An addendum to the preceding chapter.

Every “thing” and every condition had its beginning as an “idea” in the Infinite mind. The human “mind” is a miniature manifestation of the Infinite mind. One is the source and the other is the source manifesting. One hundred years ago few could even conceive of todays modern world! Automobiles, aircraft, modern appliances, television, telephones, etc. did not exist in the “human” consciousness even one hundred years ago. But... “ideas” held in the minds of some inspired them to create working models of those ideas which in turn created other ideas until finally we have what we know as the “modern” world, which most just take for granted, not even realizing that all of what we see today is because of the “evolution” of “ideas.” One idea leading to another. That must therefore be the process by which the Divine mind created the multitude of different forms we see as the fishes of the sea, the fowls of the air and every other living thing. The creation of one thing led to the creation of another... no “thing” evolved. The infinite mind and the mind in man is one and the same mind. So... as it is in the infinite - so is it in the individual. As it is in the individual - so is it in the Infinite; they're one and the same! Is it any wonder we look with awe and marvel at the creative capacity of this Infinite mind. The multi-coloured world of birds, the infinite variety of fish and the unbelievable variety of living animals proclaims the extent of its creative imaginative capacity. Monkeys will always produce monkeys, mudflippers will always produce mudflippers and flightless birds will always produce flightless birds. “Man” did not evolve from monkeys, flightless birds did not eventually attain the capacity to fly. No “thing” evolved from some other thing. Every “thing” had its beginning as an “idea” in the Divine mind. So there will always be monkeys, there will always be mudflippers and there will always be flightless birds, for they are manifestations of the Eternal Divine mind and will be forever as they are, for that is how the Divine mind sees them.

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