The Healing message

I often have people ask me how often they should listen to the healing message. One should not have to listen to the healing message more than twice a day. You should be fine by the fourth or fifth day. In many cases, ONE treatment is sufficient. Every ‘cell’ in your body, is intelligent. In fact, intelligence... is a substance! Not even the Scientists are aware of this. The intelligence is the ‘Mother’ aspect of the Creative Principle, and it is the purpose of the intelligence to give being to whatever the consciousness decrees as being, and the only requisite is to know this. That’s all that Spiritual healing is all about. Intelligence, is a ‘substance’. God is Spirit, and the only substance He had to create with, was Spirit. (Spirit is Life, intelligence, consciousness, energy, Light, Love etc.) This is the ‘stuff’ of God... it is the ‘substance’ of all form. In doing a ‘treatment’, you are not asking some ‘outside’ power to perform a healing for you. Your consciousness, is the Father aspect. You set the creative principle in motion when you think... when you speak. (Thou shalt decree a thing, and it shall be established unto you, and... as a man thinketh, so is he.) This should give you a little better insight into Spiritual Healing.


Call no man your Father upon the Earth

In Matthew 23:9, we read where Jesus is speaking to His followers. “Call no man your Father upon the Earth, for one is your Father, which is in Heaven.” This must be a portion of scripture that has puzzled many. We can only understand it when we realize that every man/woman on Earth, is the Holy Spirit (God) embodied. The Holy Spirit is neither male nor female. It is the Life, consciousness and intelligence within every one. God made male and female forms in order to perpetuate the species, but the ‘Spirit’, is neither male nor female. Not only is God your Father, ‘He’ is also your ‘Mother’! Why do you think He said, “woman, behold thy son,” and to His disciples, “behold thy mother.” (We have no ‘being’ as the person we believe ourselves to be). We are but the ‘Spirit of God’… (the ‘Father’) embodied.

He goes on to say, “Neither be ye called masters, for one is your master, even Christ.” This too is puzzling… Who is ‘our’ master? Our ‘master’… must be ‘the will of God’. To do Gods ‘will’, must be the compelling force that litterly compels us to give up ‘our’ will in order to do His will. (Not my will but thine be done). God’s ‘will’… must become our Master.

He goes on to say that, “He who is greatest among us, shall be our servant” As we walk AS Him, ‘He’, the Lord, becomes our servant. (And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive).

And finally, “He that doeth the will of God abideth forever.”


Humanity, is Spiritually bankrupt.

The whole world is in free fall, on a path that can only lead to world wide disaster. All because Humanity, is Spiritually bankrupt. Thanks to every religious organization on Earth.

In the Old testament, in Exodus 6:2 we read where ‘God’ said in essence…”I” am the Lord.” “I was known to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, as God Almighty, but by my ‘name’ ‘Jehovah’, they knew me not.” Such was the case when “I” functioned as “Moses.” Not even ‘Moses’ realized that “I” was who he was, and that “I” was the reality of ALL of Humanity. Two thousand years ago, “I” walked the Earth again, in full awareness that “I” was God Almighty. Only this time, I was known to those around me, as “Jesus.” For three years, I explained this to my disciples, and still they could not grasp the fact that “I”, was also who ‘they’ were! When I told them that, “He who hath seen me, hath seen the Father,” they still could not grasp it. They still could not believe that “I” was the I AM within every ‘man’ on Earth… the reality of everyone! Read St. John 14:8 . That men might realize that I AM the I AM within them, was my reason for being here some 2000 years ago. “Don’t marvel at what you see me do… you can do it also.” (for ONLY “I” AM!) Yet the entire World failed to see it. “I”, am the reality of every ‘man/woman on the Planet, only every one believes he/she, is the ‘person’ their parents created when they named them at their birth! No matter what name your parents had given you, “I”, am still WHO you are! You only ‘think’ you are this ‘person’ your parents created when they named you at your birth! Your names have hidden your true identity… your I AM THAT I AM identity! Thus, has it always been! As it was when “I” was known as‘Abraham’, as ‘Moses’, or as ‘Jesus’, so is it today. I AM the true identity of every ‘man/woman’ on Earth. If every person on Earth were to speak the English language, no one could introduce them selves without first proclaiming their true identity, (my identity), as they say, Hello, “I” am.

This might at first appear to be laughable, but give it some thought. No man/woman ever played a role in their coming into being. (NOTHING ever played a role in its coming into being. In fact, NOTHING has any being of itself!) Every ‘thing’, including every so called ‘Human being’, is simply the Source, manifesting AS THAT THING! We are ALL ONE, whether we call that ONE, (the Source) God, Allah or whatever! This was the gist of Jesus’ prayer to His ‘Father’ in St. John 21-23. This was why He appeared to ‘men’ 2000 years ago. He didn’t suffer the cross to take upon Himself the sins of the World, He suffered the cross to demonstrate to humanity, that the ‘self’ (the illusion), must be crucified ‘before’ the “I AM” that we are, can be resurrected!


Sons of men are sons of God.

Sons of men are actually sons of God if they only realized one simple fact. No ‘person’ on Earth (no John or Jane Doe), or any ‘thing’ has any being! The only ‘thing’ that has being, is the Source. (LIFE) Life does not give being ‘to’ any ‘thing’, it gives being ONLY to Itself AS every ‘thing’. Every living ‘thing’ is Life manifesting AS that ‘thing’, and LIFE… is synonymous with GOD, and Man is the only organism on the Planet in which and through which Life (God) can function in the World of form AS God! There is an old axiom “Any two things equal to the same thing, are equal to each other.” In other words, every ‘thing’ is God manifesting AS that ‘thing’. God truly is ALL and in ALL.

Every John/Jane Doe on Planet Earth was created in the minds of those who believed themselves to be mere ‘men’… not from the mind of God! God made man (every man), in His image and likeness, but He did not create the ‘person’ we were made to believe ourselves to be! Our parents did that when they named us at our birth. Thus the neccessity of the Spiritual rebirth.


No one has any being!

The World that we see around us, didn’t just ‘happen’. It is the result of intelligent conscious direction. Not one single ‘thing’ played any role in it’s coming into being. You, nor I had anything to do with our being here. What then gives any one the right to believe that ‘we’ were here first, or that ‘this’ land is our land? No one owes any one for the priviledge of being here, for no one has any ‘being’! If you should be asking ‘what do you mean, ‘no one has any being’. I mean just exactly what I said. No one has any being!

Each of us, is to Life, what a wave is to the Ocean… what a branch is to the Vine. Only the ‘Ocean’ has being. Only the Vine has being. Only Life lives, and Life did not give being to this ‘person’ we believe ourselves to be. Our parents gave being to this person we believe ourselves to be when they named us at our birth. What if they had given you a different name than the one they gave you? Then you would see yourself as being John instead of Charlie, or Josephine instead of Helen. Had they adopted you out, you might have seen yourself as being a ‘Smith’ instead of being one of the ‘Jones’ kids. So you see, this ‘person’ you believe yourself to be, is only who you ‘think’ you are. Under different circumstances you could have been given any name in the phone book! The truth is, this person you see yourself as being, is only the result of parental programming. Your name simply identifies you with the people who raised you… with those whom you call Mom or Dad. So… who then are you, and who is your neighbor?

If we all spoke the English language, and if we were asked what we think, (no matter what our ‘name’ might be), we would all say the same thing. “I”, think! Only the “I” can think! The “I” within us, is who we are, and the ‘person’ we believe ourselves to be, is but the illusion in which we all function! This applies to every person on Earth! There is only the “I”, and that “I”, is God… the ‘Life’ within us. Allow me to correct myself. This ‘Life’, is not within ‘us’…It IS us! When we think… it is not the ‘person’ we believe ourselves to be who is thinking. It is the “I” within us that thinks! Only it thinks as it believes itself to be. (So each of us ‘thinks’ as this person we believe ourselves to be, and thus do we create the beliefs that divide us) Because we are God embodied, is what makes us creative beings! It is what I am and it is what every other ‘person’ is on the face of the Planet! Not only is it What we are, it is also Who we are. Jesus knew that the “I” within Him was God… (the Father) This was why He said, “I and my Father are One.”

This is what motivated Him to pray that ‘we might all be ‘conscious of being’ One, as He and His Father were One’. He did not ‘function’ as Jesus the ‘man’, He functioned AS the Father… AS God! AS we too can function when we become aware of our relationship to our Source! Now can you see why I said no ‘man’… no John/Jane Doe has any being’? There is only the Source! Each of us, regardless of color, language, religion, perceived Nationality or culture, are all One, and no One owes any one else for the privilege of being here, for the only one who is actually here, is God… the Source!

God is the reality of every Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Sikh or Holy ‘man’ on Earth. God made man in His image and likeness… all men, but, He did not create the ‘person’ or the state of mind in which we live. Our parents, in ignorance of what manner of beings we are, created this ‘person’ we believe ourselves to be. Thus the necessity of the Spiritual Rebirth. Only when we realize that the “I” within us is the Father, can we ‘enter’ the Kingdom of God… (can we attain God consciousness). Only when this is realized by the whole of Humanity, will there be peace on Earth.

We too are Spiritual beings. We are the Spirit of God ‘embodied’ in a physical form, and because ‘we’ identify with the manifest world, we remain physical ‘manifest beings’. Not only did our consciousness ‘establish’ that frequency, it holds us in that frequency!. The Spirit of God, is synonymous with Light. (I am the Light) Matter, is simply ‘energy’ manifesting at a lower frequency than Light. In writing a previous essay on the transfiguration, I recall having written that consciousness establishes the frequency of matter. How can we hope to experience the transfiguration, while identifying ourselves with the ‘manifest’ world? We must begin immediately to identify ourselves with the ‘Spirit of God’! The Spirit of God, is the sum total of the Universe… the ‘invisible’ World, the Real World! All creation takes place in this invisible World (in the Mind) The Universe is a ‘mental’ phenomenon. All is Mind! The ‘visible’ World, is the result of the creative activity that takes place in the Invisible world, which permanently exists, in the frequency of Light. (Let there be light) Energy is synonymous with Light, and Light, is synonymous with God. Every ‘thing’, is Energy, Light or God, manifesting AS that ‘thing’. (Any two things equal to the same thing, are equal to each other.) So long as we identify ourselves with ‘matter’, we shall remain in the frequency of matter! Adam and Eve identified themselves with matter, so the Lord (the law)‘clothed them in skins’. The ‘Spirit of God, is the reality of every ‘thing’. Spiritual healing takes place when we proclaim the perfection of the ‘thing’, knowing that the Spirit of God is the reality of the ‘thing’ and that the Spirit of God is perfect, and the healing takes place. What might we do consciously to ‘hasten’ our physical transformation (the transfiguration)? Identify ourselves with Spirit… with the Light of the World! Know that whatever we believe God to be, we are! Lay claim to ‘being’ what we know God to be. “I am the Spirit of God embodied.” Know that the ‘Spirit of God’, is the ‘invisible’ reality of every thing. “I am that immortal I am.” “I am that Eternal I am.” “I am the Light of the World.” I am the Light that lighteth every man that commeth into the World. Meditate upon your relationship to the ‘invisible’ world. You are Life, consciousness and intelligence manifesting.

The real you is invisible! Spirit is invisible. All of the attributes of God, are invisible! The ‘Spirit’ of God, can only express itself through the forms it becomes. Every ‘thing’ we see, is the invisible Spirit of God manifesting. Only as man, can it express itself as God. If by proclaiming our ‘patient’ perfect, results in a spiritual healing, why not experience the transfiguration, by proclaiming what we actually are?

A Spiritual healing, is actually a ‘mini’ transformation. The transfiguration, is just a ‘major’ transformation. ‘We’, actually do nothing to bring about a spiritual healing. It is the result of the transforming power of God consciousness (our consciousness). To bring about our transfiguration should be no different. It does not depend upon any effort on ‘our’ part, it is all to do with the creative power of our consciousness. It depends upon the consciousness, in which we walk. Declare your relationship to the Invisible Spirit of God. It is that which we are. Proclaim it as your reality. Proclaim WHAT YOU ARE regardless of appearances, and see what happens. The same law that clothed us in ‘skins’, will envelop us in Light.


We will always be recognized... in heaven or on earth, as the person our parents named us at our birth. That is as it should be... that is our “outer” identity... the identity so necessary to enable us to function in the world of forms. But... only as we walk As God (in God consciousness) can we experience the transfiguration.

“Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind” Romans 12:2


We lack incentive.

What we lack in order to walk in the ‘Kingdom of God’(in God consciousness), is the ‘incentive’ to do so! And… you might ask ‘what might that be’? Faith in the belief that we need never die… we are the Eternal Universal I am embodied. This is the Truth! We die because we think we have ‘being’ of ourselves. We think we have being apart from our Source, apart from that which is the Source… the Eternal I AM! We think we have ‘being’ as this ‘person’ our parents created when they named us at our birth. We have never been taught that apart from our Source, we have no ‘being’! Each of us is to God, what a wave is to the Ocean. It is because of our ignorance of this that we die.

God made man (each of us), in His image and likeness. We are co creators with our Source! God did not create this ‘person’ we believe ourselves to be. Our parents did that when they named us. We all need a name in order to identify us from each other, but our names are just our names! Our names do not denote who nor what manner of being we really are. Our names have actually become obstructions… like dams as it were. They keep us from functioning as the Source… as God. Perhaps this is what was meant when the writer of Genesis wrote in chpt. 5:2 God called their ‘name’ Adam (a dam). We cannot express ourselves as the Universal I am, while believing ourselves to be the John/Jane Doe that our parents named us.

It was for this reason that we were told ‘we must be born again’ Only when we realize that the “I AM” within us, is God… our Heavenly Father, are we able to function in God Consciousness… in the Kingdom of God, for the ‘Kingdom of God’, does not refer to a ‘specific place’, it is referring to a State of Mind! A state of knowing that the “I” within us, IS THE FATHER! Thus did He say ‘I and my Father are One’ (One and the same!) Every man/woman on the face of the Planet, is God, the Eternal I am, embodied. Through ignorance of this we lack the incentive required to function in God Consciousness.

Every one believes that death is as much a fact for each of us, as are taxes, so what difference does it make how we think, walk or conduct ourselves during our four score and ten years on this Earth? For us to achieve an Eternal reality, it requires that we must die to self. The ‘person’ our parents created when they named us, has caused us to walk in an illusion. God, is not this ‘person’ we believe ourselves to be. God is the “I” am within us, and this ‘person’ we believe ourselves to be, is but the illusion in which we walk! Before the “I AM” can be ‘resurrected’ within us, this ‘person’ we believe ourselves to be, must be crucified. This was the significance of Calvary! He did not face the cross in order to die ‘for’ our sins, He faced the agony of the cross in order to demonstrate that the ‘self’ (the illusion) must be crucified before the Father, the “I AM” within us, can be resurrected! We are the presence of Him who is Eternal and Immortal, but only as we function AS Him, can we participate in His Eternal Reality. Through ignorance of this, we lack the incentive required for us to walk this walk. This is why our cemeteries are bursting at the seams. To the majority, an Eternal Reality is only wishful thinking, but knowing that the “I AM” within us is the “Eternal” I AM, it is the only logical conclusion there is.


The ‘Spiritual Rebirth’, the conception of the Christ, takes place within our consciousness! It matters not whether we be male or female, our ‘consciousness’ is the womb in which this Spiritual ‘birth’ takes place ALWAYS! It is an awakening a realization, a “virgin” birth as it were, with the ‘conception’ taking place through a realization of the TRUTH, that the I AM within us, within each of us, is the FATHER!


What is Life?

Life, is synonymous with God. Every living ‘thing’, is Life (or God) manifesting AS that thing. One definition in the dictionary is, ‘The phenomena that distinguishes living organisms from non living organisms or things.” Another is, “the state of being alive.” Another is, “living things collectively,” and “living persons.” None of these definitions really tell us much about what Life is. Here is what, to me, Life is all about.

Life to me… is God manifesting. Only Life has being. Life… is the “I” am within us. The word ‘am’, is very important. It means that “I”, have being (I… am). “I” am the first, and “I” am the last, and beside me, there is no God… there is no savior… there is none else! If every living thing could speak the English language, no ‘thing’ could say what it is, without identifying itself with Life, as it said “I am.” No ‘thing’ has any ‘being’ apart from, or other than the “I”, and only Life, can give being to Life! Scientifically speaking, every living ‘thing’, can be considered as being an ‘organism’. As the Source is the reality of every ‘thing’, we can only conclude that the Source must be an organism also. A Universal Spiritual Invisible organism, having the capacity to become whatever it sees itself as being. As Life (God) is all there is, it must then be omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent. And… It is Eternal and Immortal. It is the “I am” within each of us… the Life within each of us. We are Eternal beings, and because we are creative, we embody the capacity to live forever if we should function AS the Eternal! Life, is the awareness of being. It is who I am and what I am. ‘Robert Clark’, does not ‘have’ Life. Life, is ‘what’ I am. “I am” the Life within this form that is known AS Robert Clark.

If it were not for Life, nothing would exist. Life is synonymous with Consciousness, Intelligence, Energy, Light, Love, compassion, kindness etc. Every ‘thing’, is Life manifesting AS that thing, and NO thing has being besides Life (besides God) Meekness, is an attribute of God. It is an attribute that man must display when speaking of God, for no ‘man’ has any being. That which God is, is all there is. Life gives ‘being’ to every thing, by becoming every thing… by ‘being’ every thing. Life gives being to nothing apart from itself, or other than itself. Nothing played any role, in its becoming. God gave being to ‘us’, by becoming ‘us’, by being us, but He did not give being to this ‘person’ that we believe ourselves to be. Our parents did that when they named us at our birth. Thus the necessity of the Spiritual Rebirth.

So… if God be all and in all, must the Kingdom of God not be everywhere? If we can believe that all of this is so, should it not inspire us to strive to ‘walk’ in this awareness? There is no ‘evil’. All so called ‘evil’, is the result of ignorance of what manner of beings we are. We are creative, and we create as we perceive things to be. We create the ‘evil’ that we deplore. The entire Universe is the Kingdom of God, and Planet Earth is the ‘Garden of Eden. How can we live and function in this state of consciousness? It is really quite simple. Jesus said, “Except a man be born again, he cannot ‘enter’ the Kingdom of God.” The ‘Kingdom of God’, is not a specific place, it is a state of mind. A state of knowing that the “I” within us, is God (the Father). Knowing this, was why He said,”I and my Father, are One.” This realization constitutes the Spiritual Rebirth. Only as we determine to walk in this consciousness, can we attain the Christ Mind. Only in this consciousness can we walk in God consciousness, (in the ‘Kingdom of God’).


If we refuse to acknowledge God (our Father) as the I Am within us... we are as guilty of the crucifixion of the Christ, as were those who called for his crucifixion some 2000 years ago.


There are millions who spend hours in meditation. They meditate upon a ‘word’… a mantra. They concentrate on their ‘mantra’ so intently that their metabolism virtually stops, giving them what might be called a ‘near death experience’, or a ‘glimpse’ into Eternity. I have never experienced this momentary sense of Oneness. Those who have, are certain that a consciousness of Oneness can not be attained by any other means than thru their form of meditation. I beg to differ.

Through Divine reasoning we can understand that we must all be a ‘branch of the Vine’, as I have explained from every conceivable point of view. And then through Faith in our relationship to our Source (the Vine), we can indeed attain an awareness of Oneness. In fact it will become a much more practical and functional relationship to our Source than an awareness developed through concentrating on a ‘mantra’. Think of the millions of productive hours lost in futile meditation. For the most part, such meditators spend most of their time living as the ‘person’ their parents created when they named them, while looking forward to another momentary glimpse into Eternity, during their next meditation.

Why not live every waking moment in the ‘Christ Mind’ knowing that we are already in the Kingdom of God, for how can we hope to bring the Kingdom of God on Earth, if we believe we must die ‘physically’ to get there?

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