A Condensed Version of the "Christ Mind"

There are those who believe that the only means of resolving divisive issues is through rational dialogue. It would seem that this is the best and perhaps the only means of resolving our ethnic differences. The truth is that it only works to a certain degree. Without doubt there has been extensive dialogue between both sides on every-divisive issue that has ever come up throughout the world. In many cases a compromise has been worked out and, for the well being of both sides, agreements have been reached ... perhaps agreements that did not fully satisfy either side, but nevertheless proved to be better than the alternatives. The alternatives in many case leading to violent expressions of hostility ... perhaps even culminating in war.

In every dispute there are pros and cons presented by both factions, with neither side willing to compromise what to them is their principles, their dignity, or their perceived status in the world. Is there any real solution in resolving these issues ... and the answer is yes ... but not without compromising our perceived principles, for the solution lies in the crucifixion of the 'Self'.

Today's negotiations usually take place with an 'ours versus yours' attitude or on a 'nation versus nation' mentality. What the whole world needs is a Spiritual awakening. We have failed to realize the Allness of God. We must remove the beliefs that we are different just because we 'look' different. Each of us is related to every other so-called 'human being' on Earth in exactly the same manner as a wave is related to every other wave in the ocean, as a branch is related to the vine. We are individual members of the One Body. It's just that we have never been made aware of the significance of this relationship. Why? An awareness of this relationship is not in the best interest of the 'self'. If we were aware of our real relationship to our fellow man ... the powers that be would be unable to organize the masses in order to achieve their selfish personal goals. If we realized that each of us was the presence of the One and only God of the universe, would we take up the sword to slay our brother? I think not.

No 'man' ... has any being ... any reality. Each of us is the presence of Life ... the Source ... the presence of that which is God. We only 'appear' to be separate and apart from each other ... from our Source. We only 'appear' to be different. You see ... none of 'us' are 'plugged' into the Source. Each of us is but an 'outlet' through which the Source can function As the Source (as God) in the world of form. Each of us is the Source embodied. The Source did not give being to this person you believe yourself to be. The Source gave being to you by becoming you ... by 'being' that which you are. It is written ...'in Him we live and move and have our being'.

In reality it is He (the Source) that lives and move and has 'His' being in us. 'He' ... is us! In ignorance of what you were at your birth, your parents named you, and then proceeded to give being to this person you now believe yourself to be. They programmed you in 'their' image and likeness ... totally oblivious of what manner of being you were created to be. They believed that it was 'they' that created you. They failed to realize that the procreative act is only the means by which Universal Life (God) perpetuates itself as 'man'. 'Man' ... is the only organism on the Planet in which and through which the Source (God) can function as the Source in this world of form. Believing ourselves to be nothing more than mere men is the problem. Every man/woman is nothing more or nothing less than a manifestation of the Source. You ... are the Source embodied, as is every other 'human being' on the face of the Planet. The Source ... is the creator. You ... are this creative being individualized. The John/Jane Doe you believe yourself to be is but an illusion. That which 'God' is ... is the real you.

When 'you' think ... you think it is you (the John Doe) who is thinking. But not so. You could 'think' no matter what your name might be. You could even think quite nicely without a name. When you 'think', you are the Source thinking (the 'Ocean' thinking). Only the Source can think ... and the Source (the thinker) is the 'I' within you. The 'I' that says 'I' am. This is what He who was known as 'Jesus' knew when He said 'I and my Father are one'. Each of us is an individual manifestation of the 'Father' ... believe it or not!

In ignorance of who and what we really are ...we function as we perceive ourselves to be, and ... as we are creative beings ... we create as we perceive ourselves to be. So ... in ignorance of our relationship to each other ... we ignorantly create the beliefs that divide us. The belief that we are English men, French men, Russians, Greeks, Jews, Natives, etc., etc., are nothing more than States of Mind.

None of the above have any reality. There is only the Source. We all 'think' (we all create) ... in exactly the same manner. Why? Because each of us is an individual manifestation of God ... the Creator. We are all One. To speak 'French' does not make you a 'French' man. To speak 'English' does not make you an 'English' man. Language is nothing more than a means of communication. Our language does not constitute the source of our being. To realize all of this in itself does not provide us with the solution unless we take it a step further. When we realize these truths we must act upon them. When you realize that you and God are One ... you will realize that you are already in the 'Kingdom of God' ... for the Kingdom of God is also a state of Mind. It is a State of Knowing that you and God are One ... One and the same. The 'I' within you is the Father. To function in that consciousness is to function AS God. To function as God is to function in the Christ Mind.

The 'Christ' is not an individual person. The 'Christ Mind' ... is the Universal personality personified ... the Divine Mind personified. This is the Truth that the Church has failed to fully comprehend. Thus the necessity for the commandment ... "Ye must be born again". The spiritual rebirth as taught by the worlds evangelical Churches can never lead you into a consciousness of Oneness ... into the 'Christ Mind'. To experience the real Spiritual Rebirth we must make a decision ... a choice. You can either choose to continue to live in your John Doe identity (the illusion), or you can choose to live in your true identity ... in your 'I am that I am' identity. We can never develop a consciousness of Oneness without choosing to live in our 'I am that I am' identity. That identity ... is the true identity of every 'human being' that has ever been born. Each of us is the 'Father' embodied (the Father and the Son are One and the same). One is the Universal and the other is the Universal individualized. In this realization lies the salvation of the human race. Until we choose to live as we were created to live ... as 'Him who is all and in all', there will never be peace on Earth.

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