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The I am within is the Father A Key to the "Kingdom".
Another Key to the "Kingdom".
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The words ... Life ... God ... Mind ... Spirit ... are synonymous.

They are one and the same 'thing'. One does not exist without the others.

Where there is Life ... there is Mind.

Where there is Mind ... there is God.

Where there is God ... there is Spirit.

What then ... is every living 'Thing'?

The I within is the Father!

I will try to write this chapter in the 'I am' that 'I am' consciousness, that you might see how we have all been 'programmed,' into believing we are the 'persons' we now see ourselves as being. The 'I' within you that says I am Henry, or John, or Mary or whatever, is the same 'I' that says 'I' am Robert. There is only the ONE 'I'. Only 'I' am ... only God is.

As 'Robert' I was very ambitious and thought that these ambitions were the most desirable qualities in life. If one did not achieve a position of financial independence before reaching 'retirement,' one would have been a failure. I accepted Christ as my personal savior; joined an Evangelical church, and began to live that life as best I could. Somehow I could not believe that this 'Christian life' was meant to be lived in absolute blind faith. We the laymen were not to question, but to follow the interpretation of the scriptures according to our religious leaders instructions.

One day I was told that 'man' was God embodied; that each of us was a manifestation of God. At first I thought this was the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard. A few months later however, the significance of this dawned upon me and I realized that herein lay the key to man's real role on Earth. It was then that I realized that the Church Leaders had short changed us. We were the blind being led by the blind generation after generation. None had discovered the significance of that simple statement that 'Man' was made "in the image and likeness of God." None dared to challenge their translation of the scriptures and ignored those who did, even as those in 'Jesus' day ignored His teachings.

It was then that I realized that we could not have been any different than Him! Only ... HE KNEW that he and God were One. The rest of us were 'programmed' to believe we were 'mere men' and that 'He' was the 'Only' begotten son of God. The 'spiritual rebirth' as taught by the church can never lead us into the realization that 'I' and 'God' are One ... even though the Bible tells us that we are the 'likeness' of God. The church is well versed in letting us know that we are to walk as God and live as God, but they lack the key to enable us to do so! Their concept of the spiritual rebirth makes it impossible to do so. It leaves one in a consciousness of duality! There is always me AND God. When I discovered that there was only God, I realized that their concept of the spiritual rebirth was in error. "I and the Father are One," is the seed that will lead us into a consciousness of Oneness. This is the Spiritual rebirth! Therein, lies man's salvation. It was then that I had to break with the established religions.

As I walked in this understanding, and as my understanding grew I wrote a small book entitled 'Points of Light.' As we walk as God we discover that all that we are as 'John Doe,' is a 'State of Mind.' We become aware of the fact that we (in our John Doe identity) are only illusions. We eventually realize that 'I', and God, are truly ONE. We eventually realize that 'God' is who 'We' really are.

'I' am not Robert ... even though 'I' am that which is known as Robert. (That which God is, is who 'I' am). Because of what 'I' am (creative consciousness), 'I' am extremely vulnerable, especially when 'I' am manifesting as a child. 'I' can be made to believe that I am who ever my parents 'program' me to be. Should they communicate in English, they tell me I am an English man, an American, or whoever else speaks 'English.' If they should speak the language known as 'French,' they will make me believe I am a 'French' man and so on. They teach me their religion, their customs, their beliefs. Because I am 'creative consciousness' embodied, I become as I perceive myself to be. No matter if my 'earthly' parents see themselves as being Chinese, North or South Koreans, Norwegians, Russians, Indians, Arabs or Pakistanis. 'I', am the reality of every child ever born! Let me repeat that, 'I', am the reality of every child ever born. 'I', do not have any nationality, 'I', do not have any religion, nor do 'I' practice any 'culture'. 'I', am simply 'creative consciousness' embodied ... manifesting as a 'human'! Because of what 'I' am, 'I' have been made to believe 'I' am every 'John Doe' on Earth. And ... in reality, 'I' am! Only I have been made to believe, I am some six Billion different 'people,' with hundreds of different nationalities, thousands of different languages and dialects, practicing every known religion and every known culture. No one is aware of the fact, that we are all ONE; that 'I', am the reality of every 'man' on Earth ... that Only 'I', am.

'I', was known as Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, and Jesus. 'I', was known as Galileo, Copernicus, Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Hitler, Mussolini, Churchill, Stalin, Roosevelt, etc. 'I', am known today as Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela, Saddam Hussein, John Major, Chirac, Chretien, Bouchard, etc. In reality ... there is no one besides Me! I am the I am, that is you!

This is not some fantastic concept. This is reality; this is a fact! You have become who you 'think' you are by the process I have just explained. No matter how important you might 'think' you are, no matter how famous you might become ... 'I', am who you are. And ... 'I', did not give 'You' being ... 'I', gave being only to myself. It was your parents that gave being to 'you' as the 'John Doe' you see yourself as being. 'I', am the real you, 'I', am your true identity: 'I' ... am who you are. Should you choose to ignore this and determine to live in your John Doe identity (that identity your parents gave you) you are at liberty to do so. But you will pay a price. You will surely die! Should you choose to live in your true identity, in your I am that I am identity, you need never die! This is the message 'I' brought to Humanity some two thousand years ago but they failed to grasp it. This is the truth that is Eternal. This message will never vary! It is not subject to change. 'God', is no respecter of persons. "I am that I am, and besides me there is no other." As it was in the beginning ... so shall it be forever.

Are we taught to worship Christ,
because it is less demanding for 'man' to 'worship' Christ,
than it is for 'man' to 'walk' as Christ ...?

A Key to the "Kingdom".

The Spiritual attainment most sought after by devout seekers of God would have to be the Realization of Oneness. Ask any pastor, priest, or minister and they will quickly agree with you that that is so. Give them a couple of minutes to think about it, and they will tell you that there is no way that it is attainable. Not so ... but ... they cannot attain it so long as they believe the concept of the Spiritual rebirth as taught by the church. In that concept it is impossible so ... they say it is impossible.

In John 17:20 we can read of one of the Lords most ardent prayers ... "Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their word; that they all may be one, as thou Father art in me, and in thee, that they also may be one in us, that the world may believe that thou hast sent me, and the glory which thou gavest me I have given them: that they may be one, even as we are one."

Do you think he who was omniscient would have prayed such a prayer if it had not been possible to attain a consciousness of Oneness? If it had not been of the utmost importance?...I think not. The concept of the Spiritual rebirth as taught by the church can never lead you into a realization of Oneness. Instead, it creates within the devotee a consciousness of duality. A belief that there is 'me' with God's 'son' living in me. Can you not see that such a belief can never lead to an awareness of Oneness? There is not you and God. There is only God!

God is Life ... and God is Perfect ... You are that Life embodied. 'You' do not have Life; 'You' are not 'plugged' into Life. You are an 'outlet' through which 'Life' can express itself creatively in the world of form. You are not the John Doe that you have been programmed to believe you are. 'You' actually have no being! As John Doe ... you do not exist! God is who you are ... 'God' is what you are! Whether you know this or not makes no difference to the Universal; to God. It makes no difference to the ocean that the wave is not aware of its relationship to the ocean ... It just goes on being the ocean! Because you are unaware of the fact that you are God embodied; Life embobied; it does not reduce your capacity to be creative. We have free will to choose how we shall think, and according to our thoughts so do we create. We perceive things differently; we all see things from a somewhat different perspective, so we create according to our perceptions! Having no idea that we are individual manifestations of God; we create the good and the evil that we 'see'. This is what led to 'mans' expulsion from the 'Garden of Eden'. He lost all awareness of who he was and where he was. His pride, his greed, his desire for power, prestige and admiration drove him out of the 'Garden'. These represent the cherubims that stand guard at the "East of the Garden," to keep the way of the Tree of Life.

These 'human traits' keep 'man' out of the Garden; the Kingdom of God, as surely as a mighty army might. When 'man' discovers who he is and what he is he will have found the key to unlock the gate . It lies in the Spiritual rebirth, "Ye must be born again," he said. Therein lies the key. The concept of the spiritual rebirth as taught by the church can never open that door! You must realize that 'God' is your reality; your true identity; the real you. When you 'see' this you will have found the key to the Kingdom. Now you can go in and out as you please. It is a state of mind; a state of knowing that 'you and God are One'! You must realize that of yourself you are nothing! The wave has no being apart from the ocean! The branch has no being apart from the vine! You have no being apart from that which is God! 'God' is truly the omnipresence. There is no 'one'; there is no 'thing', besides that which is God, besides that which God is. "I am the first and I am the last and besides me there is none else." There never has been and there never will be. 'God' is the reality of All of Humanity.

We are All One ... individual manifestations of God!

Another Key to the "Kingdom" of God

The “I” within you is the “Father”!; that is the truth that will set you free. I direct this to every clergyman, every evangelist, and to every priest. To the leaders of every “Faith” and to every politician. Follow closely ..... I feel as “Moses” must have felt when he was directed by God to go and free his people. He would rather God had given the task to someone else. I, too, would rather someone else brought the following to the consciousness of humanity. I know that I shall be thought a heretic for writing the following, but so be it.

Our religious leaders go on year after year perpetuating the teachings of their predecessors. Evangelists continue to promote their “ideas” of the way of salvation while taking in hundreds of millions of dollars from their followers. Millions upon millions of seekers are being led into darkness by those who believe and proclaim themselves to be God’s chosen when in fact they are the blind leading the blind.

Even though we are told in the scriptures that the Kingdom of God is within us, we have basically been taught that it is “outside” of us. I can hear the righteous proclaim already that the preceding statement is an incorrect assessment of their teachings, but listen closely at the next funeral you are at and you will hear the pastor or priest assure the congregation that the recently departed has gone to be with his maker in heaven. They teach their followers that only after physical death can they partake of the wonders that God has prepared for them. They instruct those who seek enlightment with their “ideas” of the way of salvation. They have made an “idol” out of the messenger while missing his “message” completely. They saw Him as being “different” from other men. They saw Him as “the” Son of God, while seeing themselves as mere “sons of men”. When asked to be shown the “Father” they were told with no uncertainty that He and the Father were One; One and the Same. “Have I been with you all this time and you haven’t seen the Father? ‘I’ and the Father are One.” His most ardent prayer was that we should all be conscious of being One, “that they all may be one; as thou Father, art in me and I in thee, that they also may be one in us ...”!

“Jesus” knew that he was “God” embodied. Not a manifestation of God, but “God” manifesting! Man is God embodied! Every man is a manifestation of that which “God” is! Every “man” is an effect. Cause and effect are not two things. “God” is the cause and “man” is the effect! Think about this! An effect is not separate from its cause! An “effect” is the “cause” manifesting! Man is “God” manifesting. A wave is the ocean manifesting; a branch is the vine manifesting!

It is written that God said, “Let ‘us’ make man in ‘our’ image and likeness”. Gen. 1:26. Suppose it had been written in a little different way, yet not changing the end result. Suppose “God” had said, “Let us create a ‘form’ in which and through which we will have dominion over the fowls of the air, the fishes of the sea, over the cattle and all the earth and every creeping thing, and we’ll call the ‘form’, ‘man’ ”. Remember now, “man” is an effect and “God” is the cause. “God” is the reality of what a man is. Man and God are one and the same! This “man” that was called “Jesus” knew this! He knew that he was God! He knew that there was no one else. He knew that that which “God” is is that which man is. He knew that the “I” within him was the identity (the name) of God. Thus did he proclaim, “ ‘I’ and the Father are One”; One And The Same! Everyone proclaims that identity every time they introduce themselves as they say, “Hello ..... ‘I’ am _________”. Now, we all need an identity, but, let us realize that in spite of our colour, our language, our “names”; in spite of our different cultures, each one of us is a manifestation of all that God is! In ignorance of this our parents “named” us, identifying us as family, with a distinctive nationality having a unique culture, etc; programming us as children to “believe” we were different from our neighbour, with the majority following their parent’s “religious” beliefs. So “man”, in ignorance of his true relationship to God, and thus to his brother, has killed and plundered, stolen and hated his “neighbour” from the beginning of his creation.

The salvation of man lies not in believing that “Christ” died for you. It lies in the realization that you and the Father are One! As you walk in that consciousness you will begin to take on the likeness of your source. That likeness is known as the Christ! In that consciousness lies your salvation. In ignorance of this we crucify the Christ daily. Christ is God; God is Christ.

In the book of Psalms the psalmist, David, asks a question of the “Lord”. “What is man that thou art mindful of Him?” “God” is the Lord. “ ‘I’ am the Lord and there is none else.” Is. 45:5. That same “I” is who you are. The “I” within you is God; the “Father”! “Be still and know that ‘I’ am God.” Ps. 46:10.

Now ... if man is “God” embodied, who then is Satan? Man has been admonished to seek after God (Seek ye first the Kingdom of God). He has also been admonished to beware of the serpent, Satan. So long as you believe yourself to be a mere man you cannot find that Kingdom. Only “As God” can you walk in the Kingdom of God, for it is a “State of mind”; a state of KNOWING that you and the Father are One; One and the Same! To walk in this “awareness” is to walk in “God consciousness”; in “Christ consciousness”. Christ, personally, does not redeem any man. “Man” is redeemed only when he realizes that of himself he is nothing; and, by realizing that he is the “Father” manifesting, and by “choosing” to walk in that consciousness until he “Knows” that “I and the Father are One!” The “Kingdom of God” is synonymous with the “Consciousness of God”. As you walk in “God consciousness” you will be walking in the “Kingdom of God”. Enoch walked “with” God; Noah walked “with” God and Jesus walked “with” God, but ... more than that, they walked “As God”. Only when you walk “As God” is it possible for you to “enter” the Kingdom of God. Know who “Satan” is. “Satan” is your “outer self”. The belief that this “outer self” is your real self is what keeps you from being “Christ-like”; that keeps you from being like your source!

So we go through life being warned to beware of “Satan” and admonished to seek after God. We were never made aware of the fact that God was our reality; our true identity, and that our “outer self” (the “Satan”) was the illusion. So we have lived our lives believing the illusion (that we are John Doe) to be reality, while being totally unaware of the fact that we were individual manifestations of the “God” we were searching for; ignorant of the fact that he is the “I” that I am.

You must be born again”, he said; “born” into the realization that you and the Father are One! Not the concept of the spiritual rebirth as taught by the church, for such a concept amounts to little more than receiving a “blessing” to continue being who you think you are; a “licence”, as it were, to go on being the “John Doe” you believe yourself to be, only now you have made a commitment to be "more like Christ." Such a consciousness can never lead you into a consciousness of oneness; instead, you will be forever plagued with a sense of duality.

Such a consciousness can never lead you into a realization of oneness; instead, you think because you speak French, or your neighbour speaks English, that you are different. You claim to worship the same God, yet at the drop of a hat you will go to war against each other. If you would only realize that being “French”, or being “English”, or being “German”, are only states of mind! Only beliefs! For there is no “French” life “English” life, “Native” life or any other particular kind of life! There will never be peace on earth so long as we believe we are different. WE ONLY “APPEAR” TO BE DIFFERENT! There is only ONE life “‘I’ am the Life!” “I” am the “Indian”. “I” am the “white” man. “I” am the “French” man. “I” am the “English” man and besides me there is no other. There never has been any other! Only “I” am, and “I” am God.

The “man” known as “Jesus” knew that he and God were One and the same. He also knew that “God” was the reality of every other man that has ever come into being. “That was the Light which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.” “The light which shines in the darkness yet the ‘darkness’ comprehendeth it not”.

The Church has completely missed the mark. Every “man” (and woman) is an “organism”; a conscious, intelligent, unique living organism through which the Universal creative mind can function in the world of form as God! “Man” of himself is an illusion! A Manifestation of mouldable consciousness; of moudable substance, and so we are “programmed” from our birth to believe a lie; to believe we are mere “men”. Not only is man a programmable “organism”, he is also the programmer. Because of “what” he is man can be programmed to believe anything.

When you “think”, your thoughts are creative. Not because “you” (John Doe) are creative, but because “you” are creative consciousness embodied; creative consciousness expressing. This is “what” you are! So your thoughts are coloured according to your beliefs and so you create accordingly.

God is “Life”; “I” am the Life. Where there is Life there is consciousness; where there is consciousness there is intelligence; where there is intelligence there is light and where there is light there is energy. These are some of the attributes of God. These “attributes” make up the “substance” of ALL form. Let me repeat that. These attributes are the substance of All form”, and the power that causes the atoms to unite to fill the mould held in the consciousness of God is “Love”. This same creative power is embodied in you! It is you! The Law is that “As a man thinketh so is he”; not because “man” is creative, but because every “man” is “God” manifesting. This is the answer to the Psalmist’s question.

The power of prayer lies not in praying in Christ’s name, but by praying in the name of Christ! (In a consciousness of Oneness!) This is the knowledge that humanity is searching for. This is what the church must come to see. Herein lies the only recipe for man’s personal salvation and for world peace! Who can say that he loves God if he should hate his brother? Can you now understand why He said, “Love thy neighbour as thyself” and “Whatever you do unto the least of these you do it unto me”? Through the life of “Jesus” we were shown how to live “as God”. It is not impossible. Not when you come to “see” that that which God is, is what you are. It is not impossible, but ... don’t think it is easy. It requires total commitment; dying to “self”! It is a “walk” that will certainly separate the wheat from the chaff. But, through faith, by “being” what you were created to be, you will “become” what you were created to be; a “Son” of God; a perfect manifestation of that which God is!

“Man”, functioning in God consciousness is “Christ” in action. “Man”, functioning in his “human” consciousness is satan in action. Surely it can’t be too difficult to see. Anyone can see that the affairs of the world are being run by “men” who have not the slightest idea of who they are or of what they are. Countries that have been founded on “Christian” principles are no longer governed by those principles. Prayer has become almost non-existent in our homes; almost non-existent in our educational systems, and little more than a powerless ritual in our churches. No wonder that prayer has become next to extinct in our governments. Without prayer “men” have more freedom to exercise their “personal” views. Men functioning as mere men is the “satan” we have been warned to beware of. So the masses bow to government authority in the hope of obtaining some personal favour; closing their eyes to corruption. Governments are meant to set the example to those they represent. No wonder that deceit, dishonesty and greed exists at every level of society.

From our beginning we have placed our dependancy upon our possessions; upon our “personal” wealth, putting great value upon education, government welfare programs, pension plans, unemployment insurance, etc. Rarely has it ever dawned on man what manner of being he really is. Rarely has he realized the creative power of prayer. Rarely has he become “aware” of the fact that he was the divine creative mind manifestating. The Oneness of man must be taught in every church on earth. The concept of the Spiritual rebirth as taught by the church can never bring about that realization. We are all One, by virtue of the fact that we share a common source, a common identity, a common being; by virtue of the fact that the source is God and that “man” is the source embodied.

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