As GOD ... all things are possible!

Throughout history we have been witness to the fact that humanity seemingly feels a need to worship something or someone. This phenomena, has been known to the church for many generations and so is really the basis for most religions. The truth is available to anyone for free. Man intuitively knows that there is a Supreme being. It is just that he is unaware of his relationship to it. Religions are men’s ideas of how God would have us live. The Bible has been interpreted to justify the goals of the religious elite; the hierarchy of the church. They take from the Bible those things that suit their purpose. They threaten the masses with the fear of hell and eternal damnation if they should reject the teachings of the church, while assuring them of entry into the Kingdom of God if they accept their teachings, and through tithes and offerings they build their empires.

The ‘Christian’ churches promote their concept of the spiritual rebirth as the means of entering Gods kingdom. They teach that those outside of ‘their’ faith are lost, and face eternity in hell. The only alternative is to accept Christ as your personal savior and thus you are guaranteed a place in the Kingdom of God... after you die! Jesus said, “If a man keep my sayings, he shall never see death.” The ‘church’ does not believe that he meant that literally. I know that he did!

In Matthew 19 Jesus was asked, “What good thing shall I do that I may have eternal life?” His reply was simple, “keep the commandments”. This obviously did not satisfy the rich man or give him the assurance he hoped for. He felt that there had to be more to it than that. It was then that “Jesus’ replied, “If you would be perfect; sell that thou hast and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven ... and come and follow me.” The rich man was unable to give up his riches so he walked away in sorrow. In addressing his disciples on this issue, Jesus replied, “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God.” Even his disciples did not understand what he meant. “With man this is impossible,” he said. The Kingdom of God is a state of mind! A state of Knowing that man and God are one and the same. A state of knowing that the ‘I’ within you is God. This is the significance of his declaration ... “I and the Father are One!” You cannot enter the Kingdom of God; so long as you see yourself as being a mere man! It is impossible. God is your reality; your true identity ... the real you! When you ‘see’ this you will realize that, as a man ... you cannot enter the Kingdom of God ... you cannot attain God consciousness! And ... so long as you see yourself as being a man you will surely die! As a ‘man’ you cannot enter the Kingdom of God; It is a state of Mind! The Kingdom of God is synonymous with God consciousness. Only As God can you enter the Kingdom of God! “With God, all things are possible” ... (As God All Things Are Possible!)

‘Man’, has failed to grasp the fact that man and God are One. There is only one means whereby you can KNOW this. You must no longer rely on your riches. You have to be free from all desire to gain wealth, power, or prestige. You must set everything aside and “Come and follow me!” There is no other way for you to truly KNOW that you and God are One. So long as you trust in “your possessions” there will be no necessity for you to trust in your creative power. So long as you trust in your own personal wealth you will never truly KNOW that you and God are One!

The longer you walk as God, the clearer you will see this and the less desire you will have to re-enter the ‘human’ rat race. The longer you walk in this consciousness the more certain you will be that you need never die.

“God consciousness”, is the power that will transform your so called ‘physical body’, from manifesting as a temple of flesh ... into manifesting as a temple of light, that you may pass from life on this plane to life on a higher plane. This transformation is known as the transfiguration!

This is the alternative the church has failed to see. What does it matter that you should gain the whole world and lose your soul. If you should ‘see’, that man is God embodied, and should you choose to walk in that consciousness... you can do so! You were created to walk AS God. Every man is ‘God’ embodied, ETERNAL LIFE EMBODIED. You were created to be the “Christ”!

Let me caution you ... It is much less demanding to worship Christ than it is to walk as Christ. So long as we just ‘worship’ Christ... we are still in a consciousness of duality. We are still seeing ourself as being a “man”. When we realize that we and God are One and the same; we begin to walk and live as God. Herein lies the only means of attaining the mind of Christ! God is Christ ... Christ is God. As we walk ... knowing that the I within us is the Father, we become more and more like the Father ... that likeness is the Christ. In that consciousness... we need never die!

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