In the Beginning was the Word ...
and the Word, (the ‘consciousness’)... was God

‘I’ ... am not of this world ... this world of illusions. I strive to function in what I know to be reality ... knowing that the ‘I’ within me is the ‘Father’. I also know that this happens to be the reality of every other man/woman on Earth. Even though ‘I’ am the reality of every living ‘thing’ ... of every ‘human’ individual ... ‘I’ am not recognized as being all there is. Not only am ‘I’ the cause ... ‘I’ am also the effect, for an ‘effect’ is not separate and apart from its cause. In reality ... no matter what you are looking at (and everything you are looking at is an effect) ... you are actually looking at the ‘cause’ manifesting. There is nothing besides the cause ... besides the consciousness ... besides that which ‘I’ am.

If every man or woman on earth were to speak the English language ... no one could introduce themselves without first proclaiming their Universal identity, their Divine identity, as they said hello ... ‘I’ am - (To say ‘my name is - is to say I am known as’.) The ‘I’ within you is the identity of the Universal; the identity of God! It does not ever give being to anything other than to itself. It is who ‘you’ are and it is who ‘I’ am. There is no one besides ‘it’. In actual reality ... all that you are is an individual embodiment of the Universal (Divine) Mind. The Divine Mind is the cause ‘behind’ every effect.

Nothing ever came into being without conscious direction. No living ‘thing’ ever played any role in ‘its’ becoming ... not even an electron, an atom, a cell or any other ‘thing’... no matter how large or how minuscule. ‘I’ am the reality of every living ‘thing, so now you can see that ‘I’ am truly the omnipresence. If that sounds like nonsense to you ... take a look at every living ‘thing’. Even a blade of grass came forth as a blade of grass because of the ‘consciousness’ in the seed. The image of the blade of grass existed in the seed. It is the same with every living ‘thing’.

A ‘seed’ is but the consciousness of the ‘thing, that produced it’, embodied in such a manner that under the proper conditions, the ‘seed’ (the consciousness) will develop as its progenitor ... producing more ‘seeds’ ensuring the perpetuation of the species.

Now ... what is the ‘substance’ of every ‘thing’ ... what makes every ‘thing’ grow? Try to realize that it is not the ‘thing’ that is growing is the consciousness that is developing and will eventually ‘mature’ as it fulfills the ‘image’ held in the seed, for a ‘seed’ is nothing more than a living cell embodying the ‘consciousness’ of the ‘thing’ that produced it.

One of the ‘attributes’ of any living ‘thing’ is Life. Where there is Life ... there is consciousness, and where there is consciousness ... there is intelligence. Where there is Life, consciousness, and intelligence ... there is ‘energy’. Scientifically ... every living ‘thing’ is ‘energy’ manifesting as that ‘thing’, but ... energy is not separate or apart from Life, consciousness or intelligence. Not only is Life, consciousness, and intelligence, ‘attributes’ of God... ‘they’ are also the ‘substance’ of every living thing!

The intelligence is the Mother aspect of the Creative Principle. The consciousness is the Father aspect. It is the consciousness that says ‘I’ ... that says “I am’. The intelligence gives being to whatever the consciousness ‘sees’ itself as being. They function together as one. That is the action of the Creative Principle. No matter what the consciousness ‘sees’ itself as being ... the intelligence gives the ‘image’ reality. The ‘I’ within you is the consciousness ... the Father aspect of the Creative Principle. You activate the Creative Principle every time you think. Thus, did God make ‘man’ in His image and likeness. When you ‘think’ ... you think it is you, the John Doe, that is thinking, right? WRONG. You could think, no matter what your name was ... you could even think quite nicely without a name. Who then is the thinker?

It is the ‘I’ that thinks. Only the ‘I’ can think. Only God can think. This is why your thoughts are creative.

This ‘thing’ called ‘man’ ... is actually ‘God’ embodied ... the Divine Mind embodied, and according to the individual’s perception of himself/herself ... so do we create ... so do we become. ‘Man’ is the only ‘form’ on earth in which the Divine Mind can function as God. The capacity to be God exists in no other organism on the planet. No other ‘thing’ can be more than it was created to be. Only ‘man’ was made in the image and likeness of God.

Even though that which is ‘God’ is the reality of every living ‘thing’ ... only as it manifests as ‘man’ can it be ‘on earth what it is in heaven’ (the divine understanding behind the Lord’s Prayer). In ignorance of who we are we have gone on century after century living and thinking AS ‘men’ ... as oblivious of our relationship to our source ... as a branch is oblivious of its relationship to the vine.

No ‘man’ has any being. The only thing that has being is the source ... the ‘I’. ‘I’ am the reality of every man/woman on earth. There is no one besides ‘me’, nor is there any ‘thing’ besides ‘me’. ‘I’ ... am the first ... and ‘I’ am the last, and besides ‘me’ there is no ‘thing’ ... there is no other ... there is no God ... there is no savior. It matters not what your opinion is pertaining to this ... it does not alter the fact of the matter one iota. It matters not who you ‘think’ you are ... what language you speak or what culture you follow. The belief that you have any being apart from your source (from ‘me’ ... from God) ... is but an illusion. There never has been anyone besides ‘me’, nor will there ever be any one besides ‘me’.

The belief that the ‘human’ race is a race of ‘human’ beings is but an illusion. THE GREATEST OF ALL ILLUSIONS! ‘Man’ ... is the word (God) made flesh! ‘I’ am the light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world. ‘I’ ... am the light of the world (He was in the world, and the world was made by Him, and the world knew Him not). He came unto His own and His own received Him not (but to those who recognize their relationship to Him ... to them gave He the power to become the Sons of God ... even to them who believe on His name). The ‘I’ within you is the Father. There is only the Father! God made us in His image and likeness. Only a few ... very few, have ever grown to maturity. In ignorance of who we are and what we are, the ‘human’ race has never gotten beyond living as ‘men/women’. We have failed to realize what manner of being we are. We have found it easier to live as ‘men’ and worship God rather than worshipping God ... by walking AS God ... for therein lies the key to life eternal. In that consciousness ... we shall never die.

We do not have eternal Life because God gave us eternal Life ... we have eternal Life because we ARE ETERNAL LIFE EMBODIED. ‘Man’ ... is the only organism in which and through which the Universal Mind can transform itself from manifesting as a temple of flesh into manifesting as a temple of light (from manifesting as a ‘physical’ organism into manifesting as a ‘spiritual’ organism) ... transcending the experience of death. The entire transformation is accomplished by the consciousness that KNOWS that it is God ... that ‘I and the Father are One’. The Kingdom of God and the Consciousness of God are synonymous. Where there is one ... there is the other. No ‘man’ can enter that Kingdom ... for it is not so much a place as it is a state of mind. Then will the one who discovers this realize ... that the entire universe is the Kingdom of God. In ignorance of this ... ‘man’ has been wandering around in the wilderness, as it were ... totally oblivious to the fact that he was never, ever out of God’s Kingdom.

There are those who will see this as arrogance ... as blasphemy; the very nerve of seeing oneself as being no different than He who was known as ‘Jesus’. The only difference between ‘Him’ and ‘I’ ... is that He was much more aware of His relationship to his source than I happen to be at this point in time. Even though He lived with His disciples for three years they could not comprehend what He was talking about as He spoke of the ‘Father’. ‘He who has seen me has seen the Father ... I and the Father are One,’ He said. If they were unable to grasp what He was saying after being with Him day after day, for three years... don’t be too hard on me if you can’t grasp what I am saying. ‘He’ thought it not robbery to be equal with God ... so why should I ... why should you ... for that which is God is the reality of every one of us... the reality of every ‘thing’.

‘Jesus’ walked AS God. He knew that He was God embodied. So, too, am I ... so, too, are you. Only as we walk AS God can we hope to attain the ‘Christ Mind’ ... for the ‘Christ’ is not a specific person, but is simply the Divine Mind personified. In this consciousness lies the salvation of humanity.

Now... In this light... what think ye of the world’s religions?

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