the Vine, and ‘Adam’, was the branch. They were One and the same! ‘Adam’, did not have to 'concentrate', on being God. He was not preprogrammed… he simply functioned AS God, whereas we function, as the person our parents created when they named us! The 'person' we believe ourselves to be, is but the illusion in which we walk! Each of us, is a branch of the Vine also, if we only realized this. We are to God, exactly what ‘Adam’ was to God! God’s mind… was Adam's mind. (The mind of the Vine, is the mind of the branch.) Adam... was not preprogrammed, so he functioned AS God. There was ONLY the mind of God, and Adam knew no difference, nor did he give any thought to the subject. He was what he was, and that was that!

At our birth... we are like an 'empty' computer.  No different than what ‘Adam’ was when God first became ‘man’. (As I have said, every new born human child, is God, in the infant stage of development). The one thing Adam was not aware of, was the 'consequences' of his thinking. He simply created as He perceived things to be! We too, have failed to realize the consequences of our thinking! This has been the problem with humanity ever since. I have never heard of anyone who could give me the reason why these men of old lived to be several hundred years old. Here is the reason. Prior to the creation of 'Adam', there were no thoughts of death, sin, hate, 'nationalities', imperfection, etc., in the Divine Mind. This was the reason why many lived for hundreds of years. Eventually, the 'thoughts of men', polluted the Divine mind, (with the thoughts of men) causing men to become little more than other 'creatures', and so 'men' now live a ‘life span’, of approx. three score and ten.

How have 'we' been programmed? We have been made to believe we are English men, French men, Germans, Russians, Africans, Chinese, Japanese, Mexicans, etc., etc. We have been 'filled' with every thing but the Truth! Never have we been programmed as Jesus must have been programmed. Mary knew that her unborn child would grow up to be as God, and she taught him that from the cradle!  He too was programmed, but programmed with the Truth. "Jesus", was no different from you or me, except that he was programmed, to 'walk as God’! Jesus, knew that he and God, were One, and so he ‘focused’ his attention constantly on that. Adam did not have to focus his attention on that... he simply functioned AS God, 'unconsciously',  for he had not been programmed with false information. Any thoughts he had, manifested immediately. His creativity, was acute, so his ‘thoughts’, supplied his needs! (he was the creator embodied, even though he didn’t realize this.) Before the creation of ‘man’, the Divine Mind, knew no imperfection! It was in ‘that’ mind, that Adam thought and functioned! We have been filled with so much garbage, that we are now, for the most part, totally oblivious of what manner of beings we are, so we function, as mere men… and live by the sweat of our brow!

We see ‘Adam’... as being our oldest ancestor, but this is not true. God… is our oldest ‘Patriarch’! (Adam, was God embodied!) God hid 'His' identity, when He gave being to this 'man’ He ‘became', by naming Himself ‘Adam’! The same thing happened when our parents named us. Our names, hid ‘our’ True identity, but the Church never told us how to discover it!  They never told us that the "I" within us was our true identity… the same "I" that gave being to ‘Himself’ as ‘Adam’! (This realization, amounts to the Spiritual Rebirth.) The word 'Adam', can also mean a ‘dam’… an obstruction. A dam can shut off the flow of water. Water, in the Bible, is symbolic of ‘Truth’. Our names are like dams’ as it were... they hide our true identity. Until we realize that the “I AM” within us is God, we simply go on in ignorance, functioning as the ‘person’ our parents created when they named us! What ‘Adam’ was... we are! There never has been any one else! This is why Jesus told us to ‘call no man on earth our Father, for God (our Source), is our Father’. The 'Spirit’ of God… is the reality of every 'man' that has ever come into the World! But.it cannot express itself as what it is, because it cannot get access to its temple. The Spirit of God within us, (which is us) has been programmed to believe it is the ‘person’ our parents created when they named us. The Spirit of God, and the Universal mind, are one and the same!

‘Adam’, was the ‘Spirit of God’, unadulterated. Adam, was the perfect man! The ‘man’ known as Jesus, was not quite as perfect… He had experienced ‘outside influence’! We… are virtually at the bottom of the scale! Jesus lived the ‘Christ Life’, by Faith! So too must we! He realized, that He and God, were One and the same. ‘Adam’… didn’t have to live by Faith, he simply functioned … as God intended man, (the branch), to function! (he had not been programmed to believe otherwise.)  Jesus realized, that the “I” within Him, was God. Remember what I said… the ‘Christ’, is simply the ‘Spirit of God’, personified! Right now, the Universal mind or the Divine mind... (they are one and the same) is polluted with the thoughts and beliefs of 'men'. Man and God, are one and the same! Each of us is like a 'receiving' set, as well as a 'transmitter'. Think of the significance of this. We 'send out' our thoughts, and we also 'pick up' the thoughts of others. Every thing, is recorded and stored, in the Universal Mind (in the Mind of God). Thus, we are influenced by every thing we see or hear. ‘Men’… have filled the Universal Mind, with the thoughts of ‘men’, (with thoughts of hate, jealousy, nationalities, revenge, etc., etc.) These thoughts are projected into the Universal Mind, with intense feeling… with power! We are influenced by them, as well as by every thing we see or hear, because, each of us, is connected to the Universal Mind.

The Universe, is a mental phenomenon… ALL, IS MIND! As I have said throughout my book... we cannot 'think' thoughts, that do not exist in the Divine Mind... (in Gods mind), because the 'person' we believe ourselves to be, is but the illusion in which we walk! (There is only the Vine… the Father!) This ‘person’ our parents created when they named us, HAS NO BEING! When we ‘think’, we are actually ‘the Father’ thinking, if we only realized this! So you can see that we need Faith as never before, in order to walk as the Father, (as the ‘Christ’). When we realize that ‘we and our so called enemies’ are all One… let us remember Him who suffered the cross, and know that His prayer, ‘that they all may be One, even as we are One,’ has finally been answered.


It was Jesus’ prayer that we might all be One as He and His Father(God) were One. In Philippians we are admonished to, “Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.” Jesus functioned AS God! It is the consciousness, in which we are all capable of functioning. In the book of Acts, Peter and the disciples did not function AS God. They prayed to God as though God were separate and apart from them! This has led to the consciousness in which the Evangelical Churches of the World have functioned since His crucifixion at Calvary. In the first part of the book of Acts we are led to believe they were ‘filled’ with the Holy Spirit. I beg to differ. They were filled with the ‘belief’ that God was separate and apart from them, but was there to answer their prayers so long as they had faith that if they asked in the name of Jesus, their prayers would be answered. This belief exists in the Church to this day. Jesus was God embodied, so was Peter.

In the book of Acts, “they spoke the word of God with boldness.” Their faith in their belief was sufficient to effect a healing, and many were healed. Anyone can speak the word of God boldly, without realizing that they are One with God, and ‘healings’ will take place. The Church has been doing so for years, though not being noticeably effective. Had Peter realized that the “I” within him was the same “I” that was within ‘Jesus’, and that there was none other, perhaps the entire World might function today in God consciousness, as ‘Jesus’ functioned. Peter had no idea that every ‘man’ on Earth was the Universal I am embodied. Nor is the World aware of this even today. If we should walk in the realization that God is the I AM within us, the ‘Spirit‘ that healed the sick in ‘Jesus’ day, would have the same healing effect to day! The ‘Spirit’ that ‘dwelt’ in Him, was the Spirit of God! The “I” within each of us, is that same ‘Spirit’ (that same consciousness) that dwelt in him who was known as Jesus. Thus did he say,”I and my Father are one.” When we realize that the “I” within us is that same “I” that functioned AS ‘Jesus’, we too can say, “I and my Father are One.” Suppose Peter had known this.


I am that I am.

No John / Jane Doe, has any being. The ‘person’ your parents created when they named you at your birth, has no being. Can you comprehend this? No matter what name your parents might have chosen to identify you with them, that ‘person’, would still have had no being. Nothing or no One, has ‘being’, apart from, or other than the Source! There is ONLY the Source, and the Source, is the Universal I AM! It is for this reason that we all say Hello, ‘I am’, every time we introduce ourselves. The Source, the “I AM”, does not give being to any One, or to any ‘thing’, apart from or other than itself! No matter the color of your skin, the language you speak, the culture or the religion you follow, or your perceived Nationality, you are the Source, the I am, manifesting! Nothing has being other than it! If every individual on Earth, spoke the English language, no one could identify himself / herself, without first proclaiming their relationship to the Universal I AM. We are all One. It was Jesus’ prayer, that we should all be aware of this (that we might all be one, as the Father and I are One). To function in this awareness, is to function in the Christ Mind, (in Christ consciousness).

In the 15th Chapter of the book of St. John, Jesus expounds the relationship between God and man, as being identical to the relationship of a branch to the Vine. They are ONE! There is not Him AND ‘us’… there is only Him. He… is the I AM THAT I AM! Here is how the Vine, might view its relationship to the ‘branches’.

I AM the reality, of ‘every ’man/woman on the Planet. I AM also the reality of every other living ‘thing’. There is nothing besides me, or other than me. I AM the Holy Spirit… the Spirit of God! Those who realize that I AM the I AM within them, and function in that consciousness, are the Christs of the world, for the ‘Christ’ is but the Holy Spirit, (the Spirit of God) personified! From this point of view, there is no separation. I AM ONE! There is however, individualization. Even though I remain One… I am every individual manifestation, and… in the realm of ‘humanity’, every individual manifestation has a name to identify it from all other manifestations. Each individual manifestation has the freedom to think and create as it perceives itself to be, yet I AM the reality of each one! AS I have free will, each individual manifestation has free will also. And… my name is I AM! This is the reason that every individual manifestation says, “I am,” because… I AM… THAT I AM! There is no one other than me! At this point in time, there is approximately seven billion individual manifestations of ‘myself’, functioning as ‘human beings’… (as ‘men’)… as ‘descendents of Adam’! Perhaps there are a few functioning AS the I AM THAT I AM… but very few. Whoever is functioning in that awareness, are the Christs of today. As it was with ‘Adam’… no John/Jane Doe, on the face of the Planet, has any ‘being’. Only “I” have being! Men… are not aware of Who or What they really are. They think they are the ‘progeny’ of ‘Adam’. ‘Adam’… is synonymous with ‘men’… with ‘human beings’, whereas “I”… am synonymous with God…. Only I AM.

When you ‘think’, it is actually ‘me’ that is thinking. “I”... am the thinker. ‘You’… cause ME to ‘think’, as‘you’ perceive yourself to be. Thus… be cause I AM the creator, ‘you’, are responsible for ‘your’ creations, for ‘I’ can only ‘think’ as ‘you’ perceive ME (your self) to be! You see… I AM who you are, but you ‘think’ you are the ‘person’ your parents created when they named you at your birth! The person you believe yourself to be, was never ‘born’… ‘you’, were created, But not by ME. ‘You’… have no being, as the person your parents created when they named you! (You… are an illusion) Before you can function as the I AM THAT I AM (in your true identity)… you must be ‘born again’. You must first experience the Spiritual Rebirth! This ‘birth’, is the birth of the ‘Christ’. This ‘conception’, takes place in your consciousness. This ‘child’ is conceived by the Holy Spirit… by the Truth… through the realization that the Universal I AM is the I am within you! This, is known throughout the Christian World, as the immaculate conception… (the Virgin Birth!) It results in the birth of the ‘Christ’… through the realization that you and “I”, (your heavenly Father)… are ONE! (Thus... I and my Father are One)


I believe with all my being, that God (the Vine), is Who and What I am. Then how could there be anything more for me to attain than that? What more is there for me to realize? Nothing more! I don’t need to ‘wonder’ if I have Eternal Life… I am Eternal Life! I do not have to die to ‘enter’ Eternity. I am living in Eternity this very moment. I am walking about in the Kingdom of Heaven wherever I go, knowing that I am the Eternal I am embodied . ‘I’ need never die physically, for I no longer function in the consciousness of being the person my parents created when they named me! Others still see me as that person, but I now know, that I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE! I now know, that I am the Eternal I am embodied! We must realize, that apart from our Source (apart from God), we have no being… no existence. ‘God’… is the I am that I am! In knowing that… there can be no death! He who liveth and believeth in me (AS me), shall never die! As we function in this consciousness, it is no longer a matter of ‘perhaps’, but when. As we walk in this consciousness, the very cells of our bodies will be transformed. It could not be otherwise. Had ‘Adam’ walked in the consciousness of being the Father individualized, he would never have died. So too, is it with us!


No matter how earnestly we might try to be Christ like, no matter how committed to that end we might be, so long as we believe that to live in our John Doe identity is to live in reality, we can never attain the Christ mind, we can never be more than a 'practicing Christian'. We can only attain the Christ mind when we realize that the 'Father' is the I within us. As John Doe, we are nothing more than an illusion. 'God' is our reality... our true identity.


I am the Universal I am individualized. Nothing or no One exists apart from, or other than, the Universal I am. God did not give being to the person we believe ourselves to be. He gave being to us as a Vine gives being to a branch. The ‘branch’, is but an extension of the Vine. What ‘God’ is, is what ‘we’ are. He is also ‘Who’ we are. “We” of ourselves have no being, we are not ‘plugged’ into the Universal Mind, we are but ‘outlets’ through which it can function in the world of form AS the Universal I am. It cannot do so however because it cannot get access to its ‘temple’. At our birth, our parents give us a name, and then proceed to ‘program’ us in ‘their’ image and likeness, cementing the ‘identity’ they give us at our birth, in our consciousness. So much so that we find it hard to believe as we grow older, that we could be something or someone other than who or what we have been made to believe we are. The Universal I am cannot express itself until we realize that the “I” within us, is God… the real you and the real me!

Not only must we see this, we must make a commitment to live and function in our new found identity… our I AM THAT I AM identity! It means the crucifixion of our ‘outer’ self… of our John/Jane Doe identity! This was the significance of the cross. The ‘self’ must be crucified before the resurrection of the “I” am within us can take place! Should we refuse to ‘die to self’, we are as guilty of crucifying the ‘Christ’, as were they who called for His crucifixion 2000 years ago. ’The ‘Christ’, is not a ‘specific’ person. The ‘Christ’ is but the ‘person’ of God … the Holy Spirit… (the Universal I am) personified! Each of us was created to be the Christ, believe it or not. However, before we can function in that consciousness, we must realize that we are the Universal “IAM” individualized. (The Spiritual Rebirth) Only then can we truly say that “I and my Father are One.” The Universal I AM, (or God) is the reality of the entire ‘Human race.’That we might realize this, is the answer to “Jesus” prayer.


God made man in His image

God made man in His image and likeness. He is the “I am within us.” He made us by ‘becoming’ us… by ‘being’ us. He created us, so that we could function in the World of form AS God. The Source, is the reality of His creations. The Vine, is the reality of the branch. The Ocean is the reality of the wave. God, is the real you and the real me. Apart from Him, we have no existence. He is the “I am” within every man/woman on Planet Earth, regardless of our color, language, religion, perceived Nationality, or culture. When we ‘think’, it is God who is thinking, only He thinks, ‘He’, is the person ‘we’ believe ourselves to be. Can you grasp that? In other words, God creates, as ‘we’ believe, only ‘we’, are unaware of who we are, and so ‘we’ create the beliefs that divide and destroy us.

We… are the ‘Lord’, in action. (The Lord and the Law, are synonymous.) As we think, so do we create. Our thoughts are creative, because they are God’s thoughts. We set creation in motion, as we ‘think’, only we are, for the most part, totally unaware of this tremendous fact. When our prayers are answered, we think an ‘invisible’ God heard us and answered our prayers. So we think He, (God), is an anthropomorphic being up in Heaven watching over us, never realizing that it is ‘us’ who set the creative action in motion by ‘our’ thinking. There is not ‘Him’, AND ‘us’, there is ONLY Him. “HE”… is us! (He who has seen me, has seen Him) (the Father) This His disciples failed to perceive. Show us the Father, Phillip said, and then perhaps we will believe you. God… did not give being to the person we believe ourselves to be. Our parents did that when they named us at our birth. Now can you see the necessity of the spiritual Rebirth? Through the concept of the Spiritual Rebirth that the Churches of the World promote, we can NEVER attain the Christ mind. (We can never function AS God) Their concept does nothing more than bring about a Spiritual conversion. It does not bring about the Spiritual Rebirth, the only means whereby we can attain Christ Consciousness! This comes about ONLY when we realize that the “I” am within us, is the Father. Then and then only can we say with conviction that “I and my Father, are One!”

God did not create ‘man’ in order to populate the Earth with ‘men’. He created ‘man’, as the means whereby He could, through the Spiritual Rebirth, ‘create’ sons and daughters of God, in order to populate the Universe with Gods! With beings which would glorify the Universal “I AM”, not with beings that would deny, disgrace and destroy Him and His creations. The real Spiritual Rebirth, makes it possible for sons and daughters of ‘men’, to become sons and daughters of God. Then… through the creative power of our consciousness, we can experience that transformation known as the ‘transfiguration’, which in turn makes it possible for us to ascend as ‘beings of Light’. No longer will we function as this person our parents created when they named us. We will function as the Universal I am... as the Father, having been transformed by the renewing of our mind.

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